Luke: Officer, this man hit her car and now he’s trying to leave the scene of an accident.
Reid: Oh, for the love of God.
Police officer: You can pray on your own time, Pal. License and registration, please.
Reid: Do me a favor. Could you just pull out your gun and shoot me?

— Luke and Reid

Posts from ‘November, 2010’

Poll Results: Best Kiss

As for the best kiss? Looks like the majority of voters (me included!) went with the classics, with the “babbling” kiss winning nearly a third of the vote, followed by the super-angsty, post-surgery “I can’t” kiss, followed by a virtual three-way tie between the later kisses: “Life is short”, the baby rattle, and the epic […]

News and Updates | 24 November 2010

Eric makes TV Guide Canada’s list of “hottest newcomers” Eric and Jenny send their thanks for the fan support in this weekend’s charity run to benefit God’s Love We Deliver Van NOT confirmed for RTL event in Holland in January Read more below….

News and Updates | 23 November 2010

Wow! Eric Sheffer Stevens in TV Guide Canada poll! Okay, now is the time I start jumping up and down and lamenting why oh why each show is only allowed one nominee for awards – keep an ear out for me – I’ll be the one weeping when Eric, Van Hansis, and Trent Dawson are […]

News and Updates | 22 November 2010

Ho hum. Another day, another cool two grand raised for charity (in about 36 hours, no less). For a warm-fuzzy feel-good view of this fandom, you can check out Jenny Sheffer Stevens’s God’s Love We Deliver donation page.  The $2,000 raised by Jenny and Eric puts them at number 9 on the list of individual […]

Transcript | 23 February 2010

After  Molly’s manufactured “evidence” is found to be phony, Holden is arrested as the prime suspect in the murder of Damian Grimaldi. In a desperate attempt to clear Holden’s name, Luke takes photos of the dead body (believed to be Damian) to Memorial to see if Bob Hughes can shed any light. Instead, he (literally) […]