Luke: Well, you got to find your own way back. You’re not using the Grimaldi jet.
Reid: Big shock. You didn’t get what you wanted from me. Now you’re taking your toys, and you’re going home. Have a nice life.

— Luke and Reid

Episode List: Annotated (with Spoilers)

* Warning! This page contains spoilers for episodes that have aired. *

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This page is under construction. Scene Summaries have not been double checked against either HappyInChintz72’s Reid Oliver Story or Anthony D Langford’s YouTube clips and the May and June episodes were done from memory, so some episodes may be off by an episode or two.  Caveat emptor.

Episode Date Episode Summary
Jan 19
  • When can you come to Oakdale? How about never?
  • Damian coaches Luke (blackmail 101)
  • I hope you choke on your silver spoon
Jan 22
  • Reid examines Noah
  • Arrogance appeals to me
  • Throw away the dirt you have on me
  • Sign the firms (“now you know”)
  • You can’t do surgery – he just ate
Jan 25
  • Noah blames Luke
  • Reid tries to leave
  • I fix brains
  • Start of trial
  • Bob speaks up at the trial
Jan 29
  • Katie meets Dr O
  • Do I look like a podiatrist?
Feb 1
  • Henry meets Reid
  • Nuke will do it Dr O’s way
  • Live up to your hype or answer to me
  • I left my sword in my other labcoat
Feb 10
  • Dr O lectures Katie about Jacob’s marrow test
  • Is this a hug?
Feb 15
  • I save them, Henry in quarantine
  • It’ll be fun; the most important thing in life is sincerity
  • Casey/Alison’s wedding
Feb 23
  • Did you snap a string on your tennis racket?
  • You’re standing on some of my papers – am I?
  • Interesting hobby – I prefer chess myself
Feb 24
  • Bon appétit! Holy co-dependency!
  • I saw through your song and dance
  • Folding onesies with Katie
Feb 25
  • Where is that hottie
  • I’m with a patient Mr Snyder!
  • Then I’m gonna look really bad
  • Luke tries to get Reid to testify
  • Noah tries to get Reid to testify
  • Reid turns up at the police station
  • Eyeflirting!
  • Reid wants Luke to put in a good word to get him released
Mar 1
  • Barbara slams Henry’s finger in a door
  • I want a real doctor
  • Hank you’re blowing it
Mar 3
  • Katie tells Reid not to be a jerk at his hearing
  • Luke testifies that it wasn’t theft
Mar 11
  • Bob tells Reid he’s going to give a case to Channing
  • Good dad/bad dad shove – good thing you have a spare
  • Love – you should try it sometime
  • Just being you seems to do it
  • See you in Dallas, hope not
  • I am perfect – I also happen to be gay.
  • Did I out you?
  • Are you an idiot? Oh golly
  • (OMG I LOVE this episode!)
Mar 12
  • Goodbye gifts with Katie
  • Oh my god, you’re sitting down?
  • What, is your best friend gay?
  • You’re requiring proof? How would that work exactly?
  • Pisces
  • Secret handshake
Mar 16
  • Dr Channing would like to run the center
  • Nuke ends
  • Mr Judd accosts Reid at the LakeView
Mar 17
  • Mr Judd whales on Dr O
  • Tense moment/shove at the LilyPad
Mar 25
  • Bob tells Reid there’s not enough funding
  • Reid goes to Java to ask Luke for millions
  • There’s more to life – like friends, family, home
  • Luke will fund the wing
Mar 29
  • Luke has talked to other neurosurgeons; giggle
  • Neck massages and kissing booths
  • Elevator scene
  • Concert pianist or serial killer
  • Dusty’s surgery
  • So you’re lucky (big smiles *swoon*); Reid gets served
Apr 1
  • Chris and Katie put Reid in charge of getting Bob and Kim to their party
Apr 2
  • Bob & Kim’s 25th
  • I always knew you were a bastard
Apr 7
  • Luke tries to talk to Judd
  • Don’t tell anyone I drink this
  • I’m impressed
  • I did it for Noah (ouch! I forgot he actually said this! Bad, Luke!)
  • Dusty and Janet stuff
Apr 8
  • That’s not a terrible idea
  • What’d I miss
  • Awesome smiles and MAJOR eye-flirting (*swoon*)
  • Dr O tells off Noah
  • Luke tells Lily it’s weird to be without Noah; fight for him or move on
  • Katie figures it out!
