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News and Updates | 30 April 2011

Okay, I’ll bite. I just saw this over at the forum (thanks, Ripley!).

Hey everyone! Today is the LAST DAY to vote for Robbie & Allen for the Crate & Barrel Ultimate Wedding Contest! If they win, they will be the first same-sex couple to win one of these contests. Please head on over and vote for them and share the link with your friends.

If they win the popular vote, they will donate $500 to The Trevor Project & Freedom To Marry. If they win the grand prize, they will donate $1,000 ! So please go vote and invite people that you know to vote as well!

Also, completely off-topic, but interesting is this: The DiversityInc Top 10 Companies for LGBT Employees. The announcement arrived in my email and I was a) surprised to see nearly all of the former Big 8 accounting firms, and to see what traditionally conservative (accounting, insurance and financial services!…plus IBM) companies were on the list.

In the meantime, we’re definitely in the quiet lull before a storm on the fandom front. Things will go berserk in a couple of weeks because:

  • Ballots were due into Emmy nominations will be announced on May 11th!
  • Eric’s episode of Body of Proof episode airs on May 17th
  • celebrates its one-year anniversary on May 17th as well – well done, ladies and gent! And they’re offering ESS-related goodies! More details after the jump!
  • And I think there was something on May 16th, but I can’t for the life of me remember what! (it is a terrible thing to lose one’s!)….

Independence Day: Great cast and the moral center of ATWT?

And also more frivolous, and still off-topic: the other night, Independence Day was on TV. Of course I was delighted to watch crotchety and thorn-in-the-side James Rebhorn (Angus Oliver!) get his comeuppance, but what a cast! There was:

  • Bill Pullman looking surprisingly yummy as president despite the fact that he should be smacked upside the head for getting in a fighter plane himself (but hey – I didn’t realize that he guest starred on my second-favorite TV show, L&O:SVU in the same episode as Bailey Chase, who was one of the revolving door of Chris Hughes’s, and also a Buffy recurring)
  • Randy Quaid’s ludicrously nutty performance
  • Jeff Goldblum looking surprisingly hot for the geeky guy
  • Brent Spiner (I admit it – I’m a trekkie!)
  • Thom Barry (yeah, I like Cold Case, too)
  • And of course, Mary McDonnell – how ironic, she plays a first lady who dies here despite a near-invasion of aliens, and then goes on to play a woman who survives an actual-invasion of “aliens” (well, cylons) to become president.

But the one that really got me was Margaret Colin, who plays a member of the President’s staff who also happens to be the ex-wife of Jeff Goldblum’s character. I spent nearly 20 minutes trying to figure out who she was before I finally threw in the towel and looked up her IMDb. And then…of course! She originated the role of Margo Hughes! I didn’t make the connection when I saw the movie before and didn’t realize the actress had gone onto such a big, big-screen role.

Observations about Tom and Margo, and more on the anniversary after the jump (hint – it has something to do with the picture below)…


I remembered that she was known for playing Margo opposite Justin Deas’s (a.k.a. GL’s Buzz Cooper) Tom Hughes, but I couldn’t remember much else, so then I took a look at Margo’s bio on SoapCentral and found this interesting tidbit. While Margaret Colin originated the role, and played Margo from 1980 to 1983, Justin Deas was the 10th Tom Hughes (who was discussed by Bob and Nancy in the episode that aired the day of the Kennedy assassination), and he played the role from 1980 to 1984.

They were the actors in these roles when Tom and Margo were married in 1983 – for the first and only time (despite numerous affairs – Tom and Barbara?!? Margo and James?!? I totally missed those two! yikes!) How unusual is that in soap characters? I was going to say this was an interesting contrast to Chris Hughes, but then I looked at Chris’s bio – and despite his many engagements and entanglements, he’s never been married at all. And by the way, the two sisters (Frannie and Sabrina have each been married only once, though both are divorced). And especially compare that to the Snyders and Stenbecks (I didn’t realize Susan Stewart had only been married once, too – to Rick Decker, poor girl!).

This is interesting to me because it seemed like the “show” was going out of its way to distinguish this generation of the Hughes family, in a way, as the moral center of the show (this despite the fact that Bob and Kim were each other’s fourth marriages!). Interesting in light of the final PTB’s decision to focus on a Hughes – Chris – to end the series. Sigh.

Happy birthday,! celebrates its one-year anniversary on May 17th as well – well done, ladies and gent!

On May 17th, we will be celebrating our one year anniversary at It’s been a great year of meeting new friends, learning new skills, campaigning with everything we’ve had in us and enjoying the talents of one amazing actor. We’ve laughed, squeed, fallen in love and cried our hearts out as a fandom. Now Eric is moving on to new roles and developing new characters for us to love. We hope you will all stick with us as we continue to follow his career. I think we are all in for an amazing ride.
Since this is our 1st anniversary, the Crew has decided to share a few gifts with some of our friends in the Eric Sheffer Stevens community but we’d like a little something from you too. During the month of April till May 15th, we’d like Eric’s fans to drop us a note on the website (by clicking the "Contact Us" in the top right corner) and share some of the following with us…

  • Tell us about your year as an ESS fan…highs, lows anything special you’d like to share
  • Tell us what you like or would change about the site/forum, anything that stood out for you
  • Tell us any ideas you have or anything you’d like to see on ESS fan forum (not that we can make any promises…every member of the Crew is still working on a huge learning curve when it comes to web stuff)

We are hoping to add a page or two to the website with quotes from as many fans as possible. Then on May 17th we will randomly draw 6 names from the list of fans that participated and share one of these gifts with them. We will post the names on the forum and contact you for your addresses. (Yes we will ship to wherever!) Please feel free to chat in this thread but only emails to the site will be added to the draw. btw…please include your forum name with your email.
Thanks again for helping us make and the ESS fan forum such a great place to hang out and follow Eric and his career.
The Crew/Crew Friends

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