Reid: You broke your date to defend my honor?
Katie: Something like that.
Reid: You didn’t have to do that. I already paid him back.
Katie: I know. That wasn’t so nice, either.

— Reid and Katie

News and Updates: September 10, 2010

As a fandom, we’ve spent a lot of time speculating, dissecting, blasting, and lamenting both the endgame and our own reactions as a fanbase. Things have been pretty dark and dreary for the last month or so (with snicks’ ever-wonderful liveblog being the primary exception). I thought it was time to try to revisit the roots of why so many of us fell in love with LuRe, so I’ve taken down the “Will you watch until the end” poll. Now that we’ve got our definitive list of kisses, :(, I’d like to reintroduce some of the frivolity that used to dominate LuRe debates: Which is your favorite kiss?

Speaking of polls, in the regular bi-weekly SID, poll, the ATWT question of the week is: Were you satisfied with the way things ended? Don’t be shy, everyone – vote early, and vote often!

Meanwhile, Karen Riel’s (Soap Opera Source) latest column discusses The Agony of Reid Oliver’s Demise. Once again, I agree with her every word, as she so articulately makes several of the key arguments about why this endgame is so lame on so many fronts (trust me, she says it much better than that – definitely worth a visit). Moreover, her writing inspires eloquent comments, which are also a therapeutic read).

Greg Hernandez, who blogs about gays in show business, gave a shout out to the ESS/Doctors without Borders campaign yesterday (which, BTW, now stands at $15,675).  Snicks mentions it in Thursday’s briefs, and Nelson Branco gives it a nod as well in this week’s Suds Report (which also, incidentally, includes a scathing and well-deserved tar-and-feathering of ATWT Executive Producer Christopher Goutman).  Plus check this out for a lighthearted take on the matter, courtesy of BooksMiss:

[tubepress video=Ny4v3z1lyGk title=false description=false]

In his blog at, Joe Diliberto wrote about Van Hansis: “His performance was an epic and worthy swansong — and so far, clearly the best thing about the end of ATWT.”

Michael Fairman, who of course is on top of everything in soaps, has a recent post announcing an ABC Daytime fundraiser at the Gay & Lesbian Center in Los Angeles.

If any of you live in LA and either follow the ABC soaps or are invested in LGBT storytelling on daytime (yeah, I know – many of us have thrown our hands up and said "never again" or "why bother”, but in case you’re still optimistic), then this might be of interest. ABC Daytime stars will appear in Kander & Ebb’s award-winning musical revue, The World Goes ‘Round on October 7, 9 and 10; net proceeds will raise much needed funds for its Jeffrey Goodman Special Care Clinic. Writes Michael:

The three show engagement will feature hosts  from (the three shows, I think)…. Each host will welcome the audience, take questions and offer exclusive storyline previews for future episodes of  All My Children, General Hospital and One Life to Live!…

ABC Daytime has a long standing history and commitment to telling stories that represent the honest portrayal of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people on their television shows. Their groundbreaking All My Children storyline featured Erica Kane’s daughter, Bianca, as the first longstanding character to come out on daytime television. In the years since, ABC’s daytime programming has consistently been in the forefront of presenting realistic, as well as entertaining, LGBT characters.

Now, personally, I’m a lifelong CBS girl (much to my consternation at this point), but I have learned enough about Kish during my LuRe shipping to conclude that ABC’s "long standing history and commitment" was skewered by many of the same fears and prejudices that led to what we saw on our screens this week. So, if anyone is in the area and wants to hear what ABC has to say on the subject (remember, Jean Passanante is now at OLTL and CG is rumored to be heading to ABC) and/or wants to let management at some of the surviving soaps know how fans REALLY feel about gays in daytime, here’s your chance.

Last, CBS has posted its promo for next week’s happily ever afters (no, not for us). In a complete cop-out, their footage includes a (VERY) brief scene of Noah comforting Luke at the pond. Not only that, it can’t be just me that is annoyed that GABRIEL and Craig have their reconciliation and happy ending, but not Luke? Or even Noah for that matter. Sigh.

[tubepress video=cutkqhPkdvw title=false description=false]

Next week’s preview clip is not likely to make any LuRe fans feel better about the ending (courtesy of ADL):

[tubepress video=n6NTJnHgNTM title=false description=false]

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