Reid: Thanks to you, I am now stuck in Oakhell for a month. Do you realize how many surgeries I’m gonna have to postpone back in Dallas? Do you care that people might die?
Luke: Well, I’m sure they’ve got you covered. And if you need a surgery fix, Noah’s still here for you.
Reid: If you actually think that I would still even consider —
Luke: Well, you know, we do have your cell phone number. So we’ll call you for a consultation.

— Reid and Luke

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News and Updates | 30 April 2011

Okay, I’ll bite. I just saw this over at the forum (thanks, Ripley!). Hey everyone! Today is the LAST DAY to vote for Robbie & Allen for the Crate & Barrel Ultimate Wedding Contest! If they win, they will be the first same-sex couple to win one of these contests. Please head on over […]

Eric Sheffer Stevens on Body of Proof | Official Air Date Announcement – May 17th

Thanks to FutonCritic, via the crew at, ABC Press release gives air date for the episode with Eric Sheffer Stevens’s guest appearance: BODY OF PROOF — "Broken Home" — TUESDAY, MAY 17 (10:01-11:00 p.m., ET) — When Nikki Parkson, a philanthropic young socialite, dies, Megan suspects foul play, despite the fact that Nikki suffered […]

Poll Results | Best episode for ESS Emmy reel?

Which episode should Eric Sheffer Stevens submit for his Emmy reel? as of 4/26/2011 9:44am GMT 1/25: Courtroom confederacy of idiots (1.3%, 2 Votes) 2/25: I’m with a patient, Mr. Snyder (0.65%, 1 Votes) 3/11: I am perfect – I also happen to be gay (7.79%, 12 Votes) 3/12: Goodbye Katie and Jacob, HWTWE (1.95%, […]

Kiss #1: It was 365 days ago, today

Can you believe it was exactly one full year ago today that Reid Oliver and Luke Snyder melted hearts with a little kiss. Oh yeah, and Dr. Oliver finally called Mr. Snyder “Luke”…and all bets were off. Unrelated reminder for NYC area fans Not sure if I’ll have time to do another post, so I’m […]

Transcript | 12 March 2010

Reid says goodbye to Katie and Jacob, and prepares to leave for Dallas. Luke eavesdrops on their sweet farewell scene and sees a new side of Reid. After failing to convince Reid to take Noah on the corporate jet, Luke is stunned when Reid reveals he’s gay. Meanwhile, Katie persuades Henry to donate his Stenbeck […]