Reid: Uh, feel free to keep doing whatever it is you’re doing. I’m gonna go to my room.
Katie: Aren’t you gonna ask me why I’m crying?
Reid: No.

— Reid and Katie

Celebrating Luke and Reid, Van and Eric

This page is intended as a tribute celebrating all the GOOD THINGS that attracted us to Luke and Reid. There have been hundreds, if not thousands, of eloquent posts scattered about the internet capturing the various wonderful things about this fictional couple – not just “they’re hot” (which of course, they are) but also elaborating on why they appealed to our intelligence, and alternatingly set our hearts beating faster, or stopped them altogether.

I would appreciate it if you’d leave your thoughts here, too. To wax poetic, babble, gush, or otherwise comment specifically on the (late) Reid Oliver, please visit the Reid Oliver Tribute Page.

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28 Responses to “Celebrating Luke and Reid, Van and Eric”

  1. Jay says:

    I had never watched an episode of ATWT until I was on Wikipedia looking up the word “supercouple” yesterday, and went to YouTube to watch the storyline of Nuke.

    Then, I was entranced by LuRe and my mindset was forever altered. I am a sensitive straight man, living in a conservative town, and the tears flowed like they never had before by the time I finished watching Reid’s storyline. I know it may be too little, too late for me to be making this observation (I’m always the last to know things), but I have never seen a love story depicted as beautifully as Luke and Reid’s. Reid/Eric stole every single scene he was in, no matter who he was interacting with; the only person who could rival him in screen presence was Luke/Van. My heart is still broken at the thought of Luke grieving over Reid’s demise, while the weak character of Chris Hughes was given a storybook ending. Still, God bless the incredibly talented writers and actors who were able to tug at the heartstrings of a global audience.

    • lovelure says:

      Hi Jay, What a great story. And thanks so much for stopping by and sharing your thoughts! Your perspective and voice is very different from the majority in our fandom, who include a lot of 30- to 40-something-year-old straight women who grew up watching soaps, and some members of the LBGT community who are still fighting for representation on network television. The “party line” for the LuRe fandom has, to date, been to excoriate the writers and complain about the sucky ending for Luke and Reid.

      I’m a biased fan, but I also like to consider myself open-minded. And with a few years’ perspective, I’m personally very grateful for how this storyline has enriched my life – from the friends I’ve made, to the things I’ve learned in my fan-grrling, to the very eye-opening act of getting me to think about a large population of our population that I rarely cross paths with (at least that I’m aware of) in person.

      I can’t tell you how thrilled I am to hear that you’re a straight guy, as they are woefully in short supply in our fandom. It just reinforces to me that a well-told love story is both timeless and universal. And, with the fading of time, I actually am really glad to hear that you actually liked the writing, because it reminds me that these characters are FICTIONAL. How we choose to let them touch our lives (or not) is our choice.

      So thanks again for taking the time to comment. Welcome!

  2. Lurelei says:

    Never ever have I felt like this – a silly teenager instead of the well educated adult I’m supposed to be.
    Falling in love with two soap opera characters is not something I thought I would ever do, but still… here I am, browsing the internet to find anything, everything there is to find about Reid and Luke. Watching it over and over again.
    Here in the Netherlands, we are still in the middle of their beautiful love story, so it’s not over yet (far from it!), but already I am mourning for things that will happen.
    I know, one day I’ll wake up and realize life goes on, but untill then, it’s Reid and Luke forever.
    So fanfiction writers en LuRe bloggers, keep up the good work -and I’m so happy to know I’m not alone;-)

    • lovelure says:

      Lurelei – your story is SO familiar! It’s nice to know people are still falling for Reid and Luke. Unfortunately, the addiction is hard to break – welcome to the club, and thanks for posting. incidentally, comments in Dutch are welcome as well!

    • Jolan says:

      I can relate to your actions on the internet, i do too. It’s LURE all over, i cannot help it. Never thought that i would go so far for two actors but they are so amazing. My heart aches now we are no longer able to see them together. Don’t get me wrong, apart they are wonderfull too. I follow every move of them through the internet.

      • lovelure says:

        Thanks for writing, Jolan. RL has been insanely busy these past few weeks but I will be posting the miscellaneous updates I’ve picked up and are currently scattered in notes all over the place on my (currently being re-built) laptop. Thanks for visiting. The heartache does eventually get better, but these two are really hard to forget.

    • Tim says:

      I must say that I first starting watch ATWT back in the Summer of ’82. I never got back into watching it due to me being in school and such. So, when I found out that there was an actual gay story line coming to daytime Tv, I never jumped on the “bandwagon” to see it. I have seen the episodes with Luke and Reid this time around and, absolutly LOVED it. I have often wondered what it would have been like for them to have had a romantic dinner for two or a picnic in the park or even a walk along the beach holding hands. But, I guess we will never get that opportunity now will we?. But, anyways..long live LuRe!!!

