No, you heard me. I said that if Dr. Oliver doesn’t take my call, he’ll run the risk of losing his medical license. Yeah, I’ll hold. (to Damian) Are you sure this is gonna work?

— Luke (to Reid’s assistant)

Eric Sheffer Stevens wins TV Guide Canada’s Soap Opera Spirit Award | Including partial transcript of ESS call-in to Michael Fairman On-Air On-Soaps podcast

It’s official! In last night’s podcast on Michael Fairman’s On-Air On-Soaps, Nelson Branco revealed all the winners along with hosts Nadia Bjorlin and Carolyn Hennessey (I took my best guess when transcribing at which woman’s voice was which, so if I mixed them up, apologies).

The vast majority of the winners called in to give acceptance speeches, so the fact that Eric’s photo is featured in the Podcast post was a big hint! Highlights:

MF: [I’m] VERY happy about that. And the fans at On-Air On-Soaps will go crazy.

NB: Well, he deserved it! Sometimes, you know, an actor comes around and once in awhile sort of captures your imagination, and Sheffer Stevens did that. And he brought a little bit of Hugh Laurie – a GAY Hugh Laurie, I don’t know if that’s redundant or not – a gay Hugh Laurie to daytime. Laughter in background.

NadiaB: A one-of-a-kind original.

MF: You came on and nobody’s forgotten this role….You made such a mark. And I think Nelson and I would agree, it’s just a STAND OUT, remarkable performance.

ESS: I think I’m actually going with the Elevator episode…because it has a bunch of different sort of personalities all in one episode instead of just like playing one thing throughout. Um, there was a chance in that one to do a lot of different stuff. Some funny stuff, and some serious stuff, and some sexual tension with Luke, so I think that’s what I’m settled on.

ESS: [Van and I] talked a little bit before I was coming out to LA. You know. Just touching base a little bit. But we haven’t talked in a little bit.

ESS: I THINK [Silent House] will be out in the summer.

NB: He made the biggest impact. And again, I love actors who don’t go the traditional route with their performances….a breath of fresh air.

MF: I LOVED that Eric Sheffer Stevens won. I really have to tell you I hope you get to see his work some day on this show, or look at it on YouTube. It’s amazing.

Luke and Reid lost the best duo/couple category to Bold and the Beautiful’s Brooke and Stephanie. And Jonathan Jackson won the Supporting Actor category, with apparently no debate.

The podcast can be heard on MF’s site or you can download it from iTunes. Eric’s portion begins at 46:32. Woot woot!

Nelson Branco has posted the complete list of winners on the said that the complete list of winners (presumably with some of the thinking behind their selection) will be posted on the TV Guide Canada site by Thursday.

In the meantime, you can find a complete list of nominees (in podcast order) with winners highlighted here, and transcripts of relevant portions of intro/discussion and Eric’s call-in portion follow after the jump.

Michael Fairman’s podcast

In the podcast announcement, Michael notes:

During the presentation you will hear special guests from The Young and the Restless, Michael Muhney and Tricia Cast, As the World Turns, Eric Sheffer-Stevens, General Hospital’s, Lexi Ainsworth, to Venice and Days of our Lives star, Crystal Chappell and many more.

This was a BIG hint as to who the winners were!

He has since posted time-stamps for all of the interviews (thank you, Michael!).


Second annual podcast presentation of the fourth annual Soap Opera Spirit Awards.

7:05 The selection process

MF: So, Nelson, tell us quickly how the winners were chosen and the nominees determined.

NB: Well, my soap editor, Jeannete Wilford (?) and I – we chose the nominees – and we submitted a few (five or six) YouTube clips to the rest of our editors and we chose the winners. It’s not very complicated (Hello, NATAS!).

MF: Dig, dig. We’re celebrating SOS today, not Emmys.

NB: It’s the body of work throughout the year, so it’s not just based on one or two episodes. It’s based on the whole year.

MF: So you’re picking the entire body of work for the performances.

