If you’re here to challenge me to a duel, I left my sword in my other lab coat.

— Reid (to Henry)

Support Doctors Without Borders | Honoring Eric Sheffer Stevens

Update 12th March 2011:

In the last 24 hours, nearly a dozen donations have flowed into the Doctors without Borders campaign set up as an outlet for Eric Sheffer Stevens fans (and Van Liked a post on his Wall about this last night). The fundraising page is active until August 2011 and is a convenient way to do something material for those in need in Japan and elsewhere.

If you want to donate, but don’t feel like doing so on Eric’s page, FirstGiving is the official Doctors without Borders online fundraising site, so feel free to have a wander around and pick another worthy fundraiser.  Alternatively, you can visit the Red Cross site to donate to their humanitarian and disaster relief efforts.

You can view the news items showing the campaign’s progress by clicking here:


Full details on the history of the campaign below after the jump…

UPDATE, 8th September 2010:

Within hours of Reid Oliver’s on-air death on September 7th, the campaign achieved its initial target of $15,000.  A special shoutout goes to Michael Fairman who has been very visible in helping to promote the campaign.

Fans of luke and reid are in an uproar:

I hadn’t heard any of that


UPDATE, 25 August:

Introducing the official campaign video:

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video by Andrea (theSICKO)


If you are looking for a way to channel either your (however brief) giddy excitement about next week’s LuRe episodes, or your anger at what may or may not come to pass between now and September 17th, please take a look at:


This website has been set up by LuRe/ESS fans Raj Mangat and Colleen Burns to provide an outlet to get messages to publicity-shy Eric Sheffer Stevens, and to do something positive with all the affection and energy in this fandom. Eric has personally designated Doctors without Borders (Medecins sans Frontieres) as his charity of choice.

The website went live around midnight EDT on the morning of Friday August 21st. It raised over $3,000 in donations in its first 24 hours, and over $5500 in its first 48 hours. Messages left on the board will be seen, and the donor listed as “Eric Sheffer Stevens” is indeed the man himself.

At today’s Van and Jake fan event in Boston, both actors have graciously agreed to support the efforts as well. The story has been picked up by soap columnist Michael Fairman as well as AfterElton blogger snicks. Even if you can’t or don’t wish to donate, you can still help spread the word by tweeting, posting in public forums, and generally keeping up the great viral buzz.

Go, Team LuRe!

5 Responses to “Support Doctors Without Borders | Honoring Eric Sheffer Stevens”

  1. Col says:

    Confirming that, as of yesterday’s donations, all funds raised on the ESS page will be steered specifically to DWB’s relief efforts on the ground in Japan.

  2. tLuRefan says:

    Great cause…love Eric…love Reid…so I am happy to be a part of this 🙂

    Team Reid! Team LuRe! LuRe fans are the best! 🙂

  3. fantasy0106 says:


    Now we surrender? and not fight? we now expect only give us one more hit and do nothing?

  4. fantasy0106 says:

    No no no noooo, do not accept it! Reid did in nine months a lot more than Noah in three years so that now I have to put aside …
    Great work Eric in Doctors Without Borders! Forward

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