Lily: He won’t take Noah’s case.
Damian: Well, then, offer him more money. Whatever he wants; it’s not a problem.

— Lily and Damian

News and Updates | September 19, 2010

How international is the LuRe fanbase? I had counted hits on my fanfics and YouTube channel for 30-some countries and estimated that the overseas following could be 30-40% overseas (outside of US and Canada). But just took a look at some of the detailed stats for this site: so far there have been visitors from 105 countries and territories (closer to 40% overseas).

Just more evidence that love is universal and “color”blind.

CBS/TeleNext Removing Videos from YouTube/Hulu

UPDATE, 23 Oct: The short story is there is no need to panic. CBS and P&G/Telenext (P&G’s TV production division) announced in mid-September that they would be removing videos from YouTube/Hulu as of 21st October. This applied only to their own videos from YouTube and Hulu and not fan channels like ADL’s or HappyInChintz’s Reid Oliver Story.

For ATWT, when I looked, they had only posted parts of 2007 and 2008, so no big loss. I just checked (as of 23 Oct) and they haven’t pulled the vids from YouTube yet.

This question keeps popping up on message forums and Facebook, so I’ve moved it to its own permanent reference page which you can now find here.

New ATWT Videos

In the meantime, there are two newer videos making the rounds. First, CBS released the tribute video shown at the Paley Center event in August. Although this has been available on the CBS site for several days, it was unavailable to those of us who lived overseas. It has since been posted by a few fans, including this one here, from OakdaleNow:

[tubepress video=0WNEMUUPuvQ title=false description=false]

Also, on Friday, CBS released a video of some scenes deleted from the finale. Having watched it, I have to say, I am really glad these were the ones abandoned. They largely just pile on the happy endings for questionably deserving characters, making the unfairness of the ending for Luke that much more glaring. Plus, they are definitely characters more on the periphery.

Specifically, it just piles on the gifts for Craig – Lily forgives him at the drop of a pin AND Rosanna says she’s not giving him a chance, but flirtatiously agrees to drinks with him. Parker and Faith flirt, and Faith (like Chris) continues to act like a self-absorbed, irresponsible, undeserving idiot…and they’re still cousins. Ewwwww…

So here it is, courtesy of soapalienTV:

[tubepress video=bWGTYcIiPb4 description=false title=false]

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