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Reid: Am I?

— Luke and Reid

Contacting Van Hansis and Eric Sheffer Stevens

This website is purely a fan blog and has absolutely NO connection with actors Van Hansis or Eric Sheffer Stevens, or their agents and representatives, or with CBS, the creative team behind As the World Turns, Procter & Gamble, or Telenext. Fan mail sent to this site will unfortunately wallow in a virtual terra nullius.

The information below was gleaned from publicly available sources unless otherwise noted.

Contacting Van Hansis

Historically, there have been several ways to get in touch with Van Hansis. You can PM him or send a Friend request to him via his fan Facebook account. I know he has responded to PMs (not mine, though :() though not all of them (can’t imagine how many he must get!). I also know it can take multiple tries for a fan request to be accepted (it took me three tries – I was going to give up after two, but some friends encouraged me to try again after meeting him in Boston last summer).

Yes, it’s really his account, and yes, that’s the real Van Hansis who posts under his name. However, Van posted in the September/October timeframe that he is taking a bit of a break from his fan page, and others have reported that he has been less active replying to PMs as of late. His page is unfortunately Ground Zero for a lot of Nuke vs. LuRe debate and a hotbed of picture tagging, so I don’t blame the poor guy for needing a break!

He also has a snail mail PO Box address through the official ATWT Fan Club, and I believe letters/items sent there are somehow forwarded to him, though I do not know for certain if this is true.

Van Hansis
PO Box 515
Nyack, NY, 10960

Last, he has an email through the official ATWT Fan Club as well. I’m told that he does check it, and I believe someone is paying attention to his account.

(Ask me if my heart skipped a beat when I received an email from “Van Hansis” at this address telling me his post-ATWT snail mail address had changed to the above? I believe I – and a zillion other Van fans – received this email because in the past we have contacted him via the fan club email address.)

Contacting Eric Sheffer Stevens

UPDATE, 20 Aug 2011: The Doctors without Borders donation page closed on August 19th, so that is no longer an avenue for getting in touch with Eric. However, the Crew at report that fans have a new opportunity to reach Eric c/o his new show, I Hate My Teenage Daughter. Let’s hope the show is a winner and that he’ll be reachable there for a long time to come. Here is the post from the forum:

Please keep in mind that Eric would prefer well wishes or donations to charities over gifts, if you would like to send him a letter telling him how much you appreciate his work and wish him well on the series I’ve gotten the following information from Warner Bros PR guy. He says the cast of IHMTD is a lot of fun and he’s looking forward to working on the show. Fan mail can be sent here:

Eric Sheffer Stevens
c/o I Hate My Teenage Daughter Production Office
4000 Warner Blvd.
Burbank, CA 91522

Please note – this address accepts mail on Eric’s behalf. There is no guarantee that Eric will read any/all of it, or whether he will respond. I don’t think he’s rude or uninterested in his fans (the fact that he ran into a parking lot to chase down some of the fans who went to the effort of attending the I Hate My Teenage Daughter pilot filming attests to that), but I just don’t think he wants to encourage that aspect of celebrity-dom. Caveat sendor.

ORIGINAL POST: Eric Sheffer Stevens is much more difficult to contact. He has said on multiple occasions that he would like for fans just to send their “well wishes” rather than letters and presents. In his post-endgame interview with Michael Fairman, he said:

I am pretty private and I just like people to see the work and that be the only thing that people know about me….I had been asked about receiving stuff, and I said, “No, it’s OK.  I can’t receive anything. I am not at the ATWT studio anymore.”

Best as I can tell, he does not appear to have an PO box in Nyack, unlike Van, Jake Silbermann, and a number of other ATWT alums. He has said (to the best of my recollection) that he does not check his ATWT Fan Club email account, does not have a Facebook account, explicitly does NOT want fans to contact him through his agent, and does not have an interest in creating a personal PO box or email address to accept fan contacts. This was raised (by request) by the ESS Crew (who run as recently as late September, and their observation was:

I think the fan appreciation has been duly noted and appreciated by Eric. The question has been put to him more than once and his preference, at least at this, point, is not to do it.

