You want to see my fuzzy, teddy-bear side? Get me on a flight back to Texas.

— Reid (to Bob and Kim)

Transcript | 9 June 2010

Bob asks Luke to babysit Reid and bring Noah to meet Mona Cross from Invicta, a potential investor in Memorial Hospital. Reid babbles, Luke rolls his eyes – it’s all very cute. Then Noah shows up, impresses Mona and slugs Reid. Luke tends to Reid and then PodBob tells Reid he needs to choose between his job and Luke.

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HappyInChintz72’s Reid Oliver Story Parts TBC

Anthony D Langford June 9, 2010 Parts TBC


[Doorbell rings]

Bob: Hey. Thanks for letting me stop by. It saves me some time.

Luke: Well, of course. I was going to work from home anyways today. Uh, can I get you some coffee?

Bob: No thanks. I’m hoping that you’re available for a meeting today.

Luke: About the new wing?

Bob: Peripheral, yes. The, uh, hospital board is investigating the possibility of selling the hospital to a company called Invicta Health Corporation.

Luke: You want to sell the hospital?

Bob: Well, it’s not a done deal. I mean, there’s pros and cons. But we want to court this buyer, see what the deal is before we make a decision one way or the other.

Luke: And — where do I fit in?

Bob: Well, I’m having lunch with the representative of Invicta.

Luke: So what’s the name?

Bob: Mona Cross. Why?

Luke: I’ll do some research, look her up. Suit and tie?

Bob: No, no. No, you can be casual. We’ll just give her some information about the hospital.

Luke: And the new wing.

Bob: And you’re a major donor, a charming guy. I thought you’d be an asset to the meeting.

Luke: So, the pitch is "Memorial is cutting-edge."

Bob: Uh-huh, and with doctors like Dr. Oliver, we’re — we’re looking pretty good. He has already said that he would attend.

Luke: Wait. You want to leave this woman with a good impression?

Bob: That’s why I need your help. Uh, Dr. Oliver is brilliant.

Luke: And abrasive.

Bob: And then some.

[Both laugh]

Luke: So, where and when?

Bob: Well, Ms. Cross didn’t give me much notice, so uh, the Lakeview in about an hour from now.

Luke: Sure.

Bob: Great. Hey, listen — do you think you could get Noah to drop by?

Luke: Noah? Why?

Bob: Well, he’s kind of exhibit "A" to what the hospital and Dr. Oliver and — and the new wing can accomplish.

Luke: Dr. Hughes, I am sure that Noah would love to help you, but I don’t think he’d be willing to help Reid.

Reid: You’re continuing to show signs of improvement. I’m going to increase the dosage of your prescription. Use those drops I gave you on each eye four times daily. You can, uh, book another follow-up appointment with the nurse outside for two weeks from now. You have any questions?

Noah: Yeah. I was curious about when you started having feelings for my boyfriend.

Reid: Second or third time I laid eyes on him.

Noah: How often have you done it?

Reid: I’ve done lots of things with lots of people. You’re going to have to narrow that one down for me.

Noah: How many times have you hit on other patients’ boyfriends — or girlfriends for that matter? Maybe you don’t discriminate, so long as they’re vulnerable and in need of your medical help.

Reid: You can think what you want, Noah.

Noah: Is that why you specialize in blind patients? Must make it easier when the injured party can’t see what’s going on right in front of their noses.

Reid: If we’re going to continue our professional relationship, you need to drop this.

Noah: We’re not going to continue anything. I think I’ll be able to go another day without your expertise.

Reid: Is that official? Are we no longer a doctor and patient?

Noah: That’s official.

Reid: Thank you. I’ve been looking forward to this day.

Noah: So you don’t have to face me and feel guilty?

Reid: No, so I could finally tell you how many times I wished I’d been the blind one during this whole ordeal with you.

Noah: What?

Reid: That way, I wouldn’t have to watch you treat Luke like dirt.

Noah: You don’t know anything about Luke and me.

Reid: It doesn’t matter that he blamed himself for what happened. It doesn’t matter that he bent over backwards trying to make it up to you. You still found ways to hurt him, to make him feel guilty and responsible. And in the end, you left him anyway.

