Okay, Noah. Tell your boyfriend you’ll see him later, ’cause you will.

— Reid (to Noah)

LoveLure’s Media: Luke and Reid Endgame Campaign Postcards

I’m back – well, I’m back on the ground, at any rate.  Twelve LONG hours later, I’m in the USA and someplace with steady broadband internet access again. So I’ll be posting more material over the next few days. For starters, I thought I’d make available the postcard designs I did for the LuRe Endgame campaign, as there is still the possibility that TPTB filmed multiple endings and are still undecided about the potential end for the show.

In case you’re not familiar with the Endgame campaign, while ATWT was still filming, many enthusiastic LuRe fans expended a lot of passion and effort trying to convince TPTB that Reid is a much better match for Luke than Noah, and that the show should end its run on September 17th, 2010 with Luke and Reid living happily ever after.

Although filming is now completed, I thought I’d upload some of the designs I put together in case anyone wants to have a look. I haven’t yet found a WordPress gallery that looks nice and offers high-res download capability, so for now, this is for online viewing only. But as soon as I find one, I’ll post in case you’re interested in printing and sending one along to the management at CBS/ATWT to let them know how you feel about the storyline. When I get high-res DVDs, I’ll may try to convert some to wallpapers as well.


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One Response to “LoveLure’s Media: Luke and Reid Endgame Campaign Postcards”

  1. liz says:

    i really love luke and reid
    of course with noah too , but
    i am so sad i think this is the end of luke and reid
    believe me i want cry
    i hope luke and reid being together at the end of “As The World Turns” …
    they are the perfect couple ever

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