If Jacob’s sister needs a bone-marrow transplant, then she needs one now. You wringing your hands and dreaming up worst-case scenarios — it just wastes time.

— Reid (to Katie)

Posts from ‘September, 2011’

Van Hansis’s Occupant | A ‘highlight’ of Gotham Screen International Film Festival

For more detail on the Gotham Screen International Film Festival (GSIFF), I’m just going to reproduce their complete press release from last week, which is pretty comprehensive: Now in its Fifth Year GOTHAM SCREEN International Film Festival OPENS at New Venue at NY’s QUAD Cinema October 13 NEW YORK, NY–(September 23, 2011) – This year’s […]

PSYCH Season 6 Episode 3 (26 October 2011) | ‘This Episode Sucks’ photos

As we get closer to the air date for PSYCH’s Season 6 episode, ‘This Episode Sucks’ on USA Networks, more tidbits are available. The website seat42f.com has published several photos from the episode. There are two of lead guest star, Kristy ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ Swanson, and one of second marquee guest star, Corey ‘The […]

Van Hansis on Nikita?!? More speculation on Van’s mystery guest spot….

After ESS.com’s Joliepinkyswear was kind enough to leave me a comment on Van’s birthday post yesterday, I noticed the cited blog post popping up all over the internet. In the original post, blogger Lesly Kahn posted, very briefly, with just Van’s IMDb profile picture: Van Hansis has booked a guest star on the CW drama […]

Happy Birthday, Van Hansis!

Van turns 30 today. If you’re not already a Facebook Friend, you can still PM him or send a Friend request with a message. In the meantime, Van posted several updates all leading to this likely conclusion: We’’ll have three (maybe more!) consecutive weeks of new Van Hansis projects beginning mid-October. First: So: October 18 […]

PSYCH, Season 6, Episode 3 (?): This Episode Sucks sneak peek available! Plus Occupant now reservable at Netflix, and its first festival announcement!

Okay, so there’s no Van in this clip (no Kristy Swanson or Lassiter either, for that matter), but “This Episode Sucks” looks like it’ll be a stitch. It’s part of Day 22 of USA’s Countdown to Season 6 of PSYCH, and, as the third episode discussed, suggests that it’s likely to be Episode 3 (whose […]