Katie: I do have a washer and a dryer.
Reid: Okay. Good. Well, if you could use biodegradable soap only, you know, that would be great.
Katie: Uh, no, I’m not gonna be doing your laundry for you. I can show you how the machine works, then you’re on your own.
Reid: I don’t have time to watch my shirts spin dry.

— Katie and Reid

FanVid | More Than Friends (Aaron & Andrew)

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Another narrative video with clips in episode order (though I swapped the last two kisses since I just LOVE the blissful look on Reid’s face after the Life is Short kiss). This one features over 70 clips, including portions of all 8 kisses and several near-kisses, probably about 2 to 2-1/2 minutes  of Sparkly Luke, and my co-all-time favorite LuRe scene – the one where Luke steps over Reid’s legs and sits down next to him on the couch at about 3:47 and SMILES that dazzling smile (my other favorite moment is still the Babbling kiss).

*happy sigh*

3 Responses to “FanVid | More Than Friends (Aaron & Andrew)”

  1. Barb says:

    That was absolutely beautiful!!! Please tell me this will be on this site forever so I can watch it whenever I want!!! It touched my heart and made me cry. Thank you for such a moving video and I love the song…it says it all!!!

    • lovelure says:

      Thank you, Barb, for your feedback. I really felt very passionate about this video (as silly as that may sound about a fan video), so I cannot even tell you how thrilled I am that people enjoy it (I wouldn’t want to tell you how many times I’ve watched it myself since it was finished). As long as people come to visit I plan to keep this site running. My personal belief is that this is a story for the ages (otherwise I wouldn’t be insane enough to invest all this time on this site) that people will continue to discover via YouTube for decades to come. If the videos are pulled from YouTube, I have contact info for most of the posters and would seek permission to post them myself. So yes, I hope this site and interest in Luke and Reid endure forever. Keep the faith. -LL

  2. tLuRefan says:

    Ahhhh 🙂 Just beautiful!!!
    Nice job!

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