Reid: Look, I realize that this is a small town and that your boyfriend may be the only blind guy within a 100-mile radius, but he’s not the only patient at this hospital.
Luke: Well, he’s the only one that you care about.

— Reid and Luke

Where/How to Watch Luke and Reid

After 54 years, As the World Turns aired its final episode on Friday, September 17th, 2010. Consequently, I have unpinned the pages on how to watch Luke and Reid via Broadcast or LiveStream, but will keep those posts on the site for posterity.

I’m in the process of creating an annotated viewing list featuring a combination of the clips from both channels on this website including recaps and highlights by episode. In the meantime, read on…

CBS/TeleNext Videos Being Removed

Almost immediately thereafter, As the World Turns producers TeleNext Media (a division of Procter & Gamble) announced that they will be discontinuing videos on YouTube and Hulu as of October 21, 2010. Complete story covered in the September 19th news post. UPDATE 23 Oct: Because there continues to be interest in this topic, I have moved this topic to its own, pinned reference page which you can find here.

This is not as big a deal as it might seem because to the best of my knowledge, they are leaving fan channels (like ADL’s and HappyInChintz’s Reid Oliver Story) alone. Moreover, they never made more than a limited number of episodes of ATWT available (mostly 2007 and 2008), they weren’t available abroad, and had very limited viewership.

P&G is actually the official “owner” of the shows, not CBS, so I am not sure if the videos will also be taken down from the CBS site at the same time (also not available outside the US).

The good news is, there are plenty of (much better) alternatives for getting your Luke and Reid fix via the Internet.

Watching/Downloading via the Internet

Ah, the Internet. What a wonderful, time-gobbling invention you are!

If you are unable to watch live because you’re unavailable, the TV/stream are unavailable, or it’s after September 17th, then There are several options for watching/downloading LuRe episodes from the internet.

The first site is the official CBS site. There, you can watch entire episodes, recaps, sneak peeks and previews. Depressingly, ATWT is suspiciously absent from CBS’s HD Videos listing even though Y&R and B&B are there. Viewing videos on this site is strictly restricted to the USA (I believe you cannot even watch from Canada) due to rights agreements with the various creative unions (SAG, writers, crew).

Most of the official CBS content can also be found on the official ATWT site, This includes previews, recaps, full episodes, and special features like behind-the-scenes clips and interviews.

Then there’s always YouTube (I love YouTube!) which offers several great options.

  • AnthonyDLangford’s YouTubeChannel is generally the fastest poster in the west, often with episode clips posted within 1-2 hours of initial airing on the east coast. Anthony has followed the Luke and Noah storyline for some time now, and also includes clips of Luke’s interactions outside of his Luke/Noah/Reid storyline (so, for example, more Luke with Damian, Holden, Faith, and Lily). For fanvid makers, Anthony’s clips also have the best blacks in the side wings – great if you’re picky about consistency. He is in the process of backfilling early episodes of Reid without Luke and Noah (back before we knew for sure Reid was gay and a potential love interest for Luke!).
  • Meggie (HappyInChintz72)’s YouTube Channel includes a playlist starting with Reid Oliver’s first episode and includes all of Reid’s scenes plus additional scenes with Luke and other characters that pertain to Reid and Luke’s story. The playlist can be played as one gigantic, glorious continuous stream. You can either use the above link, or if you subscribe to Meggie’s channel or otherwise visit it directly ( you can click on the Reid Oliver Story playlist on the right. Meggie’s videos come with great commentary, and are the most efficient way to catch up on the entire Luke and Reid story, as she includes fewer side stories, and no credits (opening or ending), like Anthony does.
  • Smuchshypush gives Anthony a run for his money for short clips, often posting short items within minutes of initial airing. This includes the next day/week’s previews, or major HIGHLIGHTS like the kisses. has unquestionably the highest quality clips of Luke and Reid on YouTube. Though several vidders post in Full HD, smuch has two big advantages – she recorded direct on PC with an HD tuner (as opposed to just about everybody else recorded via Tivo or DVR and had to transfer to PC) and she used a lossless editing program (VirtualDub or VirtualDubMod). This should buy her 1-2 generations of quality vs alternatives. If anyone else is using similar methods and I’ve neglected to mention them, please let me know and I will amend. Unfortunately, smuch did not record most early episodes (pre-Dallas) and is missing a few of the earlier episodes thereafter.
  • In addition, the ESS Crew and at least two other channels (those belonging to bombayhighway and stacerace, whose videos are trailer-free) offer a complete Luke and Reid clips archive (they are newer to me, so I just happen to be less familiar with them).

Watching YouTube Videos on (Endless) Loop

If you are prone to watching clips repeatedly (can’t imagine anyone in this fandome doing so….NOT), and have not downloaded the videos, there are alternative sites where you can set the videos to automatically loop. In both cases it is easies to first browse to the video you’d like to repeat in YouTube, and note it’s VIDEO_ID. The VIDEO_ID is a 11-character code which may include dashes or underscores and IS case sensitive. For example, for my Encouragement highlights video, the YouTube URL is https:/// The VIDEO_ID is M6gkdWGI644.  Once you have the VIDEO_ID, you can either edit the URL to use the repeat site’s or you can use their special features.