15:38 On Supporting Actors and Actresses (Actress was presented much earlier in the show)

NB: As you know, the Supporting categories….are always the toughest. There are no small parts. To support a story and sort of steal the scene – it’s really quite a gift.

18:43 Outstanding Performance by a Duo

Although Luke and Reid (along with Lucinda and John) were both nominated for Outstanding Performance by a Duo, but lost out to Susan Flannery and Katherine Kelly Lang’s Stephanie and Brooke’s love/hate relationship (and let’s face it – there’s a lot more hate between those two than Luke and Reid ever had!).

NB: It’s really tough. But at the end of the day I think Susan Flannery and Katherine Kelly Lang who won the Soap Opera Spirit Award for Outstanding Performance by a Duo really came out ahead of the rest. ‘Cause anyone who’s watched the homeless storyline and they took a 20-year rivalry with a few moments of love in between there, but really took their rivalry and made it a friendship and it’s sorta still going on, which is quite shocking. The fact that they can play all those beats – the hatred, the jealousy and sort of just admit to each other that they love each other while keeping their own unique characters is unique. And that’s amazing….I think they’re one of the great love stories of soap’s history. Do you agree?

MF: I agree.

45:15 Outstanding Male Actor in a Recurring Role or Guest-Star Role

MF: Now, for the Outstanding Male Actor in a Recurring Role or Guest-Star Role. The nominees are…Eric Sheffer Stevens (Reid, As the World Turns).

CH: Christian Alexander (ex-Kiefer, General Hospital)

NadiaB: Daniel Benzali (Theo/The Balkan, General Hospital)

MF: Josh Wingate (ex-Carter, General Hospital)

CH: Tuc Watkins (David, One Life to Live)

NajdaB: John Wesley Shipp (ex-Eddie, One Life to Live)

MF: And Tristan Rogers (Colin, The Young and the Restless). All right, Nelson, make me happy! Who won the SOS award?  Drum roll….

NB: This was another tough one. As Carolyn knows, Daniel Benzali is pretty frickin’ incomparable. But at the end of the day, for the first time since the inception of the Soap Opera Spirit Awards (the last three years), Tuc Watkins has not won. The winner is Eric Sheffer Stevens.

MF: A might good choice, may I say. CH cheers in background.

CH: Very nicely done.

MF: VERY happy about that. And the fans at On-Air On-Soaps will go crazy.

NB: Well, he deserved it! Sometimes, you know, an actor comes around and once in awhile sort of captures your imagination, and Sheffer Stevens did that. And he brought a little bit of Hugh Laurie – a GAY Hugh Laurie, I don’t know if that’s redundant or not – a gay Hugh Laurie to daytime. Laughter in background.

NadiaB: Nelson, well, as a matter of fact, we have discussed that Eric Sheffer Stevens was truly a one-of-a-kind original whose on-screen life as Doctor Reid Oliver got derailed by a oncoming train and the cancellation of the beloved As the World Turns.

MF: It was derailed.

NadiaB: But, he is with us today! The VERY talented Eric Sheffer Stevens. Congratulations, my dear, on your SOS Award!

ESS: Thank you! I’m thrilled. It’s very kind and generous and wonderful. Thanks, everybody.

MF: I mean, you came on and nobody’s forgotten this role. You know what I’m saying? Even though the show’s been cancelled, you came on with such gangbusters, you made such a mark. And I think Nelson and I would agree, it’s just a STAND OUT, remarkable performance.

ESS: That’s VERY nice. Thank you, so much! Seriously, I’m really honored by this! This is very surprising and incredibly nice.

MF: Are you still hearing a lot from the fans, like “Where are you? We want you somewhere on daytime?”

ESS: Laughs. Um, I hear that from time to time? Um, yeah.

MF: So, are you getting ready to decide what reel you’re gonna submit for the Emmys?

ESS: Um, that’s a different question. Laughs. I dunno. Uh, yeah, I guess.

CH: Well good for you.

