Katie: What about neurosurgery?
Reid: If I could find somebody in this town with a brain, I might consider it. But so far, no such luck.

— Katie and Reid

Transcript | 3 June 2010

Luke invites Reid to the Lilypad for a party for Gabriel. Noah happens to drop by and he and Luke are reminiscing when Reid drops by. Noah gets pissed that Reid was invited and he wasn’t, and storms off in a huff. Reid covers his jealousy by making fun of Luke and Noah, so Luke shows him the door.

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HappyInChintz72’s Reid Oliver Story Parts TBC

Anthony D Langford June 3, 2010 Parts TBC


Luke: I tried to get back together with Noah. He doesn’t want me. And now you don’t want me.

Reid: Poor you.

Luke: But we’re working on a project together, and at the very least, we’re friends. Okay, well, we’re not — we’re not friends, but we’re something.

Reid: What is that? What are we, Luke?

Luke: So, you ask me what we mean to each other, and then you don’t stick around to hear the answer?

Reid: It is called a "rhetorical question." I am done with my rounds for the day. I’m gonna enjoy some food and some quiet. That’s how I relax.

Luke: In a hospital break room, alone?

Reid: What exactly do I owe you, Luke?

Luke: Not a thing. In fact, you’ve given me a lot.

Reid: I saved Noah’s eyesight ’cause he’s my patient. I didn’t do it for you.

Luke: No, I’m not talking about what you did for Noah. When you stopped calling me "Mr. Snyder" and the reason behind that, that’s what you gave me. You made me feel wanted. I’ve — I’ve been in love with Noah for a long time.

Reid: And apparently you still do love him, so spare me the ongoing narration.

Luke: No, you asked me what we are to each other, and I’m just trying to explain to you that I don’t know. I was the boyfriend of your patient, and then Noah and I broke up, and then you and I started —

[Microwave beeps]

Luke: What is that?

Reid: It’s nutrition.

Luke: Yeah, it’s all brown and mushy.

Reid: Nobody’s asking you to eat it.

Luke: But you don’t have to either. My mom’s having some people over for dinner. There’s gonna be lots of free food.

Reid: What kind of food?

Luke: The edible kind. Do you want to come?

Reid: You’re inviting me to your mom’s for dinner?

Luke: Yeah, I am. So, what do you say?

Reid: That’s a really bad idea.

Luke: Why?

Reid: I’m a — I’m a terrible guest. I don’t like dinner parties or people congregating in general and all the inane chitchat.

Luke: And the possibility of being part of something real. Okay. Suit yourself. Enjoy your mush.

Lily: Noah! Come in.

Noah: You’re having a party. Um, I — I don’t want to intrude, but can I talk to you?

Lily: Sure. Luke told me that you got your sight back completely. That’s terrific. I’m so happy for you. And I missed you. Why don’t you stay for dinner? I have tons of food.

Noah: Uh, no. Um, I — is Luke here?

Lily: No, but he should be here any minute.

Noah: I — I can’t stay. Um, the reason I came here was just to — well, I have to get some stuff out of Luke’s room.

Lily: Okay.

Noah: And I — I had something I — I wanted to tell you.

Lily: What is it?

Noah: I just — I just wanted to thank you for everything that you’ve done for me — you know, covering my — my medical bills and just looking out for me. You — you’ve been like a mom. And I never really knew my mom, so, um — I’m just gonna miss all of you.

Lily: Noah, it sounds like you’re saying goodbye.

Noah: Luke and I aren’t getting back together.

Lily: Have you really thought about this, Noah?

Noah: Constantly. All I’ve had is time to think.

Lily: But the two of you have had to deal with so much these past few months. I mean, it’s only natural for things to feel strange when you’re trying to reconnect. Maybe that’s it. Maybe you guys just need some more time.

Noah: Things have changed.

Lily: Are you sure? I mean, when I look at the two of you, I — I still see two people who love each other very much.

Noah: I’m going back to school, so I’ve got a lot of classes to make up, so I’m — I’m not gonna be around very much.