Noah: And when I came back, you made sure it was too late. I mean, actually telling us to stay apart during my treatments? I should have known something was up with you then.

Reid: You can’t pin that on me. I was trying to help you.

Noah: Don’t you mean yourself?

Reid: You have yourself to blame. You acted like a spoiled brat every time the guy tried to do something to help the one he loved.

Noah: Are we done?

Reid: Yeah. Thanks to me, you can now see the door. Use it.

Bob: Is there a problem between Noah and Reid? I mean, I would think after the successful surgery that Noah would be singing his praises.

Luke: Well, I’m sure Noah would be if it hadn’t been for —

Bob: If what?

Luke: Uh, nothing. It’s just that Noah’s been buzzing around 24/7 since he got his sight back, and he has so much work he has to make up for his film school, and I just — I don’t think he’d be able to make it on such short notice.

Bob: That’s too bad, ’cause he is living proof of Dr. Oliver’s surgical skill.

Luke: Well, you and I were there, and we can convince this Ms. Cross about that.

Bob: Right. Uh, but, uh — still, try to get a hold of Noah, will you? I, uh — I think it would mean a lot.

Luke: Yeah. We’ll, uh — I’ll do my best to find him and run this by him.

Bob: I appreciate that. See you at the Lakeview in, uh, just about an hour.

Luke: Mm-hmm. Well, here goes nothing.

Noah: Do you know who I might talk to about getting my old job back?

Barista: You’ll have to fill out an application.

Noah: But I already worked here. All you have to do is — I’m sorry. Um, it’s been kind of a rough morning. I will take one of those applications, if you don’t mind.

Barista: You want some, uh, decaf with that?

Noah: [Chuckles] Yeah, thanks. That’d be great.

Luke: How’s it going?

Noah: It’s fine. Thanks. Excuse me. I’ve got to fill out this application.

Luke: Why don’t you just talk to Frank?

Noah: Long story.

Luke: So, how’d your checkup go? Did it go well?

Noah: Well, I’ve still got my sight, so I guess pretty well. I’m sorry. I’ve just been snapping at the wrong people today.

Luke: Well, who are you mad at?

Noah: What do you want, Luke?

Luke: A favor. But I don’t think you’re going to want to do it. Bob Hughes is meeting with this corporation that’s thinking about buying the hospital. He’d really like it if you would come and talk about your surgery.

Noah: Yeah. Why wouldn’t I want to do that?

Luke: Reid is going to be there.

Noah: I’m busy.

Luke: Noah, come on.

Noah: I’m not interested. Is that a better answer for you?

Luke: You’re not interested in helping out Bob Hughes?

Noah: Not if it makes Reid look good. No, find somebody else.

Luke: Well, there is nobody else, Noah. There’s nobody like you. A few weeks ago, you couldn’t even see, and now you can. And like it or not, that’s because of Reid. All you have to do is go there, say that, and I — I think it would really mean a lot to Bob.

Noah: It would mean a lot to you, too.

Luke: Seeing how my foundation’s money is backing the new wing, yeah, I’d say it means a lot to me. Other than that, don’t read into it.

Noah: I am not making any assumptions here, Luke. I know what he did, and I’ll be damned if I’m going to go out of my way to puff up Reid Oliver’s ego.

Luke: This is not about Reid Oliver!

Noah: The whole time he was dangling medical cures in front of me, he was falling for you, trying to seduce you. And that’s what this is about.

Luke: Noah, he was single, and this is the part that you always seem to forget. By the time he made his first move on me, I was single, too. You know, what is wrong with you? You get your sight back, but you lose your memory?

Noah: Some things I’d rather forget.

Luke: Well, do you remember why I blackmailed Reid Oliver into coming here? Convinced him to do your surgery?

Noah: I wanted to see.

Luke: You didn’t want to live your life as a blind person. And now, because of Reid, you don’t have to.

Noah: So tell them that, Luke. Tell Bob and whoever else is at that meeting. You tell them, because I can’t.

Luke: This is really funny. After everything that you’ve been through, I would think you, more than anyone else, would know the difference between "Can’t" and "Won’t." Honey, that fish stinks!

