Reid: We’re going to the wedding. What? It will be — fun.
Katie: Why would I get the idea that you do fun?

— Reid and Katie

Watch NIKITA Season 2 Episode 7 ‘Clawback’ featuring Van Hansis!

I’ve embedded a free player after the jump that allows you to watch the full HD video for free. I’m not sure how long this link will work, but it worked for me. You should be able to view it WITHOUT downloading any software, so if you’re prompted to download or register for stuff, ignore those prompts and keep trying.

The catch – it is from a site that uses popups – some of which are definitely NSFW!

If you don’t use a popup blocker, the ad will automatically appear. If you do have a popup blocker, you can tell it to ignore the popup and the video will still play. But I’ve put it after the cut so that the popup won’t automatically appear for people hitting the home page.

In the meantime, here’s a screen cap from the webmasters at the new fan site:


Click on "Close ad and watch as free user" and then "Start video now." Warning: This site does use pop-under ads, at least one of which was definitely NSFW!

4 Responses to “Watch NIKITA Season 2 Episode 7 ‘Clawback’ featuring Van Hansis!”

  1. mmc says:

    I saw occupant and loved Vans memorable performance, saw psych and loved the character but wanted to see him so much more.nikita knocked me out.van went above and beyond anything I expected from him.his acting was so flawless and so was the accent.Just watching the anguish in his eyes and that wonderfully expressive face while not being able to move .He is such a remarkable man in every way.Such a talent, such a sweet man.i am such a Van fan and always will be…..And lewis is that you…..the professor.i’ve missed your comments.and L L see you on FB!

  2. Lewis says:

    I saw the NIKITA episode last night and Van was superb! Since he once spent considerable time in Moscow, his dialogue at times in Russian with Alex was probably legit. His character seemed to be a kind of throw away and I am not totally convinced that we have seen the last of him. He was certainly used as a device to keep Alex under wraps with DIVISION but there still might be more to his story. The latest episode of NIKITA certainly opened up more avenues for future episodes and also contained some surprising reveals.

    • lovelure says:

      I think your reading is pretty spot on. Yuri could just be a feeble plot device to move along Alex’s storyline, but I felt like they put in too many layers and too much backstory for it to be a throwaway. An off-camera death was such an anti-climax – like Boba Fett’s death in Star Wars. If he was such a throwaway, I felt they could have made the plot point without having both Yuri and Alex put so much emotion into it. It’s seemed to me like they were trying pretty hard to establish the underlying backstory (and potential chemistry between the two – pretty impressive given Yuri’s beaten-up condition and chained-up status). Plus, given that Fletcher was killed on camera and shown to be alive, so I am not at all convinced that Yuri’s cancellation was truly carried out.

      I’ll hold out hope on this one, but unfortunately, his demise (or lack there of) , so I would think any potential return would be kept under fairly tight wraps.It will be interesting to see if there are any leaks or alerts of a return appearance. It’s not like Van can just say “watch for me on Nikita again in January, like he might with Adrian on Psych (not likely, anyways), since that is largely an “episode of the week” story with minimal mytharc.

      The plot thickens….

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