Lily: You’re not leaving town. It’s not like —

Noah: All I came to do is just tell you that you’ve got a wonderful family. Luke’s lucky to have you.

Lily: Well, you don’t have to be a stranger. I mean, you can come over whenever you want, no matter what’s going on with Luke. You’re always welcome in my house.

Holden: Lily, he knows that. I think what Noah’s trying to say, that he doesn’t really want to be around Luke right now and by extension his family.

Lily: Well, that’s just silly! I mean, you just got your sight back! Whatever’s changed, you can fix it.

Noah: No. No, Lily, not this time.

Holden: We understand. Just know that we’ll be here for you anytime you need anything.

Noah: Thank you. Thank you. Um, is it — is it cool if I go get my stuff out of Luke’s room now?

Holden: Sure. Whenever you’re ready, drop by anytime.

Lily: The way he was talking, it’s like we’re never gonna see him again.

Holden: What they had was really special. I know it’s hard. I’m gonna go check on the kids again. You coming in?

Lily: In a minute.

Reid: [Sighs] Please, please, please be warm. Ah, you’re still warm. [Sighs]

Holden: Luke and Noah — is that what this is about?

Lily: They seemed so happy together. And Luke still loves Noah. I can see that. Can’t you? And why can’t Noah? I mean, now they’re both apart, and they’re miserable.

Holden: That’s right, and there’s nothing that you can do about it.

Lily: Would you? If you could, would you do something to help them get back together?

Holden: No.

Lily: Why not?

Holden: Because Noah’s right. Things have changed. And who knows if Luke’s better with Noah or maybe someone else. But it definitely is sad when something like that ends.

Lily: Something that seemed like it would last forever.

Holden: But when something new comes along, it doesn’t diminish what you had. That never changes.

Lily: I’m sorry, Holden.

Holden: For what?

Lily: I’m sorry I let Damian come between us.

Lucinda: Here’s my card, my contact in California. When you make up your mind about the vacation, give her a call.

Carly: Oh, that is great. Thanks. That’s — that’s really nice of you, Lucinda.

Lucinda: And therefore suspect.

Carly: A bit.

Lucinda: Well, it’s nice to see you and Jack together. At least there’s one union around here that’s as it should be.

Carly: Are you keeping a list?

Lucinda: Oh, absolutely, of everything. Your boy is safe and not going to be charged. Craig is in jail. All’s well with the world. Don’t you agree?

Carly: Are you trying to warn me about something?

Lucinda: Actually, I was just fishing for a little confirmation. Jack will see to it that Craig gets what he deserves, won’t he?

Carly: Yeah. Of course he will.

Lucinda: Keep an eye on that. That way, both you and I will be content.

Jack: Hmm. I could have sworn there would be more pie. Emma always makes more than one.

Gabriel: Actually, I wouldn’t know. I’m not much of a dessert guy. If you want, I’m gonna go ask Lily.

Jack: No, no. I’m glad we have this time to talk.

Gabriel: About what?

Jack: The fire.

Gabriel: I already told, uh, Lieutenant Hughes all about everything.

Jack: Margo, right. Your aunt.

Gabriel: Well, does being related to her make it any less official?

Jack: No. You and I talking — that doesn’t make it official either. Just that I want to clear things up, you know, for Parker and Carly’s sake.

Gabriel: What do you mean?

Jack: I mean not hearing it the first time, there are some, uh, details that are confusing to me, and I just want you to walk me through what happened that day.

Gabriel: You mean now?

Jack: Why not? You do remember, don’t you?

Gabriel: Yeah.

Jack: So?

Gabriel: Uh, Parker and I had a fight about his trust fund. He, uh, knocked me down and then left.

Jack: You were knocked out?

Gabriel: Uh, yeah, for like a second. And then, uh, Craig came in, and he, uh — he hit me. He hit me hard.

Jack: That’s it? He didn’t say anything? He just walked in and took a swing at you?

Gabriel: Yeah. He, uh — he sucker-punched me.