NB: You do have a LOT of material to choose from and you could go either way. The death scenes, the subtle stuff, the snarky stuff. I don’t envy you. You have a lot to choose from.

ESS: Well, what would you – you have any suggestions?

NB: I definitely would NOT – I don’t know if I’d go with the death stuff, but I definitely would do some of the falling-in-love-with-Luke and sort of fighting and resisting that. There are so many layers there and you played that so brilliantly. So, um, I dunno. I’d have to watch all of the reels again but go with your gut. That’s what I always say.

CH: Nelson.

ESS: I think I’m actually going with the Elevator episode.

MF: I love the Elevator episode. I was gonna say the Elevator episode because when you and I talked about that…

ESS: Well, because it has a bunch of different sort of personalities all in one episode instead of just like playing one thing throughout. Um, there was a chance in that one to do a lot of different stuff. Some funny stuff, and some serious stuff, and some sexual tension with Luke, so I think that’s what I’m settled on.

MF: Have you talked to Van Hansis at all?

ESS: I haven’t, no. Corrects himself. We talked a little bit before I was coming out to LA. You know. Just touching base a little bit. But we haven’t talked in a little bit.

MF: So is Lefty Loosey Righty Tighty coming out?

ESS: You know, I don’t know what’s going on with that. Um, it doesn’t have a distributor. They’re still editing. And I think, last I heard, which was just two weeks ago, they were really pushing for the deadline for the LA Film Festival. And I haven’t checked in to see if they made it or not. But the horror film, Silent House, that I did with Lizzie Olsen and Adam Treacy – that got picked up, I think by Lionsgate. And I THINK will be out in the summer.

LoveLure’s notes: The Crew at reported a couple of days ago that the LLRT folks DEFINITELY submitted to the LA festival. And while ABC News reported that Lionsgate picked up Silent House, they were WRONG (Lionsgate bought Open Water; Mickey Liddell bought Silent House)! Let’s hope he’s at least right about Silent House being released this summer!

CH: Fantastic. Well, Eric, congratulations. Many, many kudos to you.

MF: We MEES (miss) you! We MEES you! We MEES you!

CH: Good luck picking a reel.

ESS: It was so nice talking to you again!

MF: We MEES you! We’ll talk to you soon. Good luck. And hopefully we’ll see you at the Emmys…with your SOS Award!

ESS: Yes, well, thank you, guys, once again. I really honestly mean it. And I’m VERY appreciative. Thank you very much.

MF: Have a great day. Thanks, Eric.

ESS: All right, take care, guys. Bye.

MF: Bye.  Yes, I was just gonna say, Nelson, what I was trying to get to was when you said the oncoming train thing, you know he was smashed by an oncoming train….

CH: Right.

MF: And then the show got cancelled. And he STILL won an award, goddamnit.

CH: That’s just…


MF: That’s the point. He was smashed by a train and he won an award. Good choice, Nelson!

NB: Thank you. It was hard. You know, Daniel Benzali and Tuc Watkins and Tristan…I mean, it’s tough. But he made the biggest impact. And again, I love actors who don’t go the traditional route with their performances. I don’t know if that makes sense? He was sort of like Michael Muhney and he brought really a breath of fresh air.

CH: No, it makes sense. I think we all understand.

MF: Absolutely.

57:52 Outstanding Supporting Actor

NB: It’s a hard category, but NOT. Y’know?

MF: It’s a hard category, but not. I agree.

NB: Drum roll. The SOS Award goes to Jonathan Jackson, Lucky on General Hospital.

MF: Absolutely.

NB: I mean, it’s pretty, he owned this race, what, in February of last year? A month, two months into it. Anybody who’s saw those scenes where he found out that Liz…

MF: That Liz is a tramp…

NB: …betrayed him with him own brother…we just everything that acting’s about.

CH: It was amazing.

NB: It was uncomfortable and it was real. And his eyes. I mean, I just never forget his eyes.

MF: And everybody does the sober-drunk, drunk-sober, sober-drunk. It’s like one of those things now people remember because he says that line and people go “oh, you mean the sober-drunk drunk-sober scene?”

