I just got a call a few minutes ago from a friend back in Dallas, John Barber. I thought that name might get you. Seems somebody’s been asking questions about me, offering to pay for information. He thought I’d want to know. He owes me one for cutting a tumor out of his grandma. That someone wouldn’t happen to be you, would it, Hank?

— Reid (to Henry)

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News and Updates | September 25, 2010

In this update… Happy Birthday, Van Hansis! – update on Walnut Hill fundraiser and kudos for his final week’s performances (well, duh!). Soap Opera Source and Other Polls News – in the final SOS Pulse including ATWT, Van ties the record for most weeks in the top 5 (28) and LuRe set the record for […]

Transcript | 22 January 2010

Reid examines Noah and decides to go ahead with the surgery, but just before surgery, he realizes that multiple surgeries will be required and he throws in the towel. Noah blames Luke for driving Reid away. While attempting to leave Memorial, Reid crashes Luke’s car into the back of Kim’s car. Courtesy of  TVMegasite.com Edited […]

News and Updates | September 21, 2010

Okay, I keep promising myself that I’m going to stop posting news and get back to essays, fanfics, etc, but then new stuff comes up!  Today’s news…. SoapOperaDigest has a snap poll asking readers to complete the sentence – The final episode of ATWT was…Among the choices is: Awful. No big group scenes? No happy […]

News and Updates | September 20, 2010

Today is the first weekday PA (or maybe it should be PATWT) – Post As the World Turns.  Never again will I be rushing to feed my kids while trying to find a functional live stream at 7pm in the evening. For that, I will be forever grateful. *sigh* Just a few things to clarify: […]

News and Updates | September 19, 2010

How international is the LuRe fanbase? I had counted hits on my fanfics and YouTube channel for 30-some countries and estimated that the overseas following could be 30-40% overseas (outside of US and Canada). But just took a look at some of the detailed stats for this site: so far there have been visitors from […]