Katie: For a guy who went to Harvard, you sure have a lot to learn.
Reid: I guess it depends on the teacher.

— Katie and Reid

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Poll Results | Best episode for ESS Emmy reel?

Which episode should Eric Sheffer Stevens submit for his Emmy reel? as of 4/26/2011 9:44am GMT 1/25: Courtroom confederacy of idiots (1.3%, 2 Votes) 2/25: I’m with a patient, Mr. Snyder (0.65%, 1 Votes) 3/11: I am perfect – I also happen to be gay (7.79%, 12 Votes) 3/12: Goodbye Katie and Jacob, HWTWE (1.95%, […]

Poll Results: Best Kiss

As for the best kiss? Looks like the majority of voters (me included!) went with the classics, with the “babbling” kiss winning nearly a third of the vote, followed by the super-angsty, post-surgery “I can’t” kiss, followed by a virtual three-way tie between the later kisses: “Life is short”, the baby rattle, and the epic […]

Poll Results: Tuning In/Out

Despite how hard many fans are taking the ending, it looks like we are completely LuRed in, as the vast majority are sticking around for the end – whether reluctantly or not. Yet another testimony to the incredible work that Van Hansis and Eric Sheffer Stevens have turned in. Will you watch until the end […]

Poll Results: The First Time

UPDATE, 7 Sep: Okay, now we have our definitive answer, and the plurality were correct. The fact that the last five months have been one enormous tease with no payoff, has made this so much worse. Given the passion in the early kisses, and the open (and frequent) discussion of sex, I thought for sure […]

Poll Results: The L Word

UPDATE, 3 Sep, evening: We have a winner! Reid is the first to officially say it. Could not parse XML from YouTube UPDATE, 3 Sep, morning: Okay, obviously I was a bit premature in taking down this poll. I originally removed it because of the weekly preview scene where Reid tells Luke to take care […]