Apr 9
  • Suspended
  • I need you
  • Chili!
  • Orchard
Apr 15
  • Dallas Part 1
  • No one smiles; Annie smiled
  • My father is Mr Snyder; I’m Luke
  • So what does that make us?
  • Repeat your mantra
  • Reid and Luke in Dallas (Noah on phone)
Apr 22nd
  • Dallas Part 2
  • Bullriding
Apr 28
  • Two almost kisses
  • Luke checks out Reid’s ass
  • Super-cute Van flirting
  • How do I make you feel?
  • And….
  • That’s because you liked it
  • Aren’t you sick of it? You should be?
  • Plus way tons more….
  • Luke asks Noah to be there for him
May 4
  • Would you like to observe? you might learn something;
  • Cute Nuke pre-op making video
  • Take care of him; that’s what you dragged me here for
  • Combover and beer belly
  • Noah’s surgery
  • Katie’s 4-leaf clover – Reid’s changed and it’s because of you
  • There might be brain damage
May 5
  • How could you?!
  • I want you out of this hospital – that’s an order
  • I’m not gonna do anything stupid with Reid…um Dr Oliver
  • Shirtless Reid!
  • Don’t you even care if your patient dies?
  • Every doctor on the planet earth does that
  • The only person insane here is you
  • You MADE them mess up!
  • I can’t
  • That’s who you think I am?
  • I have no idea who you are
  • I can’t
  • Plus too many other good lines to include without writing out the whole script
  • Oh yeah, and there’s that little kiss at the end…
May 6
  • More kissing, hair grab!
  • You know what you’re doing and so do I
  • Shh stop; let me
  • You kissed me out of anger, fear?
  • You can’t get out of the room fast enough!
  • We were about to have SEX not move out of state
  • Something’s been brewing between us for a long time…
  • You can stay!
  • For most of my career I haven’t had a personal life (*hug*)
  • You’re not all that Mr Snyder
  • One’s not such a low number
  • That explains a lot
  • Stay with him
May 12
  • Reid wakes up rooster Luke with snapping;
  • Uberdoctor
  • Lily sees face touch
  • He’s rude and he’s cold, and he’s rude
  • Happy and Noah used to mean the same thing;
  • Among other things
  • Noah wakes up
  • Dorky microphone
  • That case is done I’m moving on to the next one
  • Rooftop Luke part 1 – something’s changed – what is it?
May 13
  • You told me to go on with my life – what if you change your mind tomorrow
  • Who cares;
  • When things got rough you were you
  • You were angry at me because I caused the accident
  • I was there whether you could see me or not
  • I feel connected to you – I just don’t feel that way (GO LUKE!!!!!!)
  • MR SNYDER knows how important rest is, your boyfriend should know better
  • For starters you’re calling him Luke – I hadn’t noticed
  • I wanted someting, so I made nice to get what I wanted, now I don’t have to fake it any more – you were just using me?
  • Sorry I don’t want to be your new best friend
  • We kissed each other!
  • Are you JEALOUS?
  • He’s not my boyfriend!
  • I haven’t forgotten…go back to the way it was before Texas
  • Leave me and my patient alone…you’re lying!
  • You’re his cheating boyfriend;
  • Don’t call me that!
  • What do you want from me?
  • It’s not the way I work, another face touch (*swoon*)
  • …and Noah peers through the window.
May 19
  • Bump – he couldn’t wait to get out of here
  • You must have really pissed him off – go apologize
  • I can’t do this any more
  • That we’re really hot for each other and almost had sex the day I cracked open his skull
  • No confessions!
  • Lie your butt off
  • Pillow hugger
  • Want to take Noah outside
May 20
  • Noah can see the rock in the pond
  • Cell phone, dinners for two and walks in the park
  • Do you want happily ever after with Reid Oliver
  • Noah’s confused; I’m not
  • We drunks
May 28
  • Use the drops
  • I can see; don’t tell
  • Searching for Gabriel
  • Even Oakdale has its attractions
  • How do I know you’re not hustling me
  • Trained seal
  • Dorky high school kid
  • Science nerd
  • You’re babbling again; I don’t know what else to do
