Luke: Look, I don’t want to blackmail you. I just want you to operate on Noah so he can see again. That’s it.
Reid: That’s it?
Luke: Yeah.
Reid: Why didn’t you say so? Here. Call my office in Dallas. Schedule yourself an appointment. I should have an opening this time next year if you’re lucky. You can wait in line like everyone else. No? Okay. I can’t be bought, and I’m not easily pushed around. That leaves you all out of luck, doesn’t it?

— Luke and Reid

LuRe Glossary

Terms from the Luke and Reid (and As the World Turns) fandom, plus some internet jargon for LuRe’s non-native-English-speaking fans (and for those of us just too lame to be ITK)….and a few random terms from my other obsessions since they tend to make their way into this blog on occasion. 🙂

Let me know if you have any suggestions or requests! – LL


  • AU – in fan fiction, and alternate universe (e.g., Luke and Reid meet in high school, or on a deserted island)
  • BC/EFA – Broadway Cares/Equity Fights Aids – New York-based non-profit supported in the past by Van Hansis, who has attended their annual Flea Market
  • CMU – Carnegie-Mellon University, Van’s alma mater
  • GLWD – God’s Love We Deliver – a New York-based non-profit supported in the past by Eric Sheffer Stevens
  • Open Road Films – US distributors of Silent House starring Eric Sheffer Stevens
  • Silverstrand Productions – producers of Occupant starring Van Hansis
  • UST – unresolved sexual tension (not that LuRe ever had any…. :P)
  • Walnut Hill – Walnut Hill School for the Arts, a private boarding high school outside of Boston which Van attended




  • ADL – Anthony D Langford (a.k.a. ‘god’) writes the Gays of Our Lives column on covering gay romances and soaps; also runs the Gay Romance Channel on YouTube where he often posts LuRe episode clips as soon as 1-2 hours after initial airing on the East Coast.
  • AE –
  • AMC – All My Children, an ABC soap
  • ASF – Alabama Shakespeare Festival – Eric’s graduate alma mater
  • ATWT – As the World Turns
  • AU – in fan fiction, and alternate universe (e.g., Luke and Reid meet in high school, or on a deserted island)
  • AW – Another World, a defunct P&G soap that aired on NBC; when Another World ended a few characters from the show’s setting (Bay City) were ported to ATWT


  • B&B – The Bold and the Beautiful, a CBS soap that preceded ATWT
  • BC/EFA – Broadway Cares/Equity Fights Aids – New York-based non-profit supported in the past by Van Hansis, who has attended their annual Flea Market
  • Beard a man or woman used as a cover for a gay partner (thanks for confirming,
  • Bitchy Luke – in full glory during the June 22nd episode after he learns of Bob’s ultimatum and thinking that Reid chose his new surgical wing and "hero number"
  • BJOMF = Black Jeans of Mass Faintage (credited to BM on Facebook after the golfing scene on September 1st)
  • Black Friday – episode from Friday, 3rd September. ‘nuff said.  (courtesy of sillyauntcol from LRO/, I think)
  • Black Monday – episode for Monday, 31st May in which Luke tells Reid "I have feelings for you but I’m in love with Noah", tells Noah that he wants him back, then goes to Reid’s to tell him the above before being aptly told to GET OUT (I think I can take credit for this one?!? – my contribution to LuRedom)
  • Bratie – Brad and Katie
  • BRB – be right back
  • BSGBattlestar Galactica (2003) – my last TV obsessions before LuRe
  • BTVSBuffy the Vampire Slayer
  • Butters – Casey Hughes, because he looks like the character Butters from Southpark (coined by snicks, at, I think)


  • Cake – Casey and Luke (mostly a fanfic-inspired joke, but there were a series of episodes during the Ameera storyline when Luke conned Casey into pretending to be his boyfriend so that he and Casey, who was crushing on Ameera, would have an excuse to spend time with Noah and Ameera; the two had surprisingly great chemistry)
  • CarJack – Carly and Jack
  • Cellblock The act of having kisses (and other moments of intimacy!) interrupted by ringing phones
  • CG – Chris Goutman, Executive Producer
  • Chratie – Chris and Katie, ‘nuff said
  • CMU – Carnegie-Mellon University, Van’s alma mater
  • COS – chief of staff
  • The Crew – the volunteer staff behind and its associated fan forum


  • Daughter – see also IHMTD
  • Dendorphiliac – Luke ("one who loves/is aroused by trees" – see also Tree)
  • Dimples – Luke (courtesy of Kat4LuRe at LRO and possibly others)
  • DK – David Kreizman, former co-headwriter (along with Jean Passanante) who is credited with creating the character of Reid Oliver
  • Docblock The act of having kisses (and other moments of intimacy!) interrupted by doctors, like Dr Bob Hughes (see end of June 9th episode)
  • Dogberry – a popular character from Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing, played by Sheffield Chastain in VSC’s 2010 production of the play
  • Doogie – derogatory nickname for Chris Hughes; comes from the old ‘80s American prime-time television series Doogie Howser, MD, ironically starring openly out actor Neil Patrick Harris; (the original) Doogie was a goody-goody 16-year-old who had completed medical school (but couldn’t drive, as I recall, among other things)
  • DWB (aka Doctors without Borders) – a non-profit charity that provides humane medical relief worldwide; designated by Eric Sheffer Stevens as the recipient for charitable donations in his honor


