You really think you’re endearing yourself to me, Mr. Snyder? Or should I say Mr. Grimaldi? Yeah, God bless the internet. Your family’s reputation precedes you, though I got to say you’re beginning to do it justice. First you offer money, and if that doesn’t work, you move on to blackmail and bullying.

— Reid (to Luke)

Who Gets a Happily Ever After?

At first when I started reading internet posts that “only the three gay characters are ending up alone (Noah), miserable (Luke), or dead (Reid) while all the straight characters are getting their happily ever after,” I thought there must be an exaggeration in that statement – given statements by TPTB, there must be some others who end up not so happy.

On closer inspection, I have to say I pretty much agree with the initial assertion: either there was serious homophobia in play, an immense and unlikely “coincidence” in their choice of characters for unhappy endings, and/or a level of naivete about the show’s responsibility to a very supportive LGBT community that is appalling.

I took the final ATWT cast photo as a starting point and added back a few people who have been pretty prominent this year (Emma, Damian). If I’ve missed anyone – let me know and I’ll add them to the list!


There are one or two people I’m not sure I recognize, but below is my take on the endings for all the characters (excluding poor Ethan and Johnny who are destined to grow up with all the nutcases from Oakhell). Where characters are part of the key families, I’ve noted which clans; characters with no surnames are “islands” (or have only one or two family members on the Oakdale canvas).

Happy, And Deservedly So/Popular Choice

There were a number of pairings I would describe as “inevitable” or “appropriate.” That is, I could completely see why it was important for these couples to end up together either from a show or a fan point of view. These were:

Bob (Hughes) and Kim (Sullivan/Ryan/Stenbeck). These are two of the oldest characters on the show (along with Lisa) and the Hughes lineage dates back to the first episode. They have for a long time been a core part of the show’s moral compass and legacy. Of course they should go off with a happy ending.

Tom (Hughes) and Margo (Dixon/Montgomery/Peretti). Aside from a few indiscretions on each of their parts, as of late, they have both been upstanding citizens and faithful partners. They would rightfully carry on the Hughes torch as patriarch and matriarch of the show (if only they had more appealing kids!).

Carly and Jack (Snyder). She’s a lying, cheating, alcoholic basket case, but CarJack are (aside from Luke/Reid/Noah and Lilden) the most universally popular couple on the show. Jack is a goody-goody, but the two do have great chemistry and are an enjoyable couple to watch. It’s hard to assess their true popularity given the fanaticism in the Nuke/LuRe fanbase, but I would guess that many casual fans (those who would never vote – like me, pre-LuRe) are pleased that CarJack are getting a happy ending. But like many of the other characters, it’s not just enough that Carly and Jack are happy with each other, but they get their icing on the proverbial wedding cake as well, as spoilers note that Carly will find that she is pregnant to boot.

Janet and Dusty, and Paul (Sullivan/Ryan/Stenbeck) and Emily (Stewart)I don’t really get either of these pairings, but they don’t bother me, and I believe both pairs have their fan bases. And oh yeah, isn’t it convenient for them that Janet’s baby turns out to be Dusty’s and Barbara and Emily have buried the hatchet, clearing the way for Paul and Emily to remain happily ever after indefinitely? On their own, it wouldn’t bother me, but in context….

I used to love Lily (Walsh/Grimaldi) and Holden (Snyder), and though I personally think their time has passed, I can understand how many fans still want to see them together for sentimental reasons (see Soap Opera Digest’s September 21st Snap Poll: Who duo do you most to reunited before the show’s end?) as well as Soaps in Depth’s September 27th poll where 96% of respondents wanted to see Holden and Lily reunited.

Ditto Lucinda (Walsh/Grimaldi) and John (Dixon/Montgomery/Peretti). They were fun to watch years ago, and their banter is still heated, but I agreed with Lucinda who asked John where the hell he’s been all these years. Rekindling their romance at the 11th hour seems contrived to me. On its own it wouldn’t bother me, and if it makes fans happy, then more power to them. But in context…

To me, Barbara (Sullivan/Ryan/Stenbeck) and Henry (Sullivan/Ryan/Stenbeck) are the odd couple in this mix. They are the newest pairing to make my list of couples that seem like they make sense. Although I don’t know that Benry is anybody’s favorite couple, I believe that a lot of people (myself included) like them a lot, so they’re a strong #2. Their chemistry is great, and like LuRe, they were well-matched in terms of being able to love each other in spite of their faults, and I, for one, was glad to see them end up together.

