Judge: Are you telling the court you’re leaving Oakdale, Dr. Oliver?
Reid: As fast as I possibly can, your honor. Yes, if I could flap my wings and bust through your ceiling, already be on my way.
Judge: You realize you’ve just told me you’re a flight risk?
Reid: Are you kidding me? Where am I? What is this horrible rabbit hole that I’ve fallen down?

— Judge and Reid

News and Updates: September 14, 2010

Eric Sheffer Stevens will be doing a CALL-IN INTERNET RADIO INTERVIEW TODAY AT 1.00 PM EDT with BuzzWorthy at BlogTalkRadio. 

In the meantime, the long-awaited Michael Fairman follow-up interview with ESS was posted over the weekend along with a new Soap Opera Weekly interview with Van Hansis.

Speaking of Mr Hansis, I would be remiss if I didn’t point out that Van’s birthday is coming up on September 24th 25th (oops, sorry about that, Van!). For a few years now, fans (and I will give a BIG PROPER SHOUT OUT TO THE VAN/NUKE FANS who came up with this idea long before Reid Oliver made his appearance in Oaktown) have been donating to a scholarship at the Walnut Hill School for the Arts in honor of Van Hansis. A particular theatre student has been designated as the recipient and Van has been in touch with the student.

Gifts toward the fund are fully tax deductible. Just prior to Van’s birthday, Walnut Hill will send a letter to Van notifying him of this gift, as well as a list that includes the name, city, state and country of each participant. Fans contributed over $15,000 in 2008 and 2009.

In the meantime the Eric Sheffer Stevens/Doctors without Borders continues to attract attention. With a current total raised of $16,350, the ESS campaign is currently the number one fundraiser for Doctors without Borders listed on the FirstGiving.com website. It accounts for over 1/5th of all contributions to DWB raised on FirstGiving.com and is a whopping $8,000 ahead of the second-most successful fundraiser on the site.

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