If your father didn’t have advanced Huntington’s, then the poor bastard in these photos wasn’t your father.

— Reid (to Luke)

Reid Oliver Tribute Page

ESS JPI in Black_thumb[1] Okay, maybe this is silly, but I know in real life a lot of times people will create memorial pages for people to share memories, thoughts, love as a way of grieving. So, I figured this is worth a try.

This is a page to honor our beloved fictional character. If you’d prefer to think of Reid alive and well (and therefore, not needing a tribute), please see the "glass is half full" optimist’s version of this page, Celebrating Luke and Reid, Van and Eric.

Thanks for your contributions.


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  1. samantha says:

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  5. samantha says:

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  6. Samantha says:

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  7. Samantha says:

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  8. Samantha says:

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  9. Angie says:

    When I first heard about Luke/Reid, as opposed to Luke/Noah (especially because I joined the show after it had already ended), I was completely devastated because of my support for Nuke. However, when I saw Reid and Reid and Luke, it was absolutely beautiful. Their chemistry seemed so real, and they’re interactions and overall relationship seemed like such a breath of fresh air from the super serious and angsty Noah. Noah, even though I’ll always love him, became a huge nuisance during Reid’s time (in my eyes) and I was constantly cheering for LuRe.

    With Reid, I was counting down the days until the feelings between him and Luke began to truly develop. Reid and Luke just had an absolutely adorable relationship, with Luke’s extreme optimism hiding his true sadness, and Reid’s cockiness and sarcasm hiding his loneliness. Even though their relationship was extremely rocky because of Noah, I felt they truly got to know each other’s true self. So much more refreshing and adorable than Noah and Luke, who seemed to have so many downs in their relationship that didn’t really match the scarce amount of ups (once again, in my opinion, even though I still support Nuke).

    At the same time, I also knew about Reid’s impending doom and was absolutely devastated, waiting for it to happen. When Luke was begging Reid not to die because they “hadn’t had enough days together”, I think that is exactly what every LuRe fan felt. Their relationship had truly just begun before it was tragically ended. I wouldn’t say that it was destroyed, though, because no one can forget times like the ones Luke had with Reid. Obviously, Luke and Reid were honestly in love, and just as Luke never completely fell out of love with Noah, I don’t think Luke will ever lose his love for lovable Reid.

    All in all, though, I thought the ending of ATWT was kind of sweet, even though I definitely wish it could have been different. Luke and Reid’s relationship was almost like a vacation. Sometimes, life (Noah) gets a little to overbearing and we need a break. Thus, Reid enters the picture and it was so much fun when he was in the series, because I felt that he made ATWT feel less like a soap opera, and more like real life. Eventually, though, all good things and vacations come to an end (Reid’s death), and we come back to real life (once again, Noah). And, while we miss all the fun and experiences we had during our vacation and wish it never ended, it’s still kind of nice to be able to come home.

    At the same time, after thinking about it, I think that hardcore Nuke fans would’ve had a riot if Luke and Reid stayed together at the end of series. Therefore, I wish they could’ve scrapped Reid’s death and ended ATWT in a way that fans could speculate for Luke to end up with Noah or Reid after the end. Some people would probably abhor and ending like this, though, and I obviously had no say in what happened in ATWT.

    In short, Luke and Reid had a beautiful, heart-warming relationship that I strongly believe was cut way too short. I thought that the concept for their relationship was absolutely adorable, especially Reid’s personality compared to Luke’s and Noah’s. There could’ve been so much more development between Luke and Reid in the show, but we will never be able to see it now. :'(

    • Samantha says:

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      Samantha Petra Leon

    • Samantha says:

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    • samantha says:

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  10. Lewis says:

    It has been almost 2 months since the demise of LuRe and I still cannot shake the grip that these two have had on me. Never in all my years (decades) of watching live theatre and soaps have I ever seen two such charismatic actors. For me, the fine line between fiction and reality totally disappeared. The credibility of performance, the depth of characterization and personality, the drama and humor, the progression of maturity and humanism, combined with the attractiveness of both Luke and Reid, created an irresistible magnetism that dwarfed anything around it. Hats off also to Katie, Lily, Bob, and Noah for their excellent supporting roles. In re-watching all of this countless times, I have discovered many clues in the dialogue which leave no doubt that the writers, from an early time, had determined to leave us with a frustrating and horrific end game to LuRe’s relationship; e.g., at one point in an argument that Luke was having with Reid in JAVA he says: “You can’t give your heart to anything or anyone.” And there you have it! The G-clef that foreshadowed what was to come. “Alls well that ends well” does NOT apply to the complete ending of ATWT. Its viewership was left with a needless emptiness that has transcended far beyond the show’s close, and only highlights how out of touch its writers, EP, CBS, and P&G were with a large part of its old and new core audience. And that’s probably another good reason why it was cancelled. As for those of us who keep being drawn back, again and again, to these sites – male or female, straight or gay, old or young – it is an attempt to obtain by vicarious means that positive closure that was denied for what was actually a universal love story. Unfortunately, its authors chose the ending for “Romeo and Juliet” rather than “A Mid-Summer’s Night Dream” and therein lies the REAL tragedy!

