What makes you think that I can just drop everything and fly out to uh…where the hell is Oakdale?

— Reid (to Luke)

Happy Birthday, Eric! Plus some cool auction goodies available!

Sorry for the late post, folks, but couldn’t let the day go by unnoticed!

Today is Eric Sheffer Stevens’s 39th birthday, so feel free to pop by the ESS.com fan forum to add a wish to the birthday thread. You can see the Happy Birthday, Eric signs in slideshow form on the home page, or  individually in the gallery (looks great, guys!). GREAT international representation again!

In the meantime, the Crew at ESS.com are helping to coordinate a very special auction of ESS memorabilia:

Eric has generously signed and donated two unique ATWT items to be auctioned to benefit the Vermont Shakespeare Company. The first is Dr. Reid Oliver’s Harvard Diploma, which was seen on the wall of his Dallas office on the first day Reid was on our screens. The second is a script (episode #13,851…air date Sept. 7,2010) The final script for Reid’s character. The script is 82 pages long plus has some cover pages. So something from the first day and the last day of this amazing character.



Details on the bidding process, plus observations on the diploma after the jump.

Bidding details, from the ESS crew:

All bids should be emailed to ESS.com. The email address is k.5weet@yahoo.comor just click “Contact Us” in the top right corner. Please write VSC Auction Bid in the Subject box. All bids will be forwarded to the Auction Organizers. Bidding starts NOW and ends JUNE 26 at 2pm.The bids (but not the bidder) will be posted as they are received, on the ESS Fan Forum so you can be kept up to date of the top bid. The winners will be announced at the private screening of LLRT in New York where members of the Vermont Shakespeare Company will be present.

**Please note: Paypal will be set up for payment and the winners will also be responsible for shipping costs. This is NOT related to the LLRT Premiere or Incentives.

As these are very unique items bidding starts at $250 for each.

Being the complete LuRe wonk that I am, I took a closer look at the photos of the diploma and found:

  • The Harvard diploma is most likely a Harvard College diploma. The professional schools have different wording, though it’s strange that they left off the degree conferred! That would make this an undergrad diploma, not medical school! I did a big cartwheel since that’s the backstory I gave Reid in my fanfic (Simple Gifts – and yes, there is more coming!)
  • But then I did the math. It’s dated 1972. If Reid graduated from college in ’72 at 22 – that would have made him born in 1950 – making him 60 in 2010! Even if he graduated at 16 (which a guy in my class did) that would still make him in his 50s! Ewww….
  • Harvard Commencement is typically the first week in June (there are so many universities in Boston that they have to coordinate else there would be no hotel rooms and no folding chairs available!) so that was probably a real graduation date. But I think the 5th is the wrong day of the week.
  • At first I thought this might be a copy of a real diploma where they just changed the name. This made me do a little more fun Googling. The president of the University in 1972 was Derek Bok – I don’t think that’s the name on the President line. So given that Eric signed one of the lines – can anyone make out the other three signatures?
  • Some other eagle-eyed observers on the fan forum noted that:
  • Eric’s signature on the diploma is on a line reading “Distant Cousin”
  • The Harvard diploma is in English. Wrote ladysalieri, “Apparently Harvard switched to English in the 1960s, and there was a bit of a riot about it from the graduates. Apparently, Harvard Law still issues diplomas in Latin. As Spock would say: FASCINATING!” I used to babysit for one of my high school teachers, and he had his all-Latin diploma in his basement office, so I can vouch for that part of the story!

As of 8.41pm GMT today when I started this post (Eric’s birthday), the current bid on the script was $300, and it’s $310 on the diploma.

My internet connection was flaky and I didn’t get a chance to post this. Just checked again, and it’s up to $450 on each item (1.09am on June 20th)!  Woo hoo, ESS fans!

P.S. Snicks sends his regards!

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