Don’t even think about moving out. You’re not gonna be able to find a cheap place anywhere in this town. Even your big, bad doctor couldn’t find a place. He’s living with Katie.

— Maddie (to Noah)

LuRe Links

Someone on LRO about whether any repository exists of Luke and Reid sites and it occurred to me that that is exactly the type of information I wanted this site to provide (ask me how many of these sites I have bookmarked? I have a dedicated browser just for my shipping because there are so many bookmarks they would prevent me from finding any of my work or rest-of-personal-life links!).

Please note: there are WAY too many great fan videos on YouTube, LiveJournal journals, wallpapers and banners, avis, screencaps and the like to list here so I hope you’ll forgive me if I’ve only listed a few truly exceptional and unusual examples. (Also – special thanks to the Nuke fans who love their couple so much that they included Reid in their internet archives – and no, I’m not being sarcastic; I really mean it!).

So, without further ado, I’m listing the best list of resources I know of.

This site!

Fan Forums

Actor fan pages

YouTube channels for the complete Luke and Reid story

Other useful YouTube channels for Luke and Reid fans

  • Smuchypush (best high-quality video of most important scenes in LuRe storyline)
  • BunchOfLemons (Reid Oliver Cartoon Saga)
  • TheESSCrew (all of Eric’s on-screen appearances – ads, guest spots, ATWT, films)
  • MarkDutchViewer (Luke’s story starting with Van’s first episode)
  • LukeVanFan (Luke’s story starting with Noah’s first episode – warning Andy HATES Reid)
  • Luke Snyder, This is Your (Love) Life playlist (highlights from Luke’s kidney crisis through Noah’s accident)




  • lure_atwt
  • lurebigbang 2011
  • noah_who
  • lure_taboo (writes co-mod Ripley on LRO, “don’t let the name throw you off! this community was created to give those stories that don’t quite fit on your typical lure fansites a…place for a different kind of lure story to be told. we encourage people to embrace the train and investigate other possibilities and depths in the lives of these characters, and their relationships with one another. you will find fix-it fics, moving-on fics, and stories that push the boundaries at times. while some stories may not have a luke & reid ending, we do consider ourselves to ultimately be a lure community and therefore all stories that are given the green light to be posted on our community are ones that we believe have a lure-centric heart (no pun intended). you will find stories that involve luke moving on with someone else (don’t worry, never noah, as that is specifically addressed in the rules!) or even reid with someone else (… sometimes noah. fair warning!). oh, and we are big fans of luresey (luke/reid/casey) ;D.”
  • van-hansis-fans
  • Lure Fic Masterlist (thanks to mamalaz & co.)

Actors’ Upcoming Projects

Character Bios


Charities supported by Van and Eric (I’m sure there are many more)

If you know any that are missing, please let me know via the contact page on this site, or by PM on LRO or

3 Responses to “LuRe Links”

  1. Justine says:

    🙁 All the youtube videos of their story on 5/6/10, 5/12/10, and 5/13/10 have been blocked by copyright. And the wetpaint links no longer work because of the whole megaupload fiasco. I’ve never seen any of those parts before and I was wondering where I can find them? To refresh people’s memories, those are the episodes where Luke and Reid ALMOST have a moment after Noah’s initial surgery failed…

    • lovelure says:

      Hi Justine – I just replied to your email as well, but this gives me an incentive to finally finish the video episode guide I meant to start with! Will let you know if I find a publicly available source to view them. What a bummer – could they have picked a more crucial episode to block? BTW – for anyone planning to blame P&G, for once, this isn’t their fault – the videos appear to be blocked by RTL in the Netherlands. 🙁

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