Katie: Wait. Reid, uh, a word of advice. Bob Hughes won’t be fooled by any kind of phony butt-kissing.
Reid: I learned a long time ago the most important thing in life is sincerity. Once you can fake that, you can fake anything.

— Katie and Reid

Transcript | 31 May 2010

Black Monday. The episode starts with Reid trying to get Luke alone. Noah shows up and is stunned when Richard tells him Luke is making out with the “hot doc.” After an awkward foursome at Yo’s, Luke is possessed by aliens and tells Reid he’s still in love with Noah. After Noah tells him never mind, Luke goes to Reid’s where he is also shown the door.

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Anthony D Langford May 31, 2010 Parts TBC


Richard: You okay?

Noah: Yeah. I was just, um — who is that who’s in there with Luke?

Richard: That’s your doctor, Dude.

Noah: That’s Dr. Oliver?

Richard: Told you he was hot.

Reid: I want to be alone with you.

Luke: This is all happening so fast.

Reid: And that’s bad why?

Luke: Noah’s outside.

Reid: Uh, relax. He can’t see that far. What he can see is just shapes and colors.

Luke: Noah, I didn’t know you were released.

Noah: Yeah.

Luke: Hi, Richard.

Noah: Um, can we come in?

Luke: Oh, yeah, of course. But, um, you should know, I’m — I’m not alone.

Noah: I know.

Luke: How did you know that there was somebody in there with me?

Noah: Uh, I could see them through the window. I could see two bodies, you know? Uh, I can see shapes and colors, just, you know, not very clearly. Who — who is it anyway?

Luke: Uh —

Reid: It’s me, Noah. It’s Dr. Oliver.

Noah: Oh. Hi.

Reid: Hey.

Noah: What a surprise.

Reid: Yeah, I was helping Luke’s family try and locate Gabriel Carras.

Luke: Yeah, he disappeared, and we were all really, really worried about where he was.

Noah: Mm. Yeah, of course. Well, I don’t want to intrude, so — I just — I wanted to tell you that I got out of the hospital. Uh, Richard, can you, um — can you drop me off?

Richard: Yeah, sure.

Luke: No, wait. You don’t have to go. Why don’t we all go out and get a drink?

Noah: A drink? Luke, are you, um — you’re not drinking again, are you?

Luke: No, no. I just thought we could celebrate your release.

Noah: [Scoffs] You make it sound like I just got out of prison.

Luke: Well, it’s kind of like that, isn’t it?

Noah: Yeah. Uh, Dr. Oliver, you join?

Reid: Uh, you know, I don’t — I don’t know. I’ve got early rounds tomorrow.

Noah: Just — just a quick drink. You know, I’d really like to thank you for everything you’ve done for me. It would mean a lot.

Reid: Then how could I say no?

Luke: This is killing me.

Reid: Then drop the charade. Let’s be honest with him.

Luke: And say what? What am I supposed to tell him, Reid?

Richard: When will you tell him your sight is back?

Noah: When the time is right. Hey, uh, don’t you have to get back to work? I really do appreciate you driving me down here.

Richard: Thank you. Good luck.

Noah: Yeah.

Luke: I’m just not sure if right now is the right time to tell Noah about — about what’s going on between us, I mean, if it even goes any further.

Reid: You don’t think it will?

Luke: He just got out of the hospital today.

Reid: He’s strong enough to take it.

Luke: Yeah, but I don’t know if I’m strong enough to tell him.

Reid: That’s guilt talking, not honesty.

Luke: So you want me to be honest?

Reid: Yeah.

Luke: Okay. Well, honestly, yeah, I do have feelings for you. I can’t deny that anymore. But I’m in love with Noah.

Reid: Well, then, it seems to me that you have a decision to make, don’t you?

Luke: Where’s Richard.

Noah: Uh, he had to go to work. Where — where did Dr. Oliver go?

Luke: Uh, he got paged. He had to go to the hospital.

Noah: Oh. Okay, so it’s just you and me then.

Luke: Yeah.

Noah: Is that so awful?

Luke: No. No, not at all. It will — it will give us a chance to talk.

Noah: Well —

Luke: Look, Noah, there’s something that I really need to tell you.

Noah: Okay. Yeah, go ahead.

Luke: Um, things have been pretty rough for us lately. Even before the accident, things were —

Noah: Tense?