Reid: Hey, sorry. I got held up. Did I miss the whole dog-and-pony show with the investor?

Bob: No. Uh, Ms. Cross is not due for a few minutes yet.

Reid: Why am I here early?

Bob: I, uh — I wanted to go over your presentation.

Reid: Do you — do you have a script or talking points, perhaps cue cards?

Bob: No, I think you can do it without prompts.

Reid: You’re actually going to instruct me?

Bob: Yes. I want you to smile, shake her hand, tell her you’re thrilled to meet her, and keep your mouth shut.

Reid: This is my project. Shouldn’t I be able to tell her how I came up with the concept?

Bob: Why don’t you let others say how amazing you are? It sounds more sincere coming from other people.

Reid: Oh, yeah? Like who?

Bob: Hmm. Ms. Cross?

Mona: Oh. Please call me Mona.

Bob: Um, well, it’s a pleasure to meet you. I’m Bob Hughes, and this is Reid Oliver.

Mona: Hi.

Reid: I am thrilled to meet you.

Bob: Ah, good. Well, let’s sit down.

Mona: Oh, yes.

Bob: Uh, Dr. Oliver, uh, came to us from Dallas. We snagged him about — well, it was last fall.

Reid: I wouldn’t say "Snagged" so much as "Lured and trapped," but that’s neither here nor there.

Bob: Luke. Uh, Luke Snyder, Mona Cross.

Mona: It’s a pleasure to meet you, Luke.

Bob: Luke was a major donor to the new wing, which uh, Dr. Oliver will be supervising.

Mona: Very generous.

Luke: Well, the work is what’s important. We’re just glad to be in a position to help.

Mona: Why did you choose to build the wing at Memorial? Couldn’t you serve more patients at a larger, more metropolitan hospital?

Luke: Well, other hospitals aren’t run by someone I respect as much as Dr. Hughes and staffed with some of the best doctors in the country. Dr. Oliver.

Reid: Yes, Memorial is the — the little hospital that could.

Bob: Dr. Oliver came to us from a large hospital in Dallas, so he’s had to make some adjustments. May I offer you a drink?

Reid: That’s a great idea. A drink. Let’s get that waiter over here. Let me tell you something, Mona. I mean, when I first moved to this town, it was like taking a thousand steps backwards.

Luke: Dr. Oliver has had a lot of success here at Memorial. There was a client of his who was told by numerous specialists that he wouldn’t be able to see ever again, and now he has his eyesight back thanks to Dr. Oliver.

Mona: I’ve heard about that case. I would love to meet with that patient if I could. I find it helps to talk to —

Reid: The little people? Yeah. That’s not what I meant to say.

Bob: Uh, were you able to reach Noah?

Mona: That’s the young man?

Luke: Uh, yes, yes — but unfortunately, he couldn’t be here today.

Noah: Changed my plans.

Mona: So, did you enjoy working with Dr. Oliver?

Noah: No.

Mona: And why is that?

Noah: There was something I wanted, something I thought was more important than everything else.

Mona: Being able to see?

Noah: Yeah. And Reid could give that back to me. Or he could take it away. I just didn’t like being so out of control.

Bob: But Reid gave you what you wanted.

Noah: He gave me my eyes. With Reid Oliver at Memorial, I’m sure the hospital will have no problems attracting other talented surgeons. I’m not sure that any of them will be able to match his success rate or his reputation.

Mona: Well, it’s been a pleasure and a privilege meeting you, Mr. Mayer. Thank you so much for coming. Oh!

Bob: You all right?

Reid: I’m used to it. Getting hit is just part of being me.

Luke: Are you okay?

Reid: You know, I’m — I’m fine. You guys are both scaring the pants off of our potential investor.

Mona: This is astonishing.

Bob: I’m sorry about this.

Mona: Mr. Mayer seemed like such a nice young man.

Bob: Yes, he is. There seemed to be a lot of, uh, suppressed emotions going on. Why don’t we have a drink?

Mona: Oh, sure.

Reid: Was this planned?

Luke: You’re going to have to ask Noah. I would wait a couple days, or a couple weeks. Are you sure you’re okay?

Reid: I don’t know. It might be broken. I’m not sure.