Happy/Open Ended, Really?

Then there were a whole gaggle of couples which I found tossed together and unconvincing, and not convincingly deserving of a HEA.

Casey (Hughes) and Alison (Stewart). I could see the argument for bumping this couple into the “deservedly so” category since they have had a long-standing friendship and are both the children of legacy characters. But not only do they get a second chance at love, but former-convict Casey gets to follow in dad’s footsteps as a lawyer, and former-porn-star/meth addict Alison gets to follow in mom’s footsteps as a doctor. Not just HEA but perfectly HEA. Again, I could live with this on its own, but….

But then: Craig (Dixon/Montgomery/Peretti) and Rosanna. Really? Of course Rosanna should be there for Carly’s wedding. Despite their troubles, the sisters overall have healed their wounds. But getting these two back together? Ugh. Let’s see, while Carly was in rehab, Craig slept with Rosanna and wanted her back. But as soon as Carly emerged, Craig ditched Rosanna for Carly claiming he has only loved her. And now Rosanna would take him back?  And that’s just in the last year – don’t forget, he ran her car off the road and put her in a coma. And not only does Craig get his sweetie, but he also gets to heal his rift with son Gabriel. In what world does Craig (whose list of misdeeds in this calendar year alone has to be an arm’s length long) deserve a happy ending, but not say….Noah? This one gets a big UGH from me.

Gabriel (Dixon/Montgomery/Peretti) and Liberty. So not only does Gabriel find peace with the father he came to town to blackmail, but given that final-week spoilers have Parker paired with Faith (more on that in a sec), that leaves him free to ride off into the sunset with now cancer-free Liberty. Oh yeah, and Liberty also gets to pursue her dream of studying fashion design. So not fair.

Meanwhile, Parker (Snyder) and Faith (Snyder). The first thing that should be setting off (LOUD) alarm bells is the fact that they share the same last name. Triple ewwww……! That in and of itself should be enough, even though they’re not blood related. Parker deserves a happy ending – he’s mainly been a good kid (except for knocking out Gabriel and leaving him unconscious in a room where he might have died in a fire). But despite that misstep, he’s now following in the footsteps of both biodad Hal Munson (RIP), and adoptive dad Jack Snyder. As for Faith, though she’s been addicted to pills, based on what she’s been through with Lily, Holden, and Damian, I don’t blame her for being a bit messed up. But not messed up enough to hook up with her cousin. So yeah, happy, but ewww…..

Which leaves me with Chris (Hughes) and Katie (Dixon/Montgomery/Peretti). So let me get this straight? Chris lies to his parents and Katie, refuses treatment that he clearly needs because he thought he could “beat it,” continues to make dumbass moves (like making love, moving benches, and playing golf) so he can “spare Katie”? PUH-LEASE. Katie gave him an earful and she should have given him more. If she weren’t kicking the guy when he was down, she SHOULD have shown him the door. And on top of that, Chris ends up COS by default, something Reid clearly said he didn’t want (and went so far as to blow his chances on the golf course because Chris’s life was more important). Chris’s story SHOULD have been about him redeeming himself after being such a jerk in the past and making it VERY CLEAR that he did not want to be COS. Instead, despite Bob’s protests about not having everything handed to him on a silver platter, that is exactly what Chris gets. Bob has forgiven all, Chris is COS, and he ends up with Katie.

I’m more sympathetic to Katie’s plight than many. I do believe she’s vulnerable, and Chris came along at the right time. Yes, lying to Henry was sucky, but I’ll also give her a little benefit of the doubt in that in her warped little way, I do believe she THOUGHT she was doing what was best for Henry. So I don’t mind if she ends up with a HAE.