  • EP – Executive Producer (see also CG)
  • ESS Eric Sheffer Stevens (actor who plays Dr Reid Oliver)
  • –, and its associated fan board,
  • ETA – edited to add
  • Eye-gasm – refers to the scene from the May 20 episode when Noah, um..strains something….trying to see a rock splash in the pond, inconveniently just as Luke is about to tell him that he’s moved on (credit to LRO’s badaddiction for now, though it may have originated on TWoP)


  • FB – Facebook
  • FCOD – Face Caress of Orgasmic Doom (suggested by LRO’s Edenrising)
  • FTW – for the win


  • Garker – Gabriel & Parker TLF ;) (courtesy of Pasdamiglia)
  • GH – ABC soap General Hospital
  • GL – Guiding Light, ATWT‘s sister P&G soap (aired its final episode September 18, 2009)
  • GLAAD – The Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation
  • GLBT see LGBT
  • GLWD – God’s Love We Deliver – a New York-based non-profit supported in the past by Eric Sheffer Stevens
  • GOOLGays of Our Lives, an column on gays in soap operas written by Anthony D Langford (see also ADL)
  • Grown-Up Luke – First made a full-episode appearance on June 30th when he told off Mona Cross and Dr Bob (I think this gets credited to Randy at LRO)


  • HAE – happily ever after
  • HW – Head Writer
  • HWTWE – How would that work exactly?


  • IHMTDI Hate My Teenage Daughter
  • ITK – in the know
  • ILGA – International Lesbian and Gay Association
  • ITWIF – It’s That What If Factor, a popular LuRe fan fiction by Ripley


  • Jenny – Jenny Sheffer Stevens, wife of Eric, of course!
  • JP – Jean Passanante, Head Writer
  • JS – Jake Silbermann (actor who plays Noah Mayer)
  • Juicy – Janet (from a childhood nickname?) and debatably, Janet and Dusty


  • Kish – Oliver Fish and Kyle Lewis, from OLTL (famous for their precedent-setting daytime love scene)


  • Labradoodle– Noah
  • LGBT – Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (also GLBT)
  • Lilden – Lily and Holden
  • Lilypad – Luke’s current home – owned by his mom, Lily
  • LLRT – Eric Sheffer Stevens’s indie film, Lefty Loosey Righty Tighty
  • LRO Luke and Reid Online, the zetaboards fan forum
  • LuRe – Luke and Reid, of course!
  • LuResday – The very best day of the week (originally from Thursday, seemingly the most common day for LuRe episodes – thanks to writerindisguise for the reminder)
  • Luresey – Luke/Reid/Casey fan fiction


  • MF – Michael Fairman, a soap industry journalist who (to date, as of August 4th) boasts two of the best interviews with Van and Eric during the LuRe storyline
  • Molden – Molly and Holden
  • MoRe – Molly and Reid (stolen from smuchshypush’s YouTube posting of the episode – if anyone has an earlier reference, let me know and I’ll credit)
  • MSM – men who have had sex with other men (used by epidemiologists for classification purposes as in determining disease or blood donation risk)


  • NATAS – National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (the people behind the Daytime – and prime time – Emmy Awards)
  • NB – Nelson Branco of TV Guide Canada
  • NL – the Netherlands
  • Nolephant – the elephant in the room that is Noah (credited to LRO’s xGlowingAngelx unless someone corrects me)
  • Nuke – Noah and Luke
  • NuLily – Lily Walsh Snyder as played by Noelle Beck (as opposed to Martha Byrne, who owned the role for decades)


  • Occupant – a psychological thriller featuring Van Hansis; filmed in April 2010 or so, causing major disruption to LuRe’s screentime
  • OLTL – One Life to Live
  • OOC – out of character
  • Open Road Films – US distributors of Silent House
  • OR – operating room
  • Orchard – Noah and Richard (OTP!)
  • Otalia – Olivia Spencer and Natalia Rivera – a same-sex couple appearing on Guiding Light, c. 2009
  • OTP – one true pairing – like your favorite pairing of all time 😉 (definition courtesy of LUNAtic115 at YouTube)


  • P&G – corporate sponsors, consumer packaged goods behemoth (and soapmaker) Procter and Gamble, their participation is what originally gave “soap operas” their name
  • Peapack – a New Jersey town that served as a stand-in for Springfield, Illinois, home of Guiding Light
  • Pem – Paul and Emily
  • Pod Luke – Whiny, clingy, aimless Luke, see also, Noah’s boyfriend, as in invasion of the pod people
  • PP – Prospect Park – a company who has purchased the future rights to ABC soap operas All My Children and One Life to Live
  • PTOE – Pre-Trip of Epicness, London LuRe fan gathering scheduled for October 2010



