Luke: Well, you got to find your own way back. You’re not using the Grimaldi jet.
Reid: Big shock. You didn’t get what you wanted from me. Now you’re taking your toys, and you’re going home. Have a nice life.

— Luke and Reid

PSYCH Season 6 Episode 3 (26 October 2011) | ‘This Episode Sucks’ photos

As we get closer to the air date for PSYCH’s Season 6 episode, ‘This Episode Sucks’ on USA Networks, more tidbits are available. The website has published several photos from the episode. There are two of lead guest star, Kristy ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ Swanson, and one of second marquee guest star, Corey ‘The Lost Boys’ Feldman, but none that are obviously Van (there’s a faceless torso in one, but I’d guess that’s one of the series regulars).

The Simply Television blog at Blogspot also has the same photos, and lists an airdate of Wednesday, 26th October.

Here are show stars James Roday and Dule Hill:


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