But with Chris? Katie and Chris have ZERO chemistry. I did a Google search and found that there was basically NO internet buzz on this couple (that wasn’t followed with…why are they taking screen time away from Luke and Reid?). As I mentioned in the September 8th news update:

I subscribe to elle1406’s YouTube channel – she’s like Katie’s HappyInChintz72. As the time this paragraph is being written (Wed 9/8 11.47pm GMT/6.47pm EDT, so approx. 27 hours after Tragic Tuesday ended), her clips of yesterday have a grand total of 2 (yes, that’s two) comments – and they’re both about Luke and Reid. In contrast, ADL has a  whopping 596 not to mention BombayHighway (32), smuchshypush (30).

A much better choice would have been Simon who was brought back as a tease only to be sent off again having served minimal plot function. If they wanted nice pat endings, they should have reunited Simon and Katie, leaving Chris for Ali, Casey for Vienna (hey, it was meaningless, but they had way more chemistry than Chris and Katie!) Chris and Katie? Not so much.

Alone…But That’s a Good Thing!

Many people have said along the way that either they preferred Luke to end up alone rather than returning to his relationship with Noah, and many of those in the equivalent of Nuke/LuRe Switzerland would have liked to see him alone because he needed to grow up before he was ready to commit to either man.

The other person I thought this applied to was unquestionably Molly.  I never really liked Molly with Holden and always felt like she was putting her own needs aside to cling onto a long-dead romance. I LOVED the fact that she recognized the behavior she was modeling for Abigail and that she cried for that – it was mature, selfless, and beautiful. As opposed to most of the crying she has done over the past year (“poor me – Holden has chosen Lily….again”). Molly should have showed Holden the door a long time ago, so I was thrilled she did so – without histrionics, and walked off strong, and with some of her pride back.

Victims of Character Assassination

Although Vienna was once a popular character, her actions over the closing months of ATWT have made her completely unlovable. That she has run off, probably to hide her beautiful face and body at some luxury spa in Europe, is more than a generous ending given her crimes. Many fans may rue the demolition of her character, but the ending, given where they took the character was fitting..

Similarly, while many found Meg (Snyder) to be dull and uninspiring, NutMeg had her appeal. Once Meg’s character went down the dark path of stalking Damian and Lily, and then Emily, eventually trying to shoot her, she was a lost cause, destined for the looney bin (and appropriately so).


So that leaves the few characters with no life companion or storyline trajectory.

Do I sense a pattern here: Lisa (former Hughes and Grimaldi), Emma (Snyder), and Susan Stewart all end the show alone with no promise for new relationships. They’d long been forgotten and used as occasional decorations at family functions (so that TPTB could claim they were paying attention to their heritage).  There is clearly a shortage of men of “the right age” on the canvas, but even without men in the picture, these ladies should have been given other storylines that would give us a glimpse into their future – a new project, closure on past wrongs, or anything really, to honor their longevity with the show.

When Guiding Light ended, Matt Reardon ended up with the short end of the Vanessa/Billy/Matt triangle (not my preference, but I could live with that). And while COMPLETELY contrived, at least the writers thought enough of him to have his daughter match him up with some completely random day-player teacher thrown in at the last minute so that he wasn’t forgotten.

Similarly, Doris Wolfe was largely an unlikeable character. And having been outed as a lesbian, there were NO viable love interests on the canvas for her. However, what GL did right is they wove her story into Otalia’s frontburner story, developing her underlying fear of coming out to daughter Ashley and Ashley’s subsequent response (anger at not being told, and being trusted). So for Doris, her unequivocal happy ending was an open, healed relationship with Ashley.

GL resurrected Fletcher for Alexandra (like John for Lucinda) but also brought back both Holly and Ed for each other, and Mindy for Rick. So why these three grand dames of ATWT have had zero storyline these last few months is a shame.

Incidentally, just who do they think is watching the show? A non-negligible portion of their audience are fifty- and sixty-something year-old women who are (or may someday be) alone. What kind of message does this send them – that their only role in life is to worry about their philandering children?

So About That Gay Love Triangle…

This of course, leaves just Luke (Snyder), Noah, and Reid (oh yeah, and Richard who of course, is also gay).