    • Conchs82 says:

      I have been hooked on this for past month. I have lost track of time as I have download LukeRe clips from U-tube to my facebook page and Ipod. I am finally coming up for air…I have never been this connected to fictional characters. I have to remind myself that they are not real. Bravo to both actors. They both deserve Emmys. I don’t know about the strategy–one for leading actor, one for supporting actor…Their work rivals any of the best actors such as Anthony Geary, Peter Bergman, Eric Braden, Drake Hogestyn, Larry Bryggman. If there is a way that both can be recognized, they deserve it.

      • samatha says:

        hi dr reid oliver and luke Snyder

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    • Samantha says:

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    • samantha says:

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  11. G says:

    I feel like Reid snuck up on me. 🙂 I liked him from the start, but I was 100% devoted to Nuke before he came on, and it took me a while to realize that I absolutely adored him. I remember, very clearly, waking up on the morning of the elevator episode and realizing that I was totally giddy over Luke and Reid and couldn’t wait to see how the elevator thing played out. My love for LuRe snowballed from that point, and I fell so hard for the two of them that I won’t ever let them go. I give all the credit for Reid’s awesomeness to Eric. I’m convinced that Reid would not have worked with any other actor. Eric was clearly dedicated to Reid and had such a natural talent for acting just like Van. I’m a huge fan of medical dramas, but Reid will always be my favourite doctor. <3

  12. kwbalan says:

    Hey LL:

    There is one thing that I want to say about the Character of Reid Oliver (although there are many things since he was such a phenomenal character brought to life by the incredibly talented Eric Sheffer Stevens).

    Eric/Reid continues to be the one reason why I can even go back and watch old episodes at this point as I am still grieving the loss of the show and LuRe. The reason being is he is the only character that can have me crying one minute and laughing my butt off the next. And every time I watch him in old episodes I see something more that I had missed watching them the first few times (dare I admit how many times I have watched already). I have so many favorite scenes of Reid way to many to mention.

    Here it is over a month after the show has ended and I miss Luke & Reid still. I think that is going to be for a long while as they lit up the screen every time they were on…

    Thank you again Eric Sheffer Stevens and Van Hansis!!!!!

    Thank you LL for giving us another wonderful place to voice our opinions and gratitude 🙂

  13. limeybird2 says:

    i always forget to post a reply, i’m sorry that i don’t. thank you for doing this website & keeping it running after the show ended. i hope that this site stays up forever so those of us who are friends can still come here & talk about Eric & Van’s new roles & recommend fanfics or videos to other friends.

    • lovelure says:

      Hi, limeybird2, you’re welcome, and thanks for continuing to visit. I hope people will continue to stay interested in L&R forever – in the meantime, the site will be up indefinitely! 🙂

  14. ALYCE says:

    I just wanted to express my thanks to the show for introducing such an interesting soap character as Dr. Reid Oliver. At the beginning, I was sure he was there for Katie, but soon learned I was in for a big surprise. I absolutely loved Reid and loved Luke with him. I remember so many times rushing home from work just to see if Redid and Luke were on that day. I like everyone else hated the ending for these two. They had a wonderful love story that should have continued. Thank you again for telling this incredible story.


  15. Romato says:

    True, Dr. Reid Oliver is a well written character, with one liners, which have already become classics of Lurian anthology. True, Reid has his flaws, but they only are the by products of a man who doesn’t “suffer fools”, doesn’t apologies for his brilliance, and functions daily at a level of intensity ( his hands cutting into living brains) that very few can expect to achieve once in a life time. His personal life mirrors his professional life. Uncompromising. His likes and dislikes are intense, straightforward, and unwavering. His love for Luke can never be in doubt. “I don’t play games. I am not that guy”. We trust him. He will never hurt Luke. This is all true. But what made Reid that exceptional LuRe material even before we knew that love would strike, was Eric’s extraordinary gift. To render complexity with such convincing economy. Eric’s acting is not a skill, but rather an intrinsic part of his DNA. A generous actor whose presence in a scene benefits all present. He never stole the spot light from Van Hansis. Their rare chemistry is in fact a testament to what Eric could achieve by unlocking Van’s untapped potentials.

    Reid started as an obnoxious surgeon and ended as an icon. I am not suggesting that his death was his path to sainthood. He had become an icon long before he met that train. His gayhood was neither “in your face”, nor stereotypical, nor understated, nor a thesis. He didn’t yearn for mainstream. He positioned himself as mainstream.
    Reid didn’t die. Reid will never die.