  • YouTube Repeat. This is the service that I am more familiar with, but it was down at time of posting.  The URL for the above clip would look like:  Just insert the word “repeat.”
  • This site has a lousy search engine (lots of videos come up when you search for “Luke and Reid” but with no detail so you can’t tell them apart. When I searched for some of my own fanvids, e.g., “Luke and Reid Want To” nothing comes up. So the best bet is to copy the video ID into the “Enter VIDEO_ID here…” box on the right. You can also enter timestamps for parts of longer videos you want to repeat either using the boxes provided, or in the URL. For example:

Downloading Without YouTube

Last, two sites for downloading clips directly:

  • An alternative if you just want to download without watching is Luke and Noah’s Story on wetpaint. Despite the site’s name, it does include LuRe-only episodes, but the big downside for LuRe fans is that you have to put up with the opening trailer of Nuke kisses. This site offers clips in WMV and FLV formats via Megaupload/Megavideo.
  • If you are interested in following As the World Turns in addition to just Luke and Reid’s story, a complete episode list with links to download complete episodes from MegaUpload can be found on These are mostly posted by Judith (a.k.a Dirklover) and are very large files (mostly about 300MB). You must sign up to be a board member in order to view the listing.

Click here for instructions on downloading videos from YouTube to your hard drive to keep.

Click here for instructions on converting/copying videos to your iPod from DVD/your hard drive.

4 Responses to “Where/How to Watch Luke and Reid”

  1. lovelure says:

    FYI, I have since received the following message via email from a repeat commenter:

    Hi LL,

    I just wanted to let you know that I did go onto and got in touch with Leslie who is selling the ROS on DVD.

    I just received the DVD’s yesterday and I am enjoying them very much. Some of the clips are not as clear as I would like while others are perfect.

    If ATWT released ROS on DVD they could make a fortune! They really are clueless. But then they always were when it came to Luke and Reid.
    Thank you for telling me about
    This is one of the best Christmas gifts ever!
    Merry Christmas!

  2. my love eric sheffer stevens i do anything anything to meet him my love

  3. Karen says:


    I really do enjoy your Website and your Fan Fiction “Simple Gifts”. I am glad you recently updated it – I had missed reading it.

    I wonder if you might be able to help me with something. I do not have a computer at home or internet access. I have to go to the library.
    I would so like to have “HappyInChintz’s Reid Oliver Story” on DVD so I can watch it in my own Home. Any ideas?

    Thank you so much for whatever help you can give me.

    Happy Holidays and looking forward to more chapters of “Simple Gifts”!

    Karen B

    • lovelure says:

      Hi Karen, Thanks for the kind words, and thanks for stopping by.

      Re: getting the ROS on DVD. You have my sympathies. I don’t know what I’d do without my computer. I’d probably beg and plead with some of the friends I’ve made in the fandom to convince them to send me set of DVDs.

      It’s a tough issue since P&G/Telenext own the intellectual property, I think a lot of people are hesitant to provide it on DVD (vs posting on download sites/YouTube) because of the cost involved of making/shipping the DVDs – if they ask for compensation, even just to cover out-of-pocket costs, it becomes a commercial transaction. I have had word that there is someone selling Luke and Reid DVDs on She initially included a markoup with profits going to charity (an animal shelter, I believe) but I am told she subsequently changed the beneficiary to LLRT when informed that they are fundraising. However, I have only received notice about this from one person and would like to receive independent confirmation (preferably from someone who frequents the fan sites) to verify that this is a legit deal, before I publicize it publicly here (how many of us would like a set for Christmas? Hands up, everyone!).

      If you’re desperate enough to be a guinea pig, you can find more details on the LRO thread “Collecting Memories.” You will need to be a registered member to read the thread. If you (or anyone else reading this comment) has a positive experience, please let me know!

      Alternatively, you can check out the LuRe DVD’s thread. There you can join the chorus of people who have indicated an interest in DVDs, and monitor any responses. Perhaps you could burn the DVDs yourself at the library (or a friend’s house) or convince a friend in the fandom to help out?

      Re: one caveat about happyinchintz72’s Reid Oliver Story. Happy’s channel is definitely one of my favorite channels, but she has only uploaded through the September 2nd episode. Although I know she intends to post the remaining episodes, I know she has also been quite busy with RL. If you want the ENTIRE story, for now at least, you will need a second source.

      For a single source for all episodes, you have several options including channels by AnthonyDLangford, BombayHighway, and StaceRace. But my preference for the best quality is definitely Smuchshypush’s channel. Though her episode offering is the sparsest, her quality (due to the technology she used) is MUCH better than anyone else’s. There are several YouTube channels claiming Full HD quality, but smuch’s is definitely the best. There is a bit more info available on the Where/How to Watch Luke and Reid post. Good luck!

      And yes, there will definitely more Simple Gifts – just in time for Christmas!


      ETA, 24 Feb 2011: FYI, Karen’s original comment and my reply were both originally posted on the About This Site page, but I’ve moved it here since it seems more relevant to this page. Thanks. -LL

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