Compared the the bribery, extortion, kidnapping, falsified medical records, faked pregnancies (and miscarriages), druggings, and more perpetrated by the straight characters on the show, these three are really boy scouts. And for the most part, their crimes have all been truly well-intentioned.

On Noah’s only material crime (aside from being a jerk – but if that was a crime, most of Oakdale would be in jail!) was marrying Ameera to keep her safe. While Luke had more than his share of missteps (including trashing Julia’s apartment, and DUI) in his youth, most of his later misdeeds have also had underlying selfless reasons: rigging the election because he thought Kevin would really be ruinous (though there were a lot of other issues involved there as well); lying for Ameera to keep her safe; blackmailing Reid to save Noah’s eyesight.

Reid’s only known “crime” is stealing the fellowship away from Chris Hughes a long time ago. While it’s still possible he had something to hide (which is why he succumbed to Luke’s blackmail bluff), his record is pretty much spotless.

In this calendar year, after Reid’s arrival, Noah’s worst offense is being a bad boyfriend (again, would send most of Oakdale to jail if actually a criminal offense). Reid and Luke? Reid saved Noah’s eyesight, helped Luke to grow a pair, and bailed out Holden. Luke flew to Dallas to save Reid’s medical license, and funded the new neuro wing (which, of course, you might as well put a match to at this point since instead of being run by Reid, it will now be run by Channing…or Richard Meredith with Reid’s ashes buried in the foundation).

So why is it that NONE of these three characters deserve a happy ending? The straight characters of their generation not only are ALL paired up (Casey, Ali, Parker, Faith, Gabriel, Liberty), but all (except maybe Faith, who’s the youngest) not only have relationship fulfillment, but career fulfillment (Casey, Ali, Parker, Liberty) or other wins (Gabriel/Craig) in addition.

Seriously, if they had done this right, they could certainly have shown Noah succeeding in LA, with a new love in his life (combining the Matt Reardon ending with Dinah and Mallet’s out-of-Springfield happy ending from GL) and Reid and Luke happy. The Nukies wouldn’t have liked it, but I would guess any neutral observers would consider it a fair solution.

I don’t buy a Nuke reunion, but if they’d wanted to take that path, they should have started redeeming Noah mid-March or so, and then allowed Reid to be COS with the promise of a relationship developing.

But no, instead, all three gay characters end up SOL.

P.S. The Hugheses vs the Snyders

Incidentally, I’ve always thought that the Snyders were one of the core families of ATWT. For example, if you look at the blinkx TV show description, it begins, “The randy residents of Oakdale fire up this hour of small-town scandals and big-league betrayals, especially among the Hughes and Snyder families.” The official As the World Turns site lists four core families: the Hugheses and Snyders, as well as the Stewarts and Ryans.

Yet somehow three Snyders have clearly been snubbed in the finale (Luke, Emma, and Meg), while all the Hugheses have their HEAs. The ATWT site describes the Hugheses as “working upper class” (does such a thing even exist? sounds like a way to make the doctor and lawyer-heavy Hugheses sound more like “regular folk”) and the Snyders as “a simple country clan.” So on top of the homophobic bias to the endings, and the snubbing elder stateswomen Lisa, Emma, and Susan, you can also add a bias against the working-class – so not only do you have to be straight (and preferably male and young) for a HAE on ATWT, you need to be affluent as well. Way to send an uplifting message, show.

15 Responses to “Who Gets a Happily Ever After?”

  1. mmc says:

    I’m still feeling pain at the way ATWT ended.As a long time viewer it was bad enough that this show was going off forever, but to have Reid die and to leave Luke alone to grieve was disgusting .Luke had finally found someone who loved and appreciated him and he grew to love a man, not a boy like Noah!This was truly a beautiful love story between two men who brought out the best in each other.And the chemistry between Eric and Van….all I can say is WOW!In all my years i have never seen anything like it.They should have had a happy ending and yet they were the only couple that didn’t.why? I ask myself that every day and I can’t find an answer that makes sense.Oh how I’m missing luke and reid….and i love you Van and Eric!