CH: Mmm hmm.

MF: It’s so indelved (?) in my mind, just like a Judith Light court scene.

CH: Mmm hmm.

MF: It’s almost up there with. It’s SO remarkable.

NB: I think Judith Light…

MF: Judith Light and the court room-esque.

NB: And I actually sent that episode to many of my friends in the industry who didn’t necessarily watch GH or watch all the shows and they were like, “WOW.” That’s the kind of scene, and he’s the kind of actor that I would show someone who was soap-phobic. Like “Oh, you watch SOAPS? They’re bad actors.” You know, those soap-phobic people. And I would d show that scene.

MF: Nadia, you were nodding to me when he said Jonathan Jackson’s name. You know the scene?

NadiaB: Yeah! I actually watched that whole few episodes, like a week’s worth.

MF: Amazing.

NadiaB: Because I heard how great it was.

MF: What’dja think?

NadiaB: I made sure to watch it. I thought he was incredible. Unbelievable. I remember going on YouTube later and showing it to Brandon because it was just SO good.

CH: And Nelson’s right – it’s ALL in the eyes.

NadiaB: Yeah.

MF: And it was red, puffy, teared up. Beautiful.

NadiaB: I just thought all of his choices were spot-on. He was just incredible.

NB: I just did NOT want to be Liz. Laughs. I did not want to be Liz in that moment.

MF: It was all beautifully done. The writing was actually good, too.

NB: Yeah, it was great. I mean, GH was AWESOME the first six months of last year, like totally perfect. And I mean, I have to say, Jonathan Jackson was pre-nominated for an Emmy obviously and I think this is a lock of what he’s gonna submit. I mean, if he does NOT submit that scene, that episode, I mean, he’s obviously on crack!

CH: He’s Charlie Sheen.

NB: But I think it’s obvious he’s gonna submit that. And he’s gonna win. He’s totally gonna win, I think.

1:04:00 Outstanding Head Writer and Best Soap Opera (Selected the right way!)

NB: The SOS Award for Outstanding Head Writer in a soap opera goes to Crystal Chappell, Venice.

All: Cheering.

NB: The first actor to win this award. And it was tough competition. I have to say that Venice was the only soap that was really consistent. GH was great for the first six months, the last six months, eh. The same thing with Bold and the Beautiful. The last six months were awesome, but since this is not based on one reel….

MF: This is the writing, right?

NB: …or one episode. The writing, yeah. Venice is pretty consistent and awesome. It took all the classic elements of soap opera, but grounded it in some reality. And to me, made it MORE fascinating than returns from the dead and mob stories. I just thought it was everything I wanted soaps, or thought soaps could be and she sort of realized it and took the audience seriously. And wrote character-driven storylines and had a little bit of cookies (?) stuff in there. I’m really proud of what she’s done and sort of has taken Guiding Light’s legacy to a new place. And I included web soaps into the traditional soap categories because there are no more other soaps to nominate! But these web soaps need to be taken seriously and they are the future.

CH: Bravo.

All: Excellent.

Note: Nelson notes that Crystal Chappell is the first actor to win this award in the SOS’s four-year history. It’s important to note that in this, the first year that web soaps were allowed into the competition, Michael O’Leary (Rick from Guiding Light) was also nominated…and no one from ATWT got a nomination. I think this is notable because LuRe fans have bemoaned the fact that the same old same old crew (including Christopher Goutman and Jean Passanante) keep getting hired and shuffled from show to show, so there’s never new blood or inspiration. I think the fact that the web soaps are starting from scratch (and doing well!) shows that if given a chance, new blood will do new and interesting things. I have only seen the pilot for Season 1 of Venice, and none of Steamboat, but I know the two are VERY different, so it’s not just a matter of them rehashing their old storylines in a new medium – they’re both taking this in new creative directions.

Venice also went on to win the Best Soap Opera category.