Part of the inspiration for the Doctors Without Borders campaign was to give fans who were compelled to do something more than “wish” and provided a means for fans to send an (albeit short) message that Eric would receive. The page remains active until August 19, 2011, and if Eric is no longer actively checking the page, I’m sure the organizers will give him a poke periodically to remind him if there continues to be activity there.

He has two young children and is trying to move on post-ATWT, so I would suggest that we respect his wishes and keep contacts to donations and comments via DWB.

9 Responses to “Contacting Van Hansis and Eric Sheffer Stevens”

  1. prad says:

    Dear Mr. Van Hansis

    I really liked your performance in ATWT. I hope you and jake are still close friends. I heard a rumor that you smoke cigarette in your real life. I am asking this because you are a role model to many people. I hope you will give me a reply. May you prosper with a bright future and may your friendship with jake silbermann always blossom.

    • lovelure says:

      Hi Prad, Thanks for stopping by. Just wanted to make sure you’re aware that this is an unofficial fan site and that we have not direct communication with Van. If you want to reach him directly, you can try via Facebook or via his ATWT forwarding address (see Contact Us/Contacting Van and Eric). Good luck! 🙂

  2. prad says:

    Dear Van Hansis

    wish you many happy returns of the day. may this birthday bring lots of happiness and prosparity in your life.

  3. dear lovelure pg, i just read your page about how to get in contact with eric and van both bigtime i tried to contact them both on that address and site altogether myself , but no response from either of them both at those addresses, also i did try to send them alot of messages to that fan club and that fan address that they had for eric and van nothing from them since they went off the air in sept 2010. so i hope they got my notes hopefully to say thanks for everything and the memories too. sincerely, long-time fans of eric s.s.and van hansis too,anne-marie m. gething.

    • lovelure says:

      Hi anne-marie,
      As far as I know Van gets his email and snail mail sent to his fan club address, but I don’t know that he necessarily responds to it or even reads it all (I would guess he’s swamped). Not sure what addresses you’ve tried for Eric, but he has made it pretty clear he prefers to stay out of the limelight so I don’t know if he’s checking messages at the forum or not (I believe he’s stopped by, but I don’t know if that was a one-time thing or if he checks in every so often). There’s also always the Doctors without Borders campaign. I know he’s checked that, and I would guess if a few new donations show up, he could be encouraged through the forum to visit again. Right now, only a few donations have shown up here and there so I would guess he doesn’t check it regularly at all. Good luck,

  4. mmc says:

    Thanks for answering lovelure, i’ll continue to write him once in awhile.I know he’s busy and i hope he finds some good parts.He deserves it, such a nice guy and a wonderful actor!

    • lovelure says:

      Any time. FYI, I’ve heard on the fanboards that Van has responded to PMs on FB, and when he’s been asked about gifts at fan events (and there’s an interview asking him about favorite fan gifts) he does seem to take them seriously. Given the activity on his FB page, I wouldn’t be surprised if he got hundreds of PMs/emails a day (via his ATWT account). I’ve tried to limit my PMs for that reason. I’ve never heard back personally, but I do know that when I PMed about the Netherlands event, I mentioned I was thinking of buying a plane ticket to go specifically to see him, and he posted his “not sure” message a few hours later. Not sure if I was one of a chorus of people asking, but he did respond to that question, so I think he does pay attention, at least sometimes. In the meantime, I’m still sitting on pins and needles wondering if the security guard I entrusted with his gift was ever able to deliver it!

  5. mmc says:

    I hope that Po box is still Vans address.I’ve written several times with no response yet but I’m still hopeful.i just hope we’ll be able to keep up with how he is and what he’s doing.I still miss ATWT and Van…..i have read many times that Eric is really a private person….as hard as that is on his fans i commend him for keeping his family out of the limelight.Van and Eric are such great actors and Luke and Reids story was like none other and their chemistry was off the charts.i watch a lot of ATWT clips on You Tube, mostly Luke and Reids story.It will live on in my mind forever!

    • lovelure says:

      To the best of my knowledge that PO Box still works. I think all the ATWT actors were offered PO Boxes and the mail that goes there goes to the official ATWT fan club and they then forward it direct to him.

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