  2. Ripley says:

    One more comment; this entire entry was wonderful. I love how you mentioned Emma, Susan and Lisa. I was so annoyed for Lisa at the end. She got to stand there and be confused about Lucinda/John, and… that’s it. WHAT?! You made some wonderful points about all of the couples. Thanks so much for your always-brilliant inside, love!

  3. Ripley says:

    In response to an earlier comment; the idea that Luke and Noah are “in the same boat as Lily and Holden”, as in they are not together but they are working on getting back together… if anything, this just angers me even more, so really, there is no silver lining behind this concept.
    Lily and Holden are working toward each other again. Everyone else is paired off, or you can obviously see where they are going. Noah is gone, off to LA. That’s even good to me.
    Luke, however, the one who has been to hell and back many times in his fifteen years on the show and yet remained loving, loyal and optimistic anyway, is the one person left in the dark. He is the only one left with complete uncertainty in the end. He is moving on, he is working for the foundation… but what about everything else? He was left grieving the death of the man he loves. No amount of “but this, but that” will ever make up for this fact and perhaps this is my bitterness talking, but I will never be okay with how the writers chose to “wrap up” and “grow up” my favorite character, one of the few characters who actually DESERVED happiness.
    (unlike a certain asshat named Craig, but that’s a rant for another day ;D)

  4. ll says:

    as a loyal carjacker, i guess it didnt make a big difference to me if anyone else on the show got paired up.. the only other character i was invested in was reid, who was awesome even in his death. as a reid/luke fan, however, i am disappointed that all the other fans seem to find this ending unfair. i did not mind his death because it happened in the last days of the show.. i much preferred seeing reid go out in that display of sheer awesomeness, than in the lame sappy endings some of the other couples had.
    in regards to the gays being the only unhappy characters, i think that is a pretty unfair assessment; i would think luke and noah are in the same category as lily and holden, who are NOT together, but working on it.. noah is going off to pursue his dream career, and luke has promised to visit. i would think that is the best they can do right now, and i was grateful that their storyline did not end in a ridiculous and contrived manner, like some of the others. as for craig and rosanna, they are also NOT back together, but merely on good terms.. liberty is going off to pursue her dreams much like noah, and i assume gabriel will not be joining her, so there is another example of a couple having an ending similar to nuke.
    i guess what i am saying is that not everybody got such a perfect ride into the sunset, at least not the way this article makes it seem. if luke seemed to have been slighted, then you are ignoring the fact that he has his ex bf waiting in the wings for him while his rich family takes care of him. i wouldnt call that an unhappy ending at all.

  5. reidstheman says:

    I am so glad to see someone else feels exactly as I do!!! I was beginning to think something was wrong with me to become so emotionally tied into this story! I have NEVER gotten so into a storyline in my life and I just absolutely adored Luke and Reid!! The magic they had on-screen was mesmerizing and it just infuriates me that the writers couldn’t put them together at the end!! I want to imagine Luke and Reid together 30 yrs. from now, with Luke fixing Reid’s suit before a special event (like he did in Dallas) or the two of them snuggling on the sofa (like when he helped Reid prepare for the meeting). Those simple moments were so special to me. I can’t bear the horrible ending they have given us. It is senseless and the cruelest ending imaginable. Since no one wanted Luke back with Noah (well maybe 1%) and Luke already told NOah they were not right for each other, WHY couldn’t Luke and Reid get their happy ending?

    • Carol says:

      Hi reidstheman,

      You are not alone. I too have found it comforting that others feel strongly that Reid and Luke belong together.

      Something that has helped me block out the terrible ending to their romance has been to read the fan fiction stories that so many talented fans have written about Reid and Luke. If you haven’t found this goldmine yet — click on Lovelure’s “Simple Gifts”. It’s yummy! And if you go to the site “Luke Reid OnLine” they have a gazillion more stories that will make you believe they live a long and happy life together.

      I agree that TPTB made a horrible decision with the ending they chose. So many fans campaigned to get them to change it – but as you see – none of their fine efforts worked.

      I’ve watched the show for a very long time – and tomorrow being the last day – is – on top of losing Reid – very hard for me to take. reading your post – made me feel that I am not alone. So thank you for that!

