Katie: I hate that I lost Brad. I hate it so much. So if I can be tougher and meaner and — I’m gonna do what you do.
Reid: Become a brilliant neurosurgeon?
Katie: I’m gonna use my grief to fight for Brad’s daughter, and I’m gonna win.

— Katie and Reid

Reid Oliver, gone but not forgotten

Tomorrow marks the one-year anniversary of Reid Oliver’s on-screen demise. Hard to believe it’s been a whole year.

Though September 7 marks the anniversary of Reid’s death, it also marks the anniversary of Van Hansis’s tour de force of acting. I know many of you refused to watch the episode, and some have not seen it at all, but the range of emotion he runs through is remarkable. The more I watch it (a few times now, including just a few minutes ago…I have the tears and sniffles to prove it), the more I’m convinced that Luke is pretty much perfect in this episode – both Van’s portrayal and the writing for the character.

Although there is way too much I hate about this episode starting with the obvious down to the strawberry toaster strudel all over Reid’s hair), Luke’s responses struck me as so true to character, and so believable. I love this Luke – he really does show so much of the growth, maturity and grace (from recognizing he was blaming himself, to being strong and trying to take control rather than being a victim, and keeping his sense of humor in the worst of situations) that I wished for him, but as he says “I just wish it wasn’t this (that brought it about).”

Once I got over hating the rest of the episode and the endgame, I really came to appreciate Luke and Van’s performance (definitely his best crying scene, IMNSHO), so I now I pretty much ignore everyone else (as much as possible, while watching, else I might need to buy myself a new laptop…grrr…) and focus solely on Luke.

Why Postcard No Noah 

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If (Luke and) Reid are still in your heart, I hope you’ll stop by and make an (additional) entry on either the Reid Oliver Tribute Page or the Celebrating Luke and Reid, Van and Eric page, or stop by and enjoy what others have said.

I have to share with you one of my favorite comments from these two pages (if not my favorite comment to date). It was left just over a month ago by a poster named “Linda” and began:

I am a conservative Republican who worked tirelessly for Mike Huckabee during the last presidential campaign and I have always been “on the fence” about same sex relationships. This storyline had a profound, life altering affect on me and the way I view same sex couples. The love story of LuRe was NOT about a same sex couple at all. It was about two people who were so right for each other than nothing could keep them apart. They worked magic together and made us all see that love is love and when two people are right for each other they should be together….

The main reason I set this blog up with moderated comments is to make sure no homophobic bile is spread on it. As it turns out, I have had very little to fear – aside from one narrow-minded commenter, anyone who has accidentally wandered onto this site and not liked what they have seen (and I’m sure there have been a decent number, given some of the search terms that have found this blog!) has had the decency to keep their comments to themselves.

So, when I read the first part of the comment (in bold), my heart instinctively filled with dread. But when I was so excited as I continued to read – the commenter echoed many of the thoughts I’ve noted in the past about how this as “just” a “love story,” not a “gay love story.” I think this storyline has affected many people – sometimes surprising people, and in surprising ways – a big testimony to the talent of the actors involved.

To read the rest of Linda’s comment, click here.

As always, thanks for your comments, and thanks for sharing this journey with me!

5 Responses to “Reid Oliver, gone but not forgotten”

  1. mmc says:

    It is amazing to think after all this time we still remember the story of Luke & Reid.but we do for so many reasons.As a long time watcher of ATWT & having loved so many of the couples, i found myself surprised by the love i had for luke & reid & their story….it is my favorite & always will be.They fell in love in spite of themselves.there was so much chemistry….no words had to be spoken….a look alone & you knew what they were feeling.I would have missed them just as much if they lived happily ever after ….it was devastating to watch Luke lose the love of his life & i think the writers gave us a giant slap in the face at the end.i will always be grateful to van & eric for making us believe that what we saw on the screen was so real….a look, a touch, a kiss….they were truly Poetry in Motion….♥~

  2. Jay says:

    I think the writers were brilliant. It’s the reason why we still are talking about it, over two years later. It’s why ‘Love Story’ and ‘Titanic’ are still in people’s mindsets; the idea of a tragic ending leaves the viewer without a sense of closure, and it still affects us to this day. Would we feel the same if Luke and Reid had a “happily ever after” cliché ending? But ending their story in such a grievous way just ensured that we’d be mourning for them both for years to come.

  3. Tim says:

    It’s been a year and a 1/2 since Reid passed away before our eyes on that fateful September day. And, I have seen all the episodes(on youtube) the Luke/Noah story and, the Luke/Reid story. I still cry over it. Yes, it was only a short while that Luke and Reid had each other but, strangly, enough, I think that they did make a great pair. Long live LuRe!!

  4. Michele says:

    Like mmc, it’s been a year but seeing that picture postcard turns me into a blubbering mess all over again. I will truly never understand why tptb thought leaving Luke (and us) in mourning was a brilliant ending. Thank you for highlighting Van’s incredible work in those scenes, though. They were so heartbreaking so I like to remember Van talking about Eric giving him a thumbs-up during filming and that makes me smile.

    Luke and Reid, you are missed.

  5. mmc says:

    LL, How can a whole year have gone by and i still tear up when I think of Luke and Reid.Their ending broke my heart for so many reasons.First , I miss them, second , they should have had a happily ever after like every one else.but vans acting at the end was beyond compare.i felt every emotion he was feeling.will we ever see two actors with so much chemistry again/i don’t think so ,but I’ll be forever grateful that we were lucky enough to have them for a little while!

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