I’m getting sick and tired of this little command performance of yours. I don’t care how rich and accustomed you are to getting your way, Mr. Snyder, I don’t want to be here. I have people waiting for me back in Dallas, people that I actually want to help. So if you’re not going to drive me, I’m going to drive myself. You can pick up your car at the airport. Don’t forget to tip the valet.

— Reid (to Luke)

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Wanna play doctor?

Thanks to TeamLure over at the SoapCentral.com boards (I think you have to be registered to follow) who has been recapping during an anniversary re-watch. As smuchshypush describes today’s Pygmalion-themed episode, “Luke tries to help Reid with his people skills; major flirting ensues.” Word. Could not parse XML from YouTube I could never decide if […]

Interview LiveBlog | ESS on OutTakes Talks (BlogTalkRadio), 26 July 2010

5.02 EDT UPDATE: Grr…. I managed to crash two browsers trying to keep this updated, and ended up taking notes off line.  Highlights: When asked point blank whether LuRe fans will be happy with the ending, Eric’s response was "I was. I loved the way (Reid’s storyline) wrapped up." The writers "kept the integrity of […]

Episode LiveBlog | 26 July 2010

1.52pm EDT It looks like B&B’s Steffie finally got what was coming to her. But this Brooke/Oliver thing is just – blech. Hard to believe that this is the world’s most watched program (according to Guinness). Woo hoo!  In the meantime, for anyone who wants  catch the livestream, here are the links: CBS | ShadowNet […]