  6. nancygrew says:

    Great entry. I agree with you totally regarding the unfairness of the gays being the only ones without happy endings and how some of the couplings that are being handed out like candy are unearned. It’s only been a few months since Alison cheated on Casey the night before their wedding. Katie and Chris just started dating a few months ago and are talking marriage and babies? Brad has been dead less than a year. Lucinda and John are just going to decide to be together after not seeing each other in 6? years. Lily married Damian after Holden was missing for a couple of weeks and now she and Holden are just going to get back together?

    I agree with you regarding how unfair it is that sweet Luke, dedicated Reid and Noah [who’s merely a jerk instead of evil] get unhappy endings while characters that should be in prison end up happy.

    I’m not sure that the Snyders are being ignored in comparison to the Hughes. Members of both families should have been mentioned during the final days [Seth, Caleb, Iva etc., for Snyders and Don, Penny etc.,. for the Hughes]. However, Jack/Carly, Holden/Lily and Parker/Faith are all being represented so all of the adult Snyders still on the canvas save Luke are going to get their HAE.

    And I’m not sure that the class conflict is a real issue on ATWT anymore. There haven’t been financially struggling people on the show for ages. Holden’s a succesful horse trainer, his children have trust funds from Lucinda and possibly Cal, Meg was married to Josh Strickland and probably had money from the divorce, Emma’s written successful romance novels. I don’t think any of the Snyders have struggled for money since the 80s.

  7. arorua01 says:

    Sorry that I don’t know where to post my question. But could someone please tell me the story told by Reid’s uncle. I still don’t get what led Reid to be the man he is. Thank you.

    • lovelure says:

      I’m not sure we could credit Angus with making Reid the man he is, but he certainly played a role. He gave Holden and Lily a chess piece (a knight) and told THREE stories associated with it (sounds like a stretch to me). The first is that it was the piece Reid was about to move before he walked away from the game (giving it sentimental value).

      The second (and probably what you’re referring to) was that when Reid was younger (8 or 9, I think) he lost a game by moving that piece. So Angus took the piece and “pressed it into Reid’s sweaty little palm” until it hurt and told him that’s what losing/failing feels like. Angus went on to say that Reid’s response was to win his next 40-something games. The implication was that (out of fear of Uncle Angus?) Reid took it upon himself never to lose, to not accept failure. He carried that attitude into his profession, and it parallel’s Luke’s angry speech to Noah talking about how Reid believed he could do anything – that he wouldn’t fail…thereby leading to his doom.

      The third was that Reid mailed the chess piece back to Angus (I guess he took it with him when he walked away) after graduating from medical school with a note attached that said something like “Graduated from medical school. Check mate.” I think that was intended to demonstrate that Reid was saying, “So there – see – I succeeded in spite of you!” Personally, I thought this was completely contrived. Granted, I’m not so knowledgeable about chess, but “check mate” to me means “you lose” or “you’re out of options” more than it means “I win.” Plus I don’t think that Reid would be that poetic. If he wanted to write Angus a note to say “F-U I made it,” instead of being cute and saying “check mate,” he would write a note that said, “I graduated from medical school, no thanks to you. F-U. Reid.”

      Even without the chess stories, given that Uncle Angus is a crabby, obnoxious, lonely old geezer, I think showing us Angus’ was the show’s attempt to explain why Reid was a crabby, obnoxious, lonely man when he arrived in Oakdale. If anyone has a better reply please feel free to jump in.

    • Carol says:

      To start with – In that scene, Reid’s uncle showed that he had been cold and unfeeling towards his 8 /9 year old nephew. Winning at chess was not only important but EVERYTHING. It appeared that Reid’s parents were already dead and the uncle was his chess teacher/mentor (tho Reid told Luke in the ‘babbling scene” that he learned chess from two 70 year old Ukrainian guys and it was his parents who turned him into the “trained seal”). (Maybe a bit of a slip up for the writers here.)

      What uncle Angus actually said was that when 8 year old Reid made a wrong chess move during a match – costing him a win — Angus took the chess piece and pressed it into his sweaty little palm until hurt. He then told Reid that was what it felt like to lose – losing was sharp and painful. After that Reid won 46 matches in a row. One day Reid just quit and reclaimed his life.