Luke: Well, let me drive you to the hospital.

Reid: You go after Noah. I’m fine. I’ll walk.

Luke: I already checked. He’s long gone.

Reid: Well, sorry about that.

Luke: Well, then accept the ride.

Luke: Is it broken?

Reid: No. Think I still have a future as a male model.

[Both chuckle]

Luke: You know, I have never seen a look of shock on your face until today.

Reid: Oh, man, Noah has some right hook.

Luke: Yeah, well, he also knows how to use a gun, so consider yourself lucky.

Reid: Oh, fantastic. I just happened to fall for a guy whose ex can pulverize me.

Luke: Well, what can I say? I like them tough.

Reid: You’re pretty tough yourself. You kidnapped me, threatened me. What are you going to do with me now?

Luke: I thought you said you didn’t want to have anything to do with me.

Reid: When you said that you and Noah were through —

Noah: We are. Look, Reid, what do you want me to say?

Reid: That that’s true. Hey, Bob. How did things go with Mona?

Bob: Luke, I — I’d like a word with Dr. Oliver alone, please.

Luke: Yes. Of course. I have stuff I have to do anyway.

Reid: What do you need?

Bob: To be wrong.

Bob: You knew that I was arranging this meeting, and you knew it was important to the future of this hospital.

Reid: Your point?

Bob: My point is why didn’t you tell me that you were having a personal relationship with Luke Snyder outside this hospital?

Reid: I wouldn’t call it that.

Bob: Well, it certainly was a problem for Noah. And when I walked in here —

Reid: Yeah, I didn’t know Noah was going to be there at the meeting. I didn’t know Luke was going to be there either, for that matter.

Bob: It’s inappropriate.

Reid: Why?

Bob: You have to ask?

Reid: Luke isn’t my patient. And unless he suddenly incurs a brain injury, he’s not going to be. Noah terminated my services this morning, so I don’t really see what the problem is.

Bob: You really don’t see that this situation could have grave consequences?

Reid: Because Noah Mayer clocked me back at the Lakeview? How is that my fault?

Bob: Because he clocked you in front of a potential buyer for this hospital. Ms. Cross represents a company that could pour millions of dollars into this hospital and save jobs and save God knows how many lives.

Reid: And — and somehow that’s all in jeopardy because I’m interested in Luke Snyder?

Bob: Well, if she puts two and two together and realizes that the main backer of the new wing and its supervisor are having a personal relationship, the whole thing could self-destruct.

Reid: Wait. That’s — that’s my heinous sin — nepotism? This coming from you? Your grandson nearly married a staff nurse until the wedding tanked in a — in infidelity and gunfire. Your son works at the hospital. Your mother volunteers here, and I bet she gets pretty prime parking spaces, too.

Bob: None of my family is as involved in the new wing as you and Luke are.

Reid: I bet you wouldn’t be half so put off if this didn’t involve two gay men.

Bob: This has absolutely nothing to do with your sexual orientation.

Reid: If you say so.

Bob: It’s a matter of ethics, pure and simple. If you are having a relationship or intend to have a relationship with a major donor to this hospital, it is unethical.

Reid: Says you. Why don’t we play it this way, Bob? You stay out of my personal life. I’ll get involved with whoever the hell I want to. And if somebody at Invicta Corporation doesn’t like it, tough.

Bob: That’s an interesting suggestion. Let me tell you how I think it’s going to play out. The new wing will move forward under your leadership, or you will have a relationship with Luke Snyder. You can’t have both. Choose.

Luke: Noah, wait.

Noah: What do you want?

Luke: What happened back there?

Noah: Did you miss the punch?! ‘Cause I can go back and hit him again!

Luke: No, what I’m missing is the reason. You say that you want nothing to do with me, and then you punch Reid? Why?

Noah: I wanted to.

Luke: All right. Well, let’s get something straight. You ended this. That means you don’t have the right to, uh — to clock in or to punch in with your opinions on somebody else who’s interested in me.

Noah: Fine.

Luke: No, but I — I do have to ask you this. You’re doing that. Does that mean that you care enough to react?

Noah: That wasn’t me caring. That was me being fed up.


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