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— Reid (to Katie)

FOX posts ‘I Hate My Teenage Daughter’ First Look Trailer on YouTube

SO MUCH news today! Now this, from the FoxBroadcasting YouTube site:

[tubepress video=FQyB5ii4o3Y title=false description=false]

Cue to 0:53 for Eric.

[spoiler]Wow, definitely NOT Reid – though there’s a moment he takes a sip of coffee at the right edge of the screen and it reminded me of Reid eating cookies at Emma’s on August 9th before the Molden wedding).

The other observation is that there sure was a LOT of Kevin Rahm (and not so much Eric :(). I saw a lot of situational set-up for their romantic relationships, but personally, not much chemistry. In the meantime, Aisha Dee seemed to be the stronger of the two daughters (I barely noticed Kristi Lauren’s Sophie) and Aisha certainly has that bitchy mean girl snarl look down pat! Yow, is her character nasty!

Like Silent House, Twitter responses so far are ALL OVER THE PLACE with love it and hate it tweets. Should be an interesting 13 weeks….[/spoiler]

ETA, 17 May 9.16am GMT: It’s been virtually impossible to keep up with the deluge of news reports (which are largely quotes of what was presumably FOX’s original press release), but the Zap2It has one of the few original thoughts I’ve seen on the show (as posted on the Chicago Tribune’s site):

This season, FOX met success with "Raising Hope," a comedy about hilariously bad parenting — and they’re sticking to it with "I Hate My Teenage Daughter." "That’s a title, not a statement," jokes FOX entertainment president Kevin Reilly. Don’t worry… the show looks to be much funnier than he is. For the coveted post-"X-Factor" Wednesday spot, Reilly says that they sought out a sitcom with a "relatable hook, with a strong female appeal at its core, and a live audience to match the energy coming off the X-Factor."

…The preview shown at the Upfront presentation relied heavily on physical comedy…but we’re intrigued by the romantic tension between (Jaime) Pressly’s character and Kevin Rahm, who plays her daughter’s father’s brother. It’s awkwardly adorable.

Busy day!

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  1. i’ve already watched it twice, will watch it many more times before the show airs.

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