Thanks to me you can see the door. Use it.

— Reid (to Noah)

5/28 Highlights | You’re Babbling

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  1. LL…this is by far my favourite kiss. Maybe because Luke initiated it,maybe because Reid seemed so vulnerable. I love how it started so soft and tender then became so hot and intense so quickly…the chemistry was undeniable. The scenes that led up to the kiss were also amazing. Without a doubt I’d have to say this was my favourite LuRe day.

    • lovelure says:

      Me too! Definitely my favorite LuRe kiss…so far. In fact, as of right now, my favorite all-time TV/movie kiss. It used to be the upside down kiss from Spider-Man, but I rewatched that one recently back-to-back with the Babbling Kiss, and Babbling won, hands down. *swoon*

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