      IMO – what this added to Reid’s back-story was that his young life was devoid of love and support. I took that to mean that he learned to cover his tender heart with snark and arrogance and shut everybody out so he wouldn’t “feel” and be hurt again. Luke of course broke thru those barriers and allowed Reid to be open to love.

      Hope this answers your question!

  8. Carol says:

    Dear kwbalan and LL,

    As I read your post, I just kept nodding in agreement. You so beautifully expressed everything about this show and LuRe that I feel – and feel just as deeply. Just know that you are far from alone.

    LL, You tallied up the ending! A word about the two original core families — from one who was there from 1958 on. The Hughes worked hard and succeeded, the Lowell’s inherited. Ellen Lowell married David Stewart hence the Stewart line begins. BTW – Ellen was the inadvertent bad girl here – she found herself pregnant sans marriage. And the present day Stewart women : Susan – alcoholic, Emily – just about everything, Ali- porn star, drug addict. But still they all get HEA.

    Total mystery why the Snyder’s are being ignored.

  9. kwbalan says:

    Very well said LoveLure. What an unhappy ending to a show that I have loved for 30 years.

    Even though I have posted my story just about everywhere else I am gong to post something here as well. I am just so frustrated that I want to be heard.

    I feel so utterly betrayed by this show that I have given 30 years of my loyalty to. Soaps for me have always been a happy escape (not always happy story lines but ones that you knew most of the time would end up happy so you sat through the angst).

    In September of 2009 I lost my mother after a long battle with cancer. So I needed the happy escape of the soaps even more in this last year. (The reason I mention this is that I am not alone, there are many of us, in fact most of us who have struggles in everyday life and look to the soaps for an escape from this.)

    So at the end of last year I was just watching and somewhat enjoying the story lines and just having the escape. Then at the beginning of this year when Eric Sheffer Stevens joined the show as Dr. Reid Oliver I quickly got sucked up in the story line. I almost immediately started going online because I could not get enough of his character and then of the the pairing of him with Van Hansis as Luke.

    I found a wonderful group of fans online and got involved in all the campaigning. I started writing letters, sending emails, sending post cards, calling the hotline. I even took the trip to Vermont, Paley in NYC & Boston this summer to see all of my favorite actors and meet this wonderful group of friends.

    I immersed myself completely into this story line. It is what helped me to get through a very dark time in my life. I had so much hope for this story. Even knowing I was about to lose a show that I had watched for so long I figured I had so much to look forward to with the LuRe story line through the summer and as the show was going to wind down.

    Boy was I in for a rude awakening. Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined how bad this ending would be. We never got the air time we wanted or the love scene. We barely got anytime of seeing them alone together in the last weeks. I have not cried this much since my Mom passed last September.

    I am depressed, frustrated, angry, sad… every emotion you can think of except happy. I am still in denial that this is how it ends. I just don’t understand. I cannot believe that they spoiled the whole ending before it even happened, nothing was left unknown.

    The ending was definitely the coward’s way out. And there were so many other ways to appease all of the fans. But no the show chose to take the easy way.

    Now as we get ready to approach the final week I have nothing left in me to appreciate it. I will watch because even after everything I am still not ready to say goodbye to a show that has been a huge part of my life but I am sure there will be more disappointments and tears.

    I want to make mention of Van Hansis and Eric Sheffer Stevens. I have always loved the character of Luke since Van joined the show. Van is an amazing actor, as is Eric and if it wasn’t for these two very talented actors I would not have gotten so caught up in this story line. Kudos to Van & Eric.

    And to all the wonderful friends I have made through all of this. I would not have made it through this last 9 months with out you. You are an amazing group of people and I will always be grateful to the show and to the LuRe story line for that.

    We as a group have raised $15800 for Doctors without Borders. It was an incredible way to channel our grief and anger at how this story line ended and for the death of our beloved character Dr. Reid Oliver. I am proud to say I am a part of this amazing group of fans.

    I will close off now (sorry for the book LoveLure) by saying that I am left heart broken by how this story line ended. And there is no excuse for it.

    Thanks for reading and listening.

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