Luke: Wait. You want to operate on Noah today?
Reid: I want to be drinking a beer back in Texas, but I’m prepared to operate.
Luke: But he just had lunch. You — you can’t eat and then go under anesthesia.
Reid: Really? I hadn’t heard that.

— Luke and Reid

Van Hansis | Walnut Hill School for the Arts Birthday Campaign Update

UPDATE 2 Aug 2011: A link for the 2011-2012 year donation page has been posted, so in case you haven’t seen the new post, the link is here:

UPDATE 24 Oct 2010: This was originally published with the News and Updates on 18th October 2010. Because there are links to the Walnut Hill campaign all over this site as well as others, I’m moving this to its own page to make this info easier to find.

Here is the original URL, in case you are trying to follow it:

I’ve noticed people continuing to click through for various fundraising activities. It’s come to my attention that the Van Hansis/Walnut Hill link is now broken. I’ve exchanged emails with the Walnut Hill development department and it sounds like their website is undergoing some changes and they are pointing people to their generic giving page (where you can put Van’s name in the “in honor of” box). They wrote:

We will very shortly be sending a letter to Van bringing him up to date on the fund raising initiative and listing all those who have made a donation. We will also communicate  with the donors, assuring them that Van knows who they are and is very grateful for their support of his School.

While we address this situation, please refer any donors to the Walnut Hill Online Giving form. All gifts that are made in honor of Van Hansis will be properly attributed the Van Hansis Sponsorship fund and the donors will be included in future communications with Van. Once we have some more definitive answers on the webpage itself, we will be sure to let you and his other supporters know.

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