Reid: I save them. Each picture in here is of a patient that I lost. Not every patient, just the ones that, um —
Katie: Made you want to cry.

— Reid and Katie

Missouri in line to be the 10th state to ban “conversion therapy” for minors

It’s hard to believe it’s been around 10 years since Damian convinced Lily to send Luke off to the creepy conversion camp. Thankfully progress continues to be made to protect today’s LGBT youth:

In the past ten years, the insistence that one can, by sheer force of spiritual will, change one’s sexual orientation has fallen by the wayside of bad ideas. Medical associations condemned it. States banned it. In 2013, the largest religious organization advocating “gay conversion therapy” shuttered, with its founders, who were themselves gay men, apologizing for the damage they’d wrought.

…Under the provisions of a bill filed Wednesday by state Representative Tracy McCreery (D-Olivette), therapists would risk losing their state-issued licenses if they engage in “any form of conversion therapy of a minor.”…If the bill passes, Missouri would become the tenth state to prohibit licensed therapists from attempting to “cure” young people by turning them straight. Illinois passed its own ban in 2015.


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