Luke: Yeah. Yeah, it’s like nothing could go well for us, and all we were doing is hurting each other.

Noah: Luke, I never wanted to hurt you.

Luke: You know, I’m not — I’m not blaming you, Noah. I’m not blaming anyone. And what happened doesn’t matter.

Noah: What does matter?

Luke: What will happen.

Noah: Okay, I — I don’t understand. What are you saying?

Luke: Noah, what I’m saying is that I want you back.

Noah: What?

Luke: Noah, I love you. I hate the fact that we’re not together anymore.

Noah: You do?

Luke: Yeah. Of course I do. Noah, I miss you. I want things to go back to the way they were before everything got so crazy.

Noah: Wait, wait. Luke, wait. Are you saying this because you feel guilty?

Luke: Why would I feel guilty?

Noah: Come on, Luke. Just be honest with me. Cut the bull.

Luke: I am.

Noah: No, you’re not, okay? I know what’s going on. I saw you kiss Dr. Oliver.

Luke: You can see?

Noah: Yes, I can see. I can see you. I can see the napkins on the table and the — the pictures on the wall.

Luke: Oh, my God. Why didn’t you tell me?!

Noah: I didn’t want to interrupt you and Dr. Oliver.

Luke: Noah, there’s nothing going on with me and Reid.

Noah: "Reid"? Not Dr. Oliver.

Luke: Okay, Noah, listen to me. I love you. I meant everything I just said. I want us back together again.

Noah: What I saw looked pretty intense between you two.

Luke: It was just a kiss.

Noah: You know, I can’t believe I was so worried about you two hating each other at the hospital. I mean, talk about getting it wrong.

Luke: No. Well, we did hate each other for a long time, but then —

Noah: Oh, so inevitably you must fall in love, right?

Luke: Noah, I don’t love Reid. I love you.

Noah: Did you sleep with him?

Luke: No!

Noah: Luke, tell me the truth. You owe me that much. When you were in Texas together for his lawsuit?

Luke: No, not then, not after.

Noah: Not yet?

Luke: Not ever. Noah, please, try to understand. You were pushing me away so much, and yeah, I was really hurt, and I was — I was really confused, and I was very, very angry with you.

Noah: And Reid was there, right?

Luke: Forget about him. It hasn’t gone anywhere.

Noah: But you admit that you’re attracted to him.

Luke: Yes, but —

Noah: I feel like such an idiot.

Luke: Noah, don’t.

Noah: You know, I should have pieced this together before, but maybe I was in denial, or — or blind. You know, I could use that as an excuse.

Luke: Look, we can get back what we had. I know we can.

Noah: You really think so?

Luke: Yeah.

Noah: Because I don’t, okay? I’m not gonna be your safe choice, your fallback guy. You feel guilty? Good. You should.

Luke: Noah, Noah, please, don’t go.

Noah: We’re finished, Luke, okay? We are done.

Luke: Okay, well, let me — let me drive you home. We can talk in the car.

Noah: There’s nothing more to talk about, okay? I don’t want your help or your pity. I have my sight now. I don’t need you.

[Doorbell rings]

Luke: I’m sorry to just show up like this.

Reid: You look as bad as I feel.

Luke: Yeah, well, I feel worse.

Reid: You told Noah about us?

Luke: I didn’t have to. He kind of already knew.

Reid: How?

Luke: Because you are really good at what you do. He has his sight back, completely, 100%.

Reid: That’s fantastic.

Luke: Yeah, except he saw us kissing.

Reid: Oh. So what happened? What does this mean?

Luke: Well, it means that he doesn’t even want to try to get back together with me.

Reid: Okay.

Luke: Even after I told him that I loved him and that I want him back. And now I don’t know what to do.

Reid: Why are you here?

Luke: I’m not really sure about that either.

Reid: Okay, so let me get this straight. You didn’t come here because you told Noah the truth about us. You came here because he found out on his own and then dumped you.

Luke: No, look, Reid, it’s not like that.

Reid: Yeah, it’s exactly like that. You’re hurt, and so you came crawling to the nearest shoulder. Guess what? I’m not interested. Go and lick your wounds somewhere else.

Luke: No, please. Reid —

Reid: Let me make this easier. Get out.

[Luke sighs] 


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