Lily: He won’t take Noah’s case.
Damian: Well, then, offer him more money. Whatever he wants; it’s not a problem.

— Lily and Damian

Posts from ‘August, 2010’

Episode LiveBlog | 1 September 2010

9.01pm GMT/4.01pm EDT Part 1 of today’s episode, thanks to ADL: Could not parse XML from YouTube And Part 2 is back. Here it is: Could not parse XML from YouTube

Eric Sheffer Stevens in Much Ado About Nothing

ETA, 7 Feb 2011: Okay, this is REALLY out of place on this blog, but I’ve gotten several hits from people searching for information on “Much Ado About Nothing” and small casts, so I take it there is a dearth of information on that subject on the internet! So, I’ve added an addendum at the […]

Episode LiveBlog | 30 August 2010

11.57pm GMT/6.57pm EDT Now available to watch in full HD from smuchshypush (ahhhh….): Could not parse XML from YouTube

Coping with the End of ATWT | Making Your Voice Heard

This post is by request from a Reid Oliver Facebook follower who asked just how LuRe fans go about expressing their feelings about the end of ATWT and the ending for Luke and Reid. What follows is an updated version of the Campaign thread, which was designed to promote a LuRe vs Nuke endgame. So, […]

Call the ATWT Hotline? 1-866-695-1860

The latest rumor running around regarding Luke and Reid has nothing to do with the plotline. Rather, a certain someone or someones have been spreading the word that they have an unnamed friend in an unnamed department at CBS who is claiming that multiple endings were filmed, and therefore we should all call the hotline […]