  • Reidgasm – The peak of one’s sexual excitation at anything involving Reid Oliver (ATWT) including scrubs, leather jacket or tight jeans and his arousing moves on the mechanical bull. For example, "I reidgasm everytime I watch him on television" and "OMG did u see that LuRe kiss! MAJOR Reidgasm!!!" – (credit to hola pearl on – not sure how I missed this one in the original post
  • ReNo– Reid/Noah fan fiction
  • RL – Real life
  • Rooftop Luke – from May 12 and 13th episodes when Luke finally grows a pair and (on the rooftop of the hospital) tells Noah he’s not going to be his lapdog any more
  • Rooster Luke – refers to hairstyle worn on the May 12th Lily face touch episode
  • ROS – The Reid Oliver Story – the complete story of Reid Oliver as found on Meggie’s (a.k.a. ‘goddess’s’) HappyInChintz72 YouTube Channel
  • RPF – Real Person Fiction – a.k.a. fan fiction involving real people (e.g., the actors Van and Eric, as opposed to their characters, Luke and Reid)
  • RR – Round Robin fiction – a fan fiction work created by multiple authors
  • RTL – Dutch television network that airs ATWT
  • Ruke – alternative portmanteau for Luke and Reid (before LuRe came to be generally accepted)


  • S&P – Standards and Practices (a.k.a. the Network Censors)
  • SID – CBS Soaps In Depth
  • Silverstrand Productions – producers of Occupant starring Van Hansis
  • Slash – male-male fan fiction (as opposed to femslash, woman-woman)
  • (Human) Sleeping Pill – Noah
  • Snicks – liveblogs ATWT episodes with Luke, Reid, and Noah on
  • SOC –
  • SOD – Soap Opera Digest
  • SON – Soap Opera Network
  • SOS – Soap Opera Source
  • SOTD – spawns of the devil (see also TPTB – courtesy of thesydneycan at LRO)
  • SOW – Soap Opera Weekly
  • Sparkly Luke – happy, adorable, dimply Luke – typically appears around Charming Reid, as in May 12: "He’s cold, and he’s rude, and he’s cold", June 17: "Good golly almighty we got a smile", and July 14: "Is this a relationship”, and Aug 3: (watching Reid with the kids) episodes (courtesy of jc1706 at the ESS Forum)
  • Strawberry Toaster Streudel – bad stage make-up for blood (from AfterElton’s liveblogs)
  • Stuffer a film written by and featuring Jake Silbermann; filmed in April 2010 or so, giving LuRe fans a welcomed reprieve from Noah


  • TBD/TBC – To be determined/confirmed
  • TBJMD (also TBJOMD) – Tight black jeans of mass destruction (credit to ktkins)
  • TCA – Television Critics Association – also used as shorthand for the TCA Press Tours
  • TEWSNBN– the event which shall not be named (credit to stacerace76 on LRO)
  • TGWLLHJO – The Girl Who Looks Like Haley Joel Osment, a.k.a. Gwen (a snicks-ism)
  • Tiva – Tony and Ziva, the primary ship on the CBS primtime hit series NCIS
  • TOE – Trip of Epicness, New York LuRe fan gathering which took place in late June 2011
  • TOPFMG – The Oakdale Pond For Melancholy Gays (courtesy of snicks, via MGP from Facebook)TPTB/TIIC – The Powers That Be (a.k.a. The Idiots In Charge) – see CG and JP
  • Tragic Tuesday – Tuesday, September 7th. Need I say more.  (courtesy of sillyauntcol from LRO/
  • Tree – Noah (because of his…arbor-like qualities)
  • TWoP – – a site that takes their recaps VERY seriously; they don’t recap/review daytime soaps, but do have an active forum thread, though be warned: it’s a single ATWT thread with posts dating back to 2003, so there are 2500+ PAGES of posts covering every pairing imaginable…all in a single thread!


  • UST – unresolved sexual tension (not that LuRe ever had any…. :P)


  • VH – Van Hansis (actor who plays Luke Snyder)
  • VSC – Vermont Shakespeare Company, producers of Much Ado About Nothing starring Eric and Jenny Sheffer Stevens; the excuse for an August 2010 LuRe fan gathering


  • WB – Warner Brothers, the makers of IHMTD
  • WGA – Writers Guild of America
  • Wheaton – Wheaton College, Eric’s undergraduate alma mater
  • WLS
  • WP– WordPress, the incredibly awesome open-source engine that powers this blog



  • Y&R – The Young and the Restless, a CBS soap that preceded ATWT, and for many years, the number-one rated daytime soap opera on American television


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