  3. emillie says:

    So, I was introduced to this show utterly by accident, I spotted a Luke and Noah bit on and was hooked. Haha, yeah…some of the storylines were stupid or sappy (duh, soap opera) but I loved the sweetness of their coupling. Noah always kinda irked me though, he always seemed to be pushing Luke away and making him feel unwanted. (Which pissed me off because Luke’s adorable and one of the best characters on the show) Either way, i was freaked when I found out that Luke and Noah would be breaking up for another guy. I mean, I wanted Noah out because he was being such a jerk, but who could replace him? I was a little skeptical when Reid came on the show, not completely unopen to the idea, but i harbored a hope Luke and Noah would get back together. It was the chemistry between Luke and Reid (seriously. Van and Eric were incredible) that won me over. What struck after awhile was the difference between the Nuke kisses and the Lure kisses. the Nuke kisses were handsome, but an act. I didn’t believe Noah was gay some of the time (Van just deserves an Emmy, yo) While Luke and Reid’s kisses had definite emotion to them, I believed they were real because there was a tone to them, like desperate, sweet, happy…they were just so much better. Reid’s character was fleshed out and developed thanks to Luke through the story and made Luke’s character grow up a little and appreciate himself more. I dug the idiosyncrasies put in for Reid, and loved the way Luke dealt with him. Just an all out great love story. I’m not angry that they killed him off, the entire series was going to end anyway, it just seemed like a cop out. Way to go to those actors, amazing performances.

  4. channel williams says:

    When I heard rumors that Reid was going to be killed I didn’t want to believe it because it was too soon and He and Luke were just now starting something and why would they kill Reid? When I saw the episode I was upset, angry and sad. Ever since then I have not seen that episode I only watch the ones before that. Lure was a very beautiful couple and I love how Reid treated Luke and how even though Luke had mixed feelings for him, he didn’t. Reid was like ” this is how I feel for you and that is never going to change”. This is what inspired me to keep watching and keep up with there story. Reid was Jerk, arrogant, and self centered but he was seeing things in Luke that Noah chose to ignore and it changed him. It turned him into a better person and Reid was trying to get Luke to see that you shouldn’t blame yourself for things that aren’t your fault even though they blame you. These are some of the things that I loved about the relationship and it upset me that they didn’t give them a happy ending cause after everything they went through they really deserved it.

  5. Karen says:

    Hey LL,

    I can’t believe it’s a year since that dreadful day.
    Just looking at the picture you have up brings tears to my eyes. I have only watched that day’s episode twice and each time it rips my heart out and stomps on it.
    To this day I so wish ATWT had done things differently – given us something besides the wimpy and annoying Chris Hughes story line.
    There were so many other interesting ways to go.
    Explore more of Reid’s past – why was Luke able to blackmail him into coming Oakdale? What had he done? Or maybe have Damian come after Reid for ruining all his plans.
    I feel very sad today – glad I could vent here.

  6. Linda says:

    I am a conservative Republican who worked tirelessly for Mike Huckabee during the last pesidential campaign and I have always been “on the fence” about same sex relationships. This storyline had a profound, life altering affect on me and the way I view same sex couples. The love story of LuRe was NOT about a same sex couple at all. It was about two people who were so right for each other than nothing could keep them apart. They worked magic together and made us all see that love is love and when two people are right for each other they should be together. I was so emotionally invested in this storyline that I felt physically ill when I learned the show’s plans for Reid. Even now, I am not over the ending ATWT gave to the fans and, in my mind, this was just a dream NOah had because he knew that was the ONLY way he would ever be with Luke again. In my mind Reid is COS at Memorial and Luke is working by his side and they are the “new Bob & Kim:” of Oakdale….

  7. Karen says:

    I was a long time viewer of ATWT – over 30 years. I enjoyed a lot of couples stories over the years but none so much as that of Luke and Reid.
    I have never been as invested in a story and I’m still trying to figure out why. Luke and Reid and the actors – Van and Eric – that portrayed them were wonderful. The chemistry between them and the way they played off of each other was pure pleasure to watch. Reid also interacted well with other characters – Katie, Bob, John Dixon, and was hilarious with Henry. I just regret we never saw him with Lucinda or Emma. I too was sad in December. We never got to see their relationship grow. We never got to see them spend a Holiday Season together. It would have been great to see Reid at Thanksgiving and Christmas doing the family thing with Luke surrounded by a group of Synders. I think it would have made for some interesting moments.
    I was devastated by the ending that was given to their storyline – I cried like I had just lost a friend. I hated the whole thing with wimpy and annoying Chris Hughes. There were so many other options for them instead of them just being a sideline for that story.
    When I first saw Reid Oliver I couldn’t believe the things that were coming out of his mouth.
    I thought he was a rude arrogant jerk. Then we were shown his softer more caring side and I fell in love. The tenderness and gentleness that he showed really drew me in. To watch Luke and Reid’s expressions and eyes when they looked at and interacted with eachother had me falling more and more in love with them each time I saw them.
    I do want to thank ATWT for introducing the character of Dr. Reid Oliver and choosing Eric Sheffer Stevens to play him. It made a lackluster final year much more enjoyable to watch.

