Katie: Wait. Reid, uh, a word of advice. Bob Hughes won’t be fooled by any kind of phony butt-kissing.
Reid: I learned a long time ago the most important thing in life is sincerity. Once you can fake that, you can fake anything.

— Katie and Reid

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Van Hansis’s Emmy Reels from 2007-2009

Embedded clips of all of Van’s Emmy reels from 2007, 2008, and 2009, along with those of the eventual winners, as well as 2010’s winner, and some speculation into what would have been Van’s episodes in 2011. Plus the buzz from the pundits, my analysis upon viewing the reels, and other associated research. In the […]

Eric Sheffer Stevens receives Daytime Emmy Pre-Nomination – It’s Official!

Okay, so there really wasn’t much suspense in this as ATWT only had two pre-pre-noms for Best Supporting Actor and each show is allowed two, but I obviously wasn’t the only one refreshing the official NATAS Daytime Emmy site as pre-noms were only posted a few hours ago and there are already several separate threads […]

Van Hansis and the 2011 Daytime Emmy Awards

ETA, 4th March 2011, 9.49pm GMT: I just posted links to all of Van’s Emmy reels, as well as those of all the clips he lost to. After Nelson Branco released his list of pre-pre-nominations (NOT pre-nominations, as widely misreported), soap, ATWT, and Van fan boards were flooded with the question: Where the heck is […]

Eric Sheffer Stevens on ATWT’s Daytime Emmy PRE-pre-nom list

They’re PRE-pre-noms, NOT pre-noms Okay, this is not the HUGE news that I thought it was because apparently, the list published today by Nelson Branco on TV Guide Canada’s website, is NOT the Daytime Emmy pre-nomination list, as WIDELY publicized, but rather a PRE-pre-nom list. So, forgive me for sounding the false alarm – the […]