Henry: Here’s the thing, Reid. Once I expose you for who you really are —
Reid: Oh, speaking of exposing, excuse me. Hey, orderly?
Orderly: Yes, Dr. Oliver.
Reid: I need some help with my patient here. He just tested positive for tuberculosis.
Henry: I did not.
Reid: He needs to be quarantined immediately.

— Henry and Reid

LuRe Lists

obviously in progress…

Mirror Images: The writing may occasionally be all over the place, but the mirroring between the two characters (where each character does/says exactly what the other character does at a different time) between them is too prevalent to be considered coincidence.  A long list showing just how evenly matched Luke and Reid are…

Top 10 Episodes: I’ll post my list and let everyone else weigh in in the comments section – of course, this is likely to keep changing as more episodes air….plus others, all still to come

Playlists: under construction; more details to come

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  1. reid should be alive and have hes happy ending with luke

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