  8. Mike Griffin says:

    It’s at this time of year that I’ve found I especially miss “As the World Turns” and, more importantly, the characters of Dr. Reid Oliver and Luke Snyder. I’ve mourned the end of Reid’s life, their relationship, and the show I’ve watched for the majority of my own life for months now.

    As a gay man, I appreciated the unabashed expressions of love and tenderness portrayed onscreen by Eric Sheffer Stevens and Van Hansis, making the fictional romance strike all the right chords. Through laughter and tears, I watched every moment of their time together and treasure it all.

    I miss Reid and Luke, more so, Reid. I miss the actors working their magic. I miss their world turning in front of my eyes on the television screen. It’s so hard without them, but the memories and this site and others like it help me through a grief I don’t quite understand yet.

    Thanks for being here!

    • lovelure says:

      @Mike and Johnny – Thanks so much for posting! As a straight girl, I sometimes worry that I’m blogging about issues that I don’t personally know much about, so I really appreciate your voice on this site. I especially love Johnny’s comment: “Their love gives us all hope that we may too find that kind of love.” Indeed, may we all. I’ve said before that one of my greatest hopes is that my children one day speak about their potential spouses with the same look Luke had on his face when he spoke about Reid to Lily (though hopefully they won’t be talking about how cold and rude their mates are!) So thanks again for stopping by and posting, and keep the faith!

  9. Johnny says:

    I have never been a Soap Opera fan. I used to think their storylines were over-exaggerated. Then I found the story of Luke and Reid. I had watched Luke and Noah’s storyline up til then, but then Reid showed up and stole my heart. His straight-forward (however rude) demeanor and honesty about his feelings for Luke are so heartfelt that I waited for the day they came together with great anticipation. Yes, their love was at times complicated, but whose love isn’t? What matters is that they both found true happiness in one another. Their love gives us all hope that we may too find that kind of love. I know it did for me.

    When Reid died because of that car accident, I had tears running down my face. And I never cry that much over any kind of TV show or film I watch. I mourn for both of them that they did not have the chance to further their love. And I am sad they canceled the show. But maybe it was for the best since Luke no longer had Reid. I don’t know if I could take Luke finding anyone else but Reid.

    As a gay man, this is the kind of love I can only hope to find. I now know that I do not have to compromise anything until I find that special love. Until I do, I at least have the story of Luke and Reid to remind me what is possible. I thank them for that. Their love will help me through whatever may come my way.

    So again, I thank them for giving me hope. I will forever love Luke and Reid.

  10. mmc says:

    It’s amazing to me that so many of us are still missing Luke and Reid on our TV screens.As a long time viewer who had many favorite couples through the years, I never loved any like I loved Luke and Reid.i loved watching them together, the eye flirting, the smiles , and the kisses, unbelievable.Theirs was a true love story and it should have had a happy ending.And lets never forget we owe a giant thanks to Van and Eric….no other men could have brought these characters to life.They had so much chemisrtry together.I never saw anything like it.So thank you Van and Eric for making us believe in this wonderful story of two men who became better because of each other!

  11. ALYCE says:

    Since the show has been off, I have found myself just looking at the Luke and Reid story over and over. I cannot believe the chemistry between the two. It is and was magical. I only wish it had turned out for both of them to be together and just enjoy finding each other. Whether you are gay or straight, this is a story that is about finding that special person. Never will Luke find anyone like Reid. He was that special love that will never come around again.

  12. mmc says:

    I thought by now I wouldn’t be missing my beloved Luke and Reid …..but I am and it still hurts so much.As a long time watcher of ATWT I have never been so captivated by a couple .Their looks to each other , their smiles at each other and their kisses… my mind I give them a happy ending .What chemistry….they deserved a happy ending and sadly everybody got one but them.

  13. kwbalan says:

    As a long time viewer of the show I was just kind of following the stories (always loved Luke, liked him with Noah) but never got involved.

    Then Reid/Eric joined the show. I was blown away. Every single scene with him was amazing. And when Luke & he started to fall the screen was on fire. I couldn’t help but get involved.