NB: [For] the same reasons as the writing. I think from a production standpoint, it looks even better than most soaps. And the direction, the acting, the locations. Everything. The costumes, the music, the composition. The way the viewers are involved in the production of the show, and how they have a say. There are a myriad of reasons why Venice won. But I think it’s the future and the consistency. And it’s really just taking the art  form seriously.

MF: Well, it looked beautiful. The acting was magnificent and beautiful. The stories? You wanted to know what was going to happen next. And season 2 was like a turnaround; it just really lifted it to a new level. It’s a very good choice.

NB: And it had everything. Love stories, villains, and character-driven storylines.

MF: And girls having sex!

NB: And girls having sex.

CH: Why haven’t I been on this show?….Nelson, you and I have talked at length before about the maybe impending demise of televised soap operas, soaps on television. But, as I think you and I have also talked about, soaps aren’t going anywhere. The delivery method may change, but people want good stories. They want to be told a fantastic tale. And if it’s going to the web? Hey, okay, it’s going to the web. But they’re not going anywhere.

NadiaB: Absolutely.

NB: I mean, soap operas were created by Charles Dickens. It’s continuing drama. The story doesn’t end.

1:13:40 Soap Opera Spirit Awards and the Emmy process

MF: Well, Nelson, thank you SO much for again doing this for the industry and recognizing the talent and the people and the performers and the shows. We need as much recognition in daytime. And it’s so appreciated that you do this every year. And we just think you’re great. And thank you for doing this and for honoring these peeps.

NB: Well, thank you. And thank you for hosting it. I just wanted to prove that an awards show could be done properly…It’s not that hard, NATAS, to honor the right people and the right roles in the right category at the right time. It’s just that hard. It’s not curing cancer. So my intent was always to do this during the Emmy nomination process and hopefully have a little bit of influence. Clearly I don’t, or we don’t. Hopefully next year NATAS will let the web shows compete, too. I think that would be really interesting.

MF: And I think the journalists should do the first round of voting for the pre-noms.

CH: I agree.

MF: You know, I was talking to some people and, very quickly, they quickly said to me (the actress said to me), “You know, I have this ballot and I don’t know who any of these names are.” They don’t even put faces or pictures next to their names, so I don’t know who I’m picking! And that’s where the problem lies.

NB: I have to say, actors like Nadia and Carolyn, they’re very well versed in the industry so it’s great that they’re hosting this, because they actually DO watch. And can you imagine if the film industry and the primetime industry didn’t watch their competition? Their own business? It just doesn’t make sense. I mean, it’s not that hard! There are only six soaps left. I mean, watch an episode a month and you’ll figure out who’s a good actor or not.

All: Exactly!

MF: Nelson, we’re gonna post the podcast, and the day after it’s posted, they can go to TV Guide Canada for the rest of the winners, ‘cause there’s actually more categories. We did 13 categories, and how many are there total? 26?

NB: I don’t even know.

MF: Let’s just say 26.

CH: There are MORE.

1:16:00 Recap

MF: So, what did you think? Of the whole show?

CH: Well, I think there were some surprises.

MF: Absolutely.

CH: I think there were some non-surprises, some definite “we all expected” (for instance, Jonathan Jackson), why not, absolutely?

MF: And some weird acceptance speeches.

CH: And some bizarre Sheen-esque acceptance speeches, but more power to ‘em.

MF: Actually, I think that a lot of his picks were great. I LOVED that Eric Sheffer Stevens won. I really have to tell you I hope you get to see his work some day on this show, or look at it on YouTube. It’s amazing….Crystal, and Nadia. And Jonathan Jackson is a definite, for me….

LoveLure’s view on web soaps

To be fair, I don’t think it’s fair to put web soaps in the same category as televised dramas. Nelson accurately singles out Venice for “consistency,” but that SHOULD be a given.

