Katie: Will you examine him?
Reid: Are you kidding me?
Katie: Um, you’re a doctor. I have a sick child. Aren’t you bound by some sort of oath to help me?
Reid: I’ll have to check, but I’m pretty sure the oath is only binding on hospital property. This is a coffee shop.

— Katie and Reid

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One Response to “LuRe Press”

  1. Mike Griffin says:

    It’s at this time of year that I’ve found I especially miss “As the World Turns” and, more importantly, the characters of Dr. Reid Oliver and Luke Snyder. I’ve mourned the end of Reid’s life, their relationship, and the show I’ve watched for the majority of my own life for months now.

    As a gay man, I appreciated the unabashed expressions of love and tenderness portrayed onscreen by Eric Sheffer Stevens and Van Hansis, making the fictional romance strike all the right chords. Through laughter and tears, I watched every moment of their time together and treasure it all.

    I miss Reid and Luke, more so, Reid. I miss the actors working their magic. I miss their world turning in front of my eyes on the television screen. It’s so hard without them, but the memories and this site and others like it help me through a grief I don’t quite understand yet.

    Thanks for being here!

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