    I am so sad that the show is gone now but I have all old episodes to go back and watch. And I have finally been feeling like it doesn’t hurt to do that. Every time I watch an episode with Reid I laugh my butt off. There are too many favorite scenes to mention.

    As far as the love story of Luke & Reid, I have never ever seen anyone like it and not sure that I ever will again. These two actors brought out the best in each other and the chemistry between them spoke volumes. Now as I go back and watch old episodes I keep seeing things that I missed originally. A hand touch, a look, some dialogue just makes watching them still incredibly exciting for me. And I have a feeling that will always be the case and I will never get sick of seeing these two.

    I along with other fans have been trying to see when Reid first looked at Luke in that way and when Luke first looked at Reid in that way. Should be fun to see what people come up with.

    Wish we had gotten so much more but I will take what we do have and continue to enjoy watching them…

    Thanks LL again for allowing us the opportunity to voice our opinions here. 🙂

  14. Karen (limeybird2) says:

    to me Luke & Reid were real people not soap characters i was watching. i think that’s what hit all of us hard the most, it was that they seemed real & it didn’t feel like watching another couple like Lily & Holden or Carly & Jack even.
    on those 2 i felt that they were soap characters & it didn’t bother me when something bad happened to one of them, but with Luke & Reid i felt like i was with my best friends & when one was sad, i was sad, when they were happy, i was happy.
    it takes 2 actors with extraordinary talent to take a role & make them feel real & we were lucky to get to watch them act together for the time we did. they both pushed each other when they were together & it showed unlike some of the scenes Van had with other actors where it felt like Van was the better actor & the other people in the scene only dragged him down.

    • erica says:

      i know how u feel i love reid and luke i thought that tere love 4 eachother was soooo hot i just loved it and when thay would kiss it was sooo hot and them both r hottt to the touch

    • emillie says:

      totally agree with the Van comment. he’s a superb actor and he and Eric were on par with one another, they could involve each other in the scenes and really played perfectly. That was my huge problem with Noah and Luke. Van was carrying the scene and make their love even the tiniest bit believable, I like Jake, but he didn’t sell me sometimes on his gayness.

  15. mmc says:

    I’m still missing AtWt, but most of all Luke and Reid.Their love story was so beautiful and truly was a love story.It was so nice to see how they became so much better for each other.And the chemistry was unbelievable.The kisses were like nothing I had ever seen on TV.i really could believe that these were not characters on a soap but two beautiful men who really fell in love.i’m still so sad and so angry that Reid was killed and Luke was left to grieve.the writers didn’t give a damn as to what the fans wanted.Had they cared, Reid would be with Luke and they would be having their happily ever after!!!!!

  16. EJ says:

    Hi there, first of all, great website! Loved it! I still can’t get over the fact that Reid’s gone! It breaks my heart watching Luke losing Reid right before his eyes! Luke was right, there is so many stupid stupid arguments that they have to get into, they need more time together! Reid shouldn’t have died, he found love finally, he found Luke, it’s too heart breaking!!

    • Zuzu says:

      The thought of what’s coming tomorrow is killing me. Can’t believe how wrapped up in LuRe I’ve become. Thank you so much for the fan fic, knowing that their story lives on here will make the end of ATWT more bearable. Reid will come back with the heart for Chris and Reid and Luke will celebrate their love for one another…


  18. lovelure says:

    I have said before and will say it again here – never before have I so wanted – no NEEDED – to see a couple fall in love. Of course part of it is the sizzling chemistry between the actors, but I started to fall for the storyline by reading just the recaps – before I ever laid eyes on Reid Oliver, so it’s not just mere lust. Once I saw the characters inhabited by Van and Eric, I was a lost cause.

    As much as I may complain about plot inconsistencies, double-standards and poor writing, the fact remains that underlying it all was a gorgeous love story crafted between two equally gorgeous men who needed to be together. Reid arrived in Oakdale with plenty of purpose, but with no love in his life. Luke has always had plenty of love, but had no purpose in life. Both in their way felt they were unlovable and learned they were very wrong. And Katie was right – they brought out the best in each other. The balance between the two has been a big point for me. I really appreciated the early mirroring between the two characters, and loved how they stood up to each other and for each other more and more as their relationship developed.

    I will forever remember the falling in love that has deliciously played out on my screen since March, and be thankful for that. Though like everyone else, I will lament that we didn’t get more, I will savor every “intimate” moment and breathtaking kiss – especially knowing how hard people campaigned to make sure they happened.

    And last, but definitely not least, is the Babbling kiss. Based on where it came in the storyline, I feel Reid’s aching anticipation in every pore, and the way Luke gently pulls him in kills me. For me this is a kiss for the ages, and I’ll be interested to see if any kiss ever tops it for me either in emotional investment, or sheer beauty.

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