For starters, the daily televised soaps put out 200-some episodes per year, at 40-some minutes per episode. I can’t seem to find a Season 2 Venice Episode Guide, but in season 1, there were only 12, and I think the same is true of episode 12.  The pilot episode was only 6 minutes long, and (again, haven’t been able to confirm yet) the Season 2 episodes are reported on fan forums to be in the 12-minute range. That’s 144 minutes of TOTAL screen time for Season 2. I have to believe there were 144 minutes of equal quality buried within most of the televised soaps – the problem is you have to sit through the other 200-some hours of crud to get to it!

I’ve said it before on the subject of soap writing and fanfics. There is simply a law of small quantities at work here. It takes much less time (not less effort, and perhaps much more effort on a per-minute of finished product), to produce less output.

Similarly, though web soaps are known for being done on “shoestring” budgets, their budgets cover 144 minutes, whereas the daily soaps have to stretch their relatively big budgets over enormous casts and 200-some episodes.

Plus, there are very different drivers at play here. Web soaps are mostly subscription-only. If the producers want to cover their costs, they need to produce enough high-quality product (i.le., show) to entice viewers to pay up-front to watch.

OTOH, most people forget that for daytime serials, the product is NOT quality drama. It’s us. WE are the product. Because, if you remember, the people who are paying the bills are not us, but the advertisers. So the goal of soap producers is not necessarily to produce the best quality soap (though in theory, if they built it, we would come), but that which will generate the most viewers of the right demographics.

The Oscars have separate categories for feature films and “shorts” to recognize the dichotomy between budgets and duration. I think web soaps should be recognized for their contribution to the art, and arguably that they are a better and higher quality product. But I think judging the head to head against the TV soaps is an apples to oranges comparison, and not fair.

I mean, let’s face it. There are feature films that run longer than 144 minutes. I don’t think anyone would consider putting Million Dollar Baby up against the daily soaps. Equally, I don’t think it makes sense to put the web soaps in the same category as the daily soaps.

Jonathan Jackson and Eric’s Elevator Scene

In case you haven’t seen these reels already, since they were both mentioned in this podcast, I’m reposting the links to Eric’s Elevator Scene, and Jonathan Jackson’s “Liz confrontation scene.” Happy viewing!

Eric Sheffer Stevens, The Elevator episode: 29th March 2010 – Luke reminds Reid about the meeting at the Lakeview and they talk about the wing as they get on the elevator, before they get stuck. When they’re finally released, Reid hands Luke his coat and goes to save Dusty, leaving a shocked Janet and Carly in his wake. After Dusty’s successful surgery Reid and Luke share a moment before Reid gets served with papers.

[tubepress video=HZTznN5yuZs title=false description=false]

[tubepress video=nnL5VIyemd4 title=false description=false]

Jonathan Jackson, Lucky rips Liz a new one, 25th January 2010 – Lucky confronts Liz about her affair with his brother.

[tubepress video=P65mSB0YOC0 title=false description=false]

[tubepress video=micmk57GRfs title=false description=false]

[tubepress video=SC3AU56PYkY title=false description=false]

LoveLure’s thoughts on the Emmy Process

Last, I was just posting my comments on Michael Fairman’s site and thought I’d reproduce part here because I think this is an interesting problem. I wrote:

I agree – the Emmy process is broken. I know many of the actors don’t even watch their own shows, much less the other shows, and given that many shows still don’t credit the actors in the opening credits, it would be really difficult for anyone to week through all the pre-noms to make an informed decision – unless their job is to cover soaps. ALL soaps.

It is not unusual for journalists to be the arbiters in other fields. For example, in Major League Baseball, it is the Baseball Writers Association of America (BBWAA) who vote for the major year-end accolades (MVP, Cy Young, Rookie of the Year) as well as the all-important Hall of Fame inductees – though of course, their selections are not without controversy as well.  Having a two step process where the journalists cull through the myriads of candidates, and having the peers make final selections based on the actual reels seems to me to be a good compromise.

Just to build on this a bit more. It was a BIG deal when Y&R started including actors’ credits in their opening title sequence in 2001. According to Wiki, the only soaps that do so are Y&R, B&B, and GH.

