Henry: I want to prove to Katie that I’m right about you.
Reid: Prove what, that I’m not all warm and fuzzy? She already knows that.
Henry: When she finds out what kind of guy you really are, she is going to kick you out on your tail.

— Henry and Reid

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Making your DVD player multi-regional (capable of reading DVDs encoded for other countries)

This is a post in anticipation of Occupant’s release on DVD. Since it’s not clear when/if this will have a theatrical release in the US, never mind abroad, for many of us abroad who won’t have access to North American download and streaming sites, DVD will be the only option for viewing the film. As […]

Free streaming sites and scams | There is NO such thing as a free lunch

With Eric Sheffer Stevens having TWO shows out this week (Body of Proof on Tuesday evening, and a newly discovered episode of Law and Order: Criminal Intent this coming Sunday – more on that shortly), there has been a lot of interest in locating ways to watch these shows. One of the sites I’ve seen […]

Transferring Videos to an iPod (including from DVD)

This tutorial covers transferring videos from DVD or your hard drive (including videos downloaded from YouTube) onto your iPod. If you use a different brand of MP3 player, the method is probably similar, but I don’t own one, so I can’t help you there.  Sorry. Click here for information on downloading videos from YouTube onto […]

Downloading Videos from YouTube | Revised 19 January 2011

This tutorial covers how to download videos from YouTube to your hard drive. Please click here for instructions on getting Mp4 videos off your hard drive onto your iPod. For many of us, YouTube is our lifeline.  We have no way of watching LuRe live on-air because we are at work/school/have children too young to […]