  16. Barb says:

    Thank you, Dr. Reid Oliver, for coming into my life!!! Each day that you were on my screen was a great day! Your gorgeous smile lit up my world and your love for Luke lit up his. Yours and Luke’s love story was truly mesmerizing and magical. You will live on in my heart always… right beside Luke…just where you belong…

  17. chellybue says:

    January 19, 2010 upon hearing Luke Snyder having a phone conversation with a potential Dr. for Noah, I was shocked. This Dr. was brash, rude, obnoxious and snarky. Then he hung up on Luke. I said “Who in the world is this guy, talking to Luke like that.” That did it for me, I felt that this was going to be something good. I was hooked right then and there. Dr. Reid Oliver has been one of the best soap characters ever to grace our screens. I will never forget this beautiful love story where with the help of Dr. Oliver Luke becomes a man and with Luke’s help Dr. Reid Oliver becomes a better man. They had chemistry like no other couple I have ever seen. So sad that the show had to end without them consummating their relationship and very sad for the horrific ending. In my heart LuRe will live on forever. Eric and Van thanks for the most beautiful gift of love which was LuRE love.

  18. rainday2 says:

    I’ll never forget how Dr. Reid Oliver touched my life….yes, he was fictional, but there was something about him that was authentic, true to self, and unapologetic…something that is missing in life today! And the chemistry that Lure created, well, let’s just say that I’m thankful I was able to witness it and have enjoyed this storyline completely. It became part of my everyday life…….Thank you Van and Eric for giving me joy when you graced our tv screens!

  19. limeybird2 says:

    I fell in love with this character when Luke first called him on the phone & he was snapping out these lines unlike any other soap character ever said before. I was intrigued & couldn’t wait to see what he’d say next. He was never a standard soap character & he said what all of us were yelling at the tv screen & he had the best one-liners ever. The more he was on, the more i loved him & watched his & Luke’s story. It was the only one i was interested in anymore, the other ones were the same old stuff, part 97763484.

    I will live in the land of fanfics after Sept.17th where Luke & Reid will be together & happy & ALIVE. So all you fanfic writers out there, keep putting updates out on the stories you have written & keep writing more where you show them in the years to come. I won’t be the only one who will feel this way.

  20. bluemirror144 says:

    I never watched this sort of show before, nor would I have if I hadn’t, by accident, come across Reid Oliver in one of his early appearances on ATWT. There was just something about him. He didn’t look like anybody else. He didn’t act like anybody else. He seemed like an anomaly for the genre. As I watched the story unfold, I usually felt frustrated with the limitations of the medium, but never with the character himself, or the acting. There was just something profound about this guy. He was comic, but carried an unexpected loneliness in his eyes. He was audacious, but over time his tenderness emerged. He was smarter than everybody else, more witty, more insightful, and ultimately more sacrificial. I don’t think he “learned” to be loving in Oakdale. I believe he always was, and his outlet for that was in his work with his patients, to whom he was clearly devoted. I’m not sure he ever got a return on the love he gave. That makes me sad. His death is a violation of everything he was–graceful, sly, strategic (consider his chess moves), brilliant, and–deep down–essentially giving, and essentially shy. He may have been the most dimensional, nuanced character I’ve ever met on television. If he weren’t, I wouldn’t be so devastated.

  21. lovelure says:

    The first time I ever saw Reid Oliver was watching the April 22nd (first kiss) on YouTube. I’d just read the SOC recap, and given how much the circumstances reminded me of Brian (older man, completely unexpected kiss), I decided I had to see just what this guy looked like.

    Having read about the bull-riding scene, I was a bit worried that it would be incredibly cheesy (and Luke’s goofy grin upon entering the bar didn’t help). But Reid’s gawping at Luke had me curious, and I was slipping by the time he said “OTOH (pun intended) a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do. How hard can it be – you did it?” Do I even need to comment on Reid’s epic tour on the bull itself?

    By the time they returned to the hotel, I was falling hard. After watching the Reid Oliver story back to back, I was completely hooked. Then Near Kisses, face touches, pillow hugging, walks in the park, teddy bear facetouch, Oakdale’s attractions, Babbling, lemonade, overreacting, hell yeah, playing doctor, pretty much the entire 8/2 pre-wedding episode, “cake?”, Reid’s response to “does that buy me time?”, and the Life is Short kiss, among other moments.

    When Reid wasn’t making me burst out laughing or yell “right on!”, his love for Luke touched my heart and has inspired all sorts of creativity I didn’t realize I had. So, thank you, Reid Oliver, for teaching me something about myself, and for reminding me of how beautiful love can be.

  22. Snapegirl says:

    You have done such a wonderful thing here by giving all of us LuRe-obsessed fans a place to honor this amazing pairing. Luke/Reid, as well as Van/Eric, have brought me so much joy this past year. I know I will be devastated in the end, when it’s all over, but I’m glad I have a community here to honor the actor’s work, the beautiful story and the incredible love between these two characters. Thank you LoveLure. <3

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