4 Responses to “Eric Sheffer Stevens wins TV Guide Canada’s Soap Opera Spirit Award | Including partial transcript of ESS call-in to Michael Fairman On-Air On-Soaps podcast”

  1. lucas says:

    Thank you for post ESS’s postcast, I’m so excited.

  2. mmc says:

    Thanks for the reply lovelure….I’m not certain about Nelson Branco not being a Van fan, I’ve heard it more than once but I won’t condemn him unless I know for sure.It just seems so odd that Van has been so underappreciated lately.It makes me crazy because I think 2010 was the year he should have been recognized.I feel sad for him….he deserved better.This is a gorgeous man who can act and who is a kind and decent guy from everything I’ve seen and read…..As far as Brooke/ Stephanie duo I found they were too much of the same old, same old.The homeless storyline and the cancer storyline was good but not as good as the Luke/ Reid story.As i said before, as a very long ATWT watcher and a watcher of other soaps , I was mesmeized by the Luke / Reid story.i have never loved a couple like I loved them.we owe that to Van and Eric….nobody else could have made us love them .So I think they , more than anyone else deserved to be best duo. And I have to say, my Husband is so tired of hearing about Luke and Reid and Van and Eric.But in his defense, he does humor me and for that i’m grateful.

  3. mmc says:

    I’m happy for Eric …his character was so unique and deserves to be recognized.Having said that I’m wondering why Van has been so overlooked….i read on several other posts that Nelson Branco has never been a Van fan and also not a fan of some other actors and has never given Van the recognition he deserved.I’m not saying this is true but i’m tired of him seeming to be overlooked.The Luke /Reid story was my favorite of all time and I love both actors but i always thought that Van was so real and so brilliant.I felt these two actors completed each other.And while Reid was a joy to watch to me Van was so much more consistent and he could stand on his own and has for 5 years.I feel sad and we haven’t heard too much about him lately and that’s a tragedy.I wish him the best.I also can’t believe that the Brooke/ Stephanie duo won over Luke /Reid.I have been a soap fan for most of my life and I never loved and appreciated a couple like Luke and Reid….the love and the chemistry was unlike anything I had ever seen.LuRe will always be number 1 with me!

    • lovelure says:

      I’ve read posts that Nelson Branco “isn’t a Van fan” as well, but I’m not sure I believe that. Van did receive an Outstanding Younger Actor SOS nomination in 2008 and in 2009. In 2008, the award went to Tom Pelphrey (the Tammy death scene), which like the Jonathan Jackson scene this year was one of the most talked-about episodes of the year, so it’s hard to fault him for that pick. I don’t know anything about his other nominees in 2009 (including winner Brandon Buddy as Cole Thornhart, OLTL) so I can’t really comment on them.

      If you look at Nelson’s past Daytime Emmy predictions, he picked Van over Tom Pelphrey in 2007. In 2008 and 2009, he picked eventual winners Tom Pelphrey and Jeff Branson, so it would be hard for me to look at that and say that’s blatant bias. It’s easy to pick on Nelson for leaving Van off the list this year, but to be fair, Nelson is not the only pundit who seems to have the blinders on regarding Van. So, I’m not sure it’s fair to judge his bias based on this information. Like with the accusations of Susan Dansby’s pro-Nuke bias, I’m prepared to withhold judgment until someone offers more concrete proof.

      As for Brooke/Stephanie, personally I hate the relationship, and I haven’t seen the homeless arc (though like Jonathan Jackson, it’s gotten a LOT of buzz this year, so I may need to go have a look). But I do believe the two actresses play very well off each other and do a lot with what they’re given (too often Stephanie is written as a mustache twirler, and Brooke as a hussy). Their relationship has a lot of complexity (not to mention TONS of airtime) that does indeed span the gamut of emotions. It’s a totally different relationship from the romance, so it was an interesting choice as the category was Best Duo (not necessarily best couple).

      In the meantime, I keep hoping that Van is shooting for the stars and that we’ll see him in some big, meaty role….soon!

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