Noah: So I’m still blind, right?
Reid: Never heard that one before.

— Noah and Reid

News and Updates | November 1, 2010

Hi everyone,

Sorry it’s been so long between updates, but RL has been busy again.  A bunch of updates for you, though:

  • Eric Sheffer Stevens’s new movie, Lefty Loosey Righty Tighty has not only reached its initial fundraising goal, but they’ve launched their official website and released their trailer.
  • Also, screen caps of Eric’s guest stint on The Big C are now available
  • The Van Hansis/Walnut Hill School birthday campaign topped 2008 and 2009 contributions combined.
  • Doctors without Borders is featuring the Eric Sheffer Stevens campaign as one of their creative fundraising efforts.

Plus in miscellaneous (and occasionally off-topic) news:

  • The post-mortems continue, with Terri Columbino commenting in a recent TV Guide interview).
  • Jake Silbermann’s Stuffer receives accolades
  • Alec Baldwin has a hilarious new video on gay marriage rights out on YouTube
  • ATWT’s replacement, The Talk debuts with mixed results,
  • And, Aaron & Andrew (who are the creative geniuses behind “More Than Friends”, the music I used for my favorite of my fan videos, have a new album out. If you haven’t seen the video, here it is:
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Eric Sheffer Stevens in Lefty Loosey Righty Tighty

According to the Crew at, donations to help fund the production and the marketing of Eric’s new film, Lefty Loosey Righty Tighty, reached 100% of their $15,000 goal sometime on or about October 25th.

Filmmakers have said that additional donations will not go to waste – they will be applied towards improving the quality of the product, and/or increasing the number of film festivals they can submit to. Donors will still be rewarded with the same premiums as initially outlined (including T-shirts, signed DVDs and VIP access to the film premiere, among other goodies).

To donate, or to view the new trailer, you can visit

In the meantime, I’ve finally figured out how to embed Vimeo videos (Occupant videos coming next!), so here it is. Click on the Vimeo logo at the bottom to watch it in their larger video player.

Meanwhile, We Love Soaps gives LLRT a shout-out and also mentions Eric’s still unnamed horror flick as well.

Eric Sheffer Stevens on The Big C

Thanks to OrangeCrush of the ESS Crew, some great quality screen caps are available of Eric’s appearance on The Big C.  If you can’t find them on ImageShack, try this thread on the ESS fan forum (you must be a member to read it).

Van Hansis/Walnut Hill birthday campaign reaches new milestone

The Purple Ladies, who organized the Luke and Noah farewell event in Boston, among other events, posted a note from Bruce Smith, the director of Development at Walnut Hill School for the Arts, which reads, in part:

Thank you very much for your support of (the) Van Hansis Student Sponsorship at Walnut Hill School. The School received gifts from fifty donors representing ten countries, for a total of $18,250 in honor of Mr. Hansis. He has been informed of all the donors to the Scholarship fund, and he is deeply honored by the affection and respect that it reflects. The recipient is a member of the class of 2012 and a theatre major. We hope that Van’s schedule will allow him to visit the School sometime this year. His integrity and work ethic are an excellent model for our students.

WOW! That’s an average of over $350 per donor. The $18,250 tops the combined total of 2008 and 2009 which was just over $15,000. Well done to Team Nuke AND Team LuRE!

Doctors without Borders features the ESS campaign

The ESS/Doctors without Borders campaign is currently up to $21,251 and continues to receive occasional donations. In the meantime, Doctors Without Borders has singled it out as an example of a “creative fundraiser” on their website, writing:

On-Screen Tragedy into Real-Life Opportunity for Good

When Colleen Burns and Raj Mangat, loyal viewers of the soap opera “As the World Turns”, found out that one of their favorite characters, Dr. Reid Oliver, would be killed in an upcoming episode, they rallied the support of fellow grieving fans to turn this on-screen tragedy into an opportunity to help others with their generous donations. With the encouragement of actor Eric Sheffer Stevens, who portrayed the character of Dr. Oliver, Burns and Mangat set up a fundraising website in honor of the fallen character where fans from all across the globe could donate to support Doctors Without Borders. They started the campaign with the goal of raising $15,000, but this ambitious milepost was reached in merely 19 days as a result of the generous outpouring of support from Dr. Oliver’s fans. Ultimately, Burns, Mangat and their fellow fans raised $21,250 to help Doctors Without Borders bring life-saving medical aid to those in need around the world.

Miscellaneous News

A TV Guide Magazine interview with Terri Columbino touched on the Luke and Reid endgame:

TV Guide Magazine: Before we sign off, let’s discuss the outrage over the death of Reid [Eric Sheffer Stevens] on ATWT. A lot of fans were furious that he had to die in order to save Katie’s boyfriend Chris [Daniel Cosgrove]. It’s like they’d rather have had your man dead. Care to comment?
Colombino: I had no idea about the controversy until after the show was off the air. I didn’t know people were upset but I can certainly understand it. They loved Reid and latched right onto him, and Eric is an amazing actor. I think they’re making it a sexual orientation issue — why does the gay guy have to be the only one who is not happy at the end? — but I don’t believe it was that at all. Chris’s heart condition and Reid’s death provided a huge and important story for the whole Hughes family. Look at the work Kathryn Hays [Kim] did — she’s going to win an Emmy! It’s understandable that people want everything tied up with a nice little bow. Everybody wants everybody happy, and Luke and Reid had developed such a great relationship. They were just starting out in life. I understand the disappointment, but I was surprised at the depth of it.

At the Royal Flush Festival in New York, Jake Silbermann’s Stuffer took honors for Best Short Film. Guess Jake could give Noah a run for his money….


A battle is raging in New York state over the NY legislature’s ban on gay marriages. In August, Jesse Tyler Ferguson starred in a hilarious video on behalf of Fight Back PAC, in which he proposed his crush and his intention to marry Alec Baldwin….who’s straight, by all accounts.

Not one to sit back quietly, and able to poke a bit of fun at himself, Alec Baldwin has fired off another shot on behalf of Fight Back PAC, in which he jokes about people whispering behind his back because “he’s straight!” and fights for his right to marry Jesse Tyler Ferguson (his actual likelihood of doing so, notwithstanding).

Here is the original video:

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And Alec’s response:

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Michael Fairman has several posts on his site on the debut of The Talk including:

Last, coming a close third to discovering Luke and Reid, and making friends in LuReLand, is all the great music I’ve been introduced to as a result of this shipping obsession. My favorite discovery has to be Aaron and Andrew, who I discovered through Guiding Light (where their music was featured extensively). My favorite song of theirs remains “More Than Friends” which is my personal Luke and Reid theme, but I do like many others. They’ve just come out with a new album, To Be Brave available in a Bonus Edition from their Bandcamp site for $4.99.

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