I don’t blame you for wanting to keep a beautiful woman like Bubbles all to yourself.

— Reid (to Henry)

No Need to Panic | CBS/TeleNext Removing Videos from YouTube/Hulu; Fan Channels to Stay

This was originally published as part of the 19th September News and Updates, but people still keep asking about this on Facebook and message boards, so I have moved it here onto its own pinned reference page.

The concern is around reports of CBS/TeleNext removing videos from YouTube and Hulu. In mid-September, Telenext (P&G’s TV production arm) announced that they were removing their videos on 21st October 2010, causing mass panic among friends of their classic soaps: Guiding Light, Another World, and (of course!) As the World Turns. As of today, 23rd October, the YouTube channel is still active.

We Love Soaps breaks the news; confirms fan channels will stay

Although some have credited Daytime Confidential for breaking this story, they cite We Love Soaps as their source. This is consistent with the wording on the WeLoveSoaps.net site. On it, We Love Soaps posted:

WE LOVE SOAPS TV has received a number of inquiries about the status of the P&G soaps on YouTube and Hulu. Unfortunately we can now confirm that the P&G content ("classic" ANOTHER WORLD, AS THE WORLD TURNS and GUIDING LIGHT) will no longer be available on Hulu as of October 21. The content on the Telenext Media YouTube channel will discontinue at the end of September.

This announcement caused much panic among fans (myself included!) that I commented on the We Love Soaps page, and Roger Newcomb responded, almost immediately, that “this only applies to the Telenext Media channel on YouTube.” So fan channels should be unaffected.

Why it’s no big deal to Luke and Reid fans

So, to give you some idea how little impact this announcement will have, despite having nearly 1100 full episodes uploaded, the Telenext’s YouTube channel has a total of less than 800,000 views. Compare this with over nearly a million for HappyInChintz’s Reid Oliver Story channel (I bet she’ll hit a million before tonight!), (she did in fact hit 1 million on 19th September), 3.5 million for MarkDutchViewer, 5 million for AnthonyDLangford’s Gay Romance Channel , and 33 million for LukeVanFan. Smuchshypush, with only 355 videos uploaded, has almost 4 million views.

And it’s not surprising their channel hasn’t gotten a lot of hits. I didn’t look through every episode, but it looks like their “classic” ATWT episodes June 2007 to October 2008 on Hulu, and a subset of that on YouTube. Their YouTube channel is impossible to navigate. Even though they list over 1100 video uploads, they’ve only categorized about 160 for each of the other shows! If you search their channel by show, you can’t seem to sort by date, so they’re in pseudo random order.

Best as I can tell, what may eventually disappear are:

  • Another World – a good chunk of 1991 and 1992, and a small handful (fewer than a dozen) of 2007 and 2008 (so roughly 400)
  • As the World Turns – a good chunk of 2007 and 2008
  • Guiding Light – a good chunk of 2007  and 2008

There are several other sources on the internet for downloading complete ATWT episodes, and/or Luke and Reid clips which you can find here: Where/How to Watch Luke and Reid (it has been updated to reflect post-September 17th reality).

For starters, if you want to watch the complete finale, it has been posted on the TVSeriesFinale.com website (thanks to the ESS fan forum for the tip).

2 Responses to “No Need to Panic | CBS/TeleNext Removing Videos from YouTube/Hulu; Fan Channels to Stay”

  1. Lester Strickland says:

    I was shocked to see the little response you were talking about. OLTL could pick up the story lines even if they had to change the names. JP could write for them even PG does not want to continue their lives. Van and Eric deserve some happiness even though now it looks like PG is the ones who wanted ride of them. What can we do next.

    • lovelure says:

      Hi Lester, I wasn’t sure what “little response” you were referring to here. Little response to the “bring LuRe to OLTL” campaign ? Little response to the unhappy ending for Luke and Reid? I wasn’t sure what you were referring to since the comment is on the Telenext/YouTube post page. Or were you just shocked that I was making a big deal about something relatively insignificant?

      Anyhoo, I agree that OLTL could pick up the storyline, even with new names, but I doubt the magic would still be there. As much as I think Eric and Van were AMAZING as Luke and Reid, I’m personally skeptical that it would be the same (see: Otalia/Venice, When Harry Met Sally/You’ve Got Mail, Pretty Woman/Runaway Bride).

      As for “what can we do next”? If you’re referring to how to keep Luke and Reid, I’m afraid the answer is not much – other than using your imagination, watching YouTube, and reading fanfiction. The single biggest obstacle I would say is Eric’s reluctance to be tied down in a contract role, followed by Van’s reluctance to jump into another soap role without testing the waters and seeing what else is out there soon.

      Sorry to be a Debbie Downer on this one. If I’m misunderstanding your comments, though, let me know and I’ll amend my response. Thanks for stopping by!


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