Jack: Really?

Gabriel: That surprise you?

[Jack laughs]

Gabriel: Uh, and then he said something.

Jack: What?

Gabriel: Uh, he said something like — "You’ll never get out of here alive."

Jack: Something like that, or that?

Gabriel: Uh, that’s exactly what he said.

Jack: Really?

Gabriel: Lily might be looking for me.

Jack: No, no, no. There’s one more thing you can clear up for me. You see, we — we know he didn’t hit you with his fist.

Gabriel: [Chuckles] What do you mean?

Jack: Well, I mean that you — you suffered blunt-force trauma to the head with — with an object. So he had something in his hand. What was that thing?

Gabriel: Uh, right.

Jack: Yeah. What was that?

Gabriel: What — what did he hit me with?

Jack: Exactly.

Gabriel: You know, I really can’t remember.

Jack: No, you’re gonna remember that if you don’t remember anything else.

Gabriel: Why?

Jack: It’s human nature. Guy’s coming after you, he’s gonna hurt you, you always remember what he almost used to kill you.

Noah: I was trying to get in and out before you got home.

Luke: You know, I could have sent you that sweatshirt.

Noah: Yeah, I know.

Luke: I still can’t believe that you can see. So — how do I look?

Noah: Pretty good.

Luke: Um, did you get your DVDs?

Noah: Which ones? Oh. Uh, those ones are pretty bad. You could have kept these.

Luke: Did you get any food?

Noah: No.

Luke: Well, let’s go eat. I’m surprised my mom didn’t tackle you and feed you.

Noah: I — I didn’t want anything except to say thank you to them and especially your mom for everything she did for me.

Luke: Noah, did you come here to break up with my family?

Noah: I’m not gonna be around very much, Luke. I didn’t want to just disappear.

Luke: Look, Noah, if you don’t want to be with me, that’s fine, but that has nothing to do with my mom and Faith and the kids. They love you.

Noah: Yeah. They — they mean a lot to me, too, Luke. I —

Luke: What’s wrong?

Noah: Nothing. All that time, I was praying to see again to see you again. I didn’t expect to feel like this.

Luke: Well, I never expected this to happen, not to us.

Noah: Who would have thought things would be more difficult now that I can see? Everything I see reminds —

Reid: So, this is where the party is.

Luke: I, um — I ran into Reid at the hospital, and he was about to dig into this really awful TV dinner, so I just — I invited him over.

Reid: And I shouldn’t have come.

Noah: Why not?

Reid: Well, like I — I told him, I’m a terrible guest. But free food was offered. I’m physically incapable of turning that down. But, uh, it’s okay. I’ll just — I’ll grab a plate, and I’ll go.

Noah: No, no, no. Don’t go. You just got here. I wasn’t even invited. I’ll go. See you later.

Reid: You can go after him if you want. I’m just here for the food.

Luke: Well, let me get you those bids that I was talking about. I didn’t know that Noah was gonna be here.

Reid: Of course not. I mean, why would he call ahead and ask permission? He’s a member of the family.

Luke: Yeah, he is.

Reid: It’s nice of you to invite me so that I could see you two here in your bedroom, where you’ve no doubt made love countless times.

Luke: Why are you making this a joke?

Reid: Well, young love is kind of funny when you think about it, in a starry eyes and first kisses, mix CDs —

Luke: Reid, get out of here.

Reid: The wound’s still a little tender?

Luke: Yeah, it is. Noah loved me, and I loved him, and that is not a joke. That’s a miracle. And for it to fall apart the way that it did — yeah. That hurts, a lot, as it should.

Reid: Can I at least get a snack for the road?

Luke: You know, I invited you here into my home to spend time with my family because I like you. Or at least I like you when you’re not trying so hard to be a complete jerk.

Reid: Who said I had to try?

Luke: I thought that you could spend some time with some real people and maybe be a real human being for once, but you can’t do it, can you?

Reid: I choose not to.

Luke: Fine. You want to be alone? Get out.

Reid: I’ll do that. 


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