I’m getting sick and tired of this little command performance of yours. I don’t care how rich and accustomed you are to getting your way, Mr. Snyder, I don’t want to be here. I have people waiting for me back in Dallas, people that I actually want to help. So if you’re not going to drive me, I’m going to drive myself. You can pick up your car at the airport. Don’t forget to tip the valet.

— Reid (to Luke)

Episode LiveBlog | 26 July 2010

1.52pm EDT

It looks like B&B’s Steffie finally got what was coming to her. But this Brooke/Oliver thing is just – blech. Hard to believe that this is the world’s most watched program (according to Guinness).

Woo hoo!  In the meantime, for anyone who wants  catch the livestream, here are the links:

Stay tuned…

1.56pm EDT

B&B done. Weight Watchers ad airing locally (maybe that’s a hint for the couch potato in me). Heard we just dodged some major storms – next county over cancelled all their summer camps/kids programs due to power outages. Mostly blue skies outside here with puffy white clouds.  Will keep my fingers crossed….

2.00pm EDT

Commercials FINALLY over. Pre-opening credits.

Bob and Kim – Kim doing stuff to use her leverage to find Barbara. Oh, Bob – did you really just refer to Barbara as "a woman that age?"  Oh boy, are you sleeping in the dog house tonight! Plus he hasn’t bothered to tell Chris about picking Reid as COS – and Bob is justifying it as "he’s heard thru grapevine or he doesn’t care."

Chris trying to reach Katie. Katie changing Jacob’s diaper (yay! realism) – on her white couch (you gotta be kidding me?!).

Scene from the Sneak Preview where Reid is telling off the nurse.  Love  Luke’s "What people? I want names." Reid scares off the nurse and then sticks a machete into Chris’s heart (oh…maybe that’s the problem…) by telling him daddy picked Reid for COS. I keep thinking there’s more backstory to the Chris/Reid conflict than just the fellowship hiccup, given how pointed Reid was about (pretending) not to know him when Chris first returned to Oakdale.

Oh gag. Parker and Faith hot and heavy on the grass.

"Condoms!" yeslls Faith. "I have them in my backpack." (So, do you thin Luke has a few in his messenger bag? Why would he need them?)

"You’ve done this before?" asks Parker.

"Sure, tons of times." says Faith.

Tons, that would put her about 1998 times ahead of big brother Luke. Poor Luke.

Jack and Carly. Talking about Lily. Carly asks Jack to coffee, and he does a cute/small (Reid-like) smile and the two of them actually get to (dun dun dun) have coffee together. Geez the no-PDA ban is now extending to physical-contact less sharing of beverages.

Commercial break

2.10pm EDT

More CarJack. Drivel about Jack marrying Janet, which we  know is not going to happen, so move along, please. Jack telling Carly it’s over. Please. Carly is being more of an idiot than Reid was.

Reid went after Luke at hospital Luke tells him he could have handled Chris better. Reid sez he told him about patient, end of story. Luke (of course) was talking about dropping the COS bomb and Reid rolls his eyes like you do when you’re 12 and your parents are giving you "the talk" or telling you not to drink.

Then Luke tell him he’s been a bad boy and needs to go to the tutor’s house of extra lessons "at my place" (remember, Lily’s in France with Craig!). While Reid is rolling his eyes and giving him his best "WHY?" look, Luke gives him the equivalent of the lascivious look Reid dropped last episode (definitely a smile from Luke) and reminds Reid to "bring your stethoscope." *thud*

Sorry. Too busy going for the smelling salts so next couple of scenes are fuzzy. Chris goes to see Kim and asks if it’s true about the COS. Then more CarJack.

Commercial break

2.20pm EDT

Carly tells Jack not to kiss her b/c then she can’t say no to what comes next. What is this? This was the exact same conversation they had during thate last LuRe episode, and that was