Katie: You don’t know anything about him.
Henry: I know that he’s very impressed with himself. I know you’re gonna have to raise the ceiling to accommodate his head.

— Katie and Henry

Posts from ‘June, 2011’

Transcript | 7 April 2010

Reid notices Dusty is faking his slow recovery after brain surgery. Luke tries to talk Mr. Judd into dropping the law suit and Reid is “impressed” by the gesture.

Transcript | 2 April 2010

Reid plays his role to the T and gets Bob to Tom’s under false pretenses (they need to talk about his malpractice suit). But Kim thinks Bob is again choosing work over her (and their lunch together) and no-shows. Once Barbara finally convinces Kim to show up for the anniversary party, Tom and Margo find […]

Transcript | 1 April 2010

Reid tells Bob he’s being sued for malpractice and Bob stands up for him. Bob sows the seeds with Kim that he’s thinking of Reid as his replacement. Katie and Chris talk Reid into helping to get Bob to the surprise 25th Anniversary Party for Bob and Kim being held at Tom and Margo’s.

Transcript | 29 March 2010

‘The Elevator Scene.’ Luke drags Reid to a meeting with the architect and they end up stuck in the Lakeview elevator. After another push, they bond briefly before Reid’s pager goes off and they’re freed. Reid returns to Memorial to operate on Dusty. Luke and Reid share a flirty moment after surgery before Reid is […]

ESS News: Lefty Loosey Righty Tighty updates, Reid Oliver comes to Holland, and John Hancock includes ESS ad on its website

Eric’s indie film, Lefty Loosey Righty Tighty is finally done, and was screened this past weekend for Eric Sheffer Stevens fans in New York City as part of the itinerary for the Trip of Epicness (TOE). In the meantime, the Reid Oliver auction to benefit Vermont Shakespeare Company comes to a conclusion, and that Harvard […]