  • And that KISS! (*ahhhhhh*)
May 31
  • I want to be alone with you
  • Dude, I told you he was hot
  • Black Monday
  • I can’t deny I have feelings for you but I’m in love with Noah
  • I saw you kissing Reid
  • Came crying to the nearest shoulder; I’m not interested
  • Get out
Jun 3
  • Okay, we’re not friends – but we’re something
  • Enjoy your mush
  • Noah says goodbye to Holden and Lily
  • Nuke tie flashback
  • Reid turns up – get out
Jun 9
  • Bob asks Luke to get Noah to talk to Mona
  • The little hospital that could, a thousand steps backwards
  • He was single, and what you always seem to forget is so was I
  • Noah decks Luke
  • I like ‘em tough
  • It’s really over
  • Kissus interuptus
  • Choose
Jun 17
  • Ducky
  • What’s up with you – why are you so weird with me
  • Not the easiest guy to deal with
  • Good golly almighty we got a smile out of him
  • You’re such a coward
  • I’m not letting you go
  • I’m can’t be anyone’s convenience
Jun 22
  • He’s clinical, I’m personal
  • Luke and Lily at Lilypad
  • Welcome to the human race – we’ve been waitin’ for ya
  • Nuke joking about the Z twins
Jun 23
  • Go after him
  • You just can’t pretend I don’t exist
  • I quit; you won
  • He didn’t choose his job over yoiu
  • You’ve already done enough for me
  • Teddy bear facepalm
  • Luke trying to call Reid
Jun 30
  • I absolutely didn’t do it for you
  • He did it for me; just don’t let him get away
  • Oh, that’s personal
  • There’s no alcohol in this
  • You idiot!
  • You could have fooled me – apparently we did
  • Figure it out together (lemonade)
Jul 14
  • This is a relationship?
  • The Wicked Witch of the West is dead
  • Minnesota
  • Or we could skip the movie
  • You’re nice, I’m not
  • People skills
Jul 26
  • Bring your stethoscope
  • Wanna play doctor?
  • She leaks tears
  • Lucky I like you
Aug 2
  • Luke and I are together (hand grab)
  • He’s with me
  • MoRe
Aug 3
  • I’ll just grab a snack
  • Reid and kids
  • Reid testing out the bed springs
  • I need time (*BONK*)
  • The Encouragement Kiss
Aug 6
  • Reid and Chris
Aug 9
  • Union meeting
  • Life is Short kiss
  • The couch scene
Aug 10
  • Metro date
  • Go Inside kiss
Aug 17
  • Luke and Noah
  • Noah sees Reid and Chris at the Lakeview
Aug 18
  • Meeting the Trustees at Metro
  • Changing because of you
Aug 26
  • Luke standing up to Chris for Reid
  • Toothbrush
  • Are You Falling in Love with Me kiss
  • All I need is a bed and some privacy
  • Baby rattle
Aug 30
  • John Dixon arrives in town
  • John grills Reid on Chris
  • Katie blasts Reid
  • John updates Reid and Katie on Chris’s condition
Sep 1
  • Reid tries to be nice to Noah
  • Luke tells Noah he’s in love with Reid!
  • Luke convinces Katie to be there for Chris
  • Golf!
  • The Hugheses find out
Sep 2
  • I can’t believe I just told Noah I’m in love with you
Sep 3
  • Chris has a heart attack
  • John/Bob/Reid try to talk sense into Chris
  • Katie tells off Chris
  • The Bay City heart falls through
  • Reid leaves for Bay City and tells Luke, “I love you.”
  • Well, Reid drives to Bay City – need I go into details?
Sep 7
  • Luke says goodbye to Reid
  • Chris gets his transplant
Sep 8
  • Chris wakes up
  • Luke starts to deal with the aftermath
  • Ali tries to convince Noah to support Luke
  • Lily and  Holden teleport to Brooklyn to find Reid’s uncle Angus Oliver
Sep 9
  • Lily and Holden convince Angus to sign papers allowing Luke to put Reid to rest, and learn a little about Reid’s background
  • Luke confides in Noah
  • Chris guesses that he has Reid’s heart
  • Luke spreads Reid’s ashes at the Pond
Sep 16
  • Noah plans to stick around for Luke
  • Luke gives Noah a camera and tells him to go to LA
Sep 17
  • Luke looks sadly at a brochure/program commemorating the new Reid Oliver Neurology facility at Memorial while giving Nathalie a hug
  • Luke uses a stethoscope to listen to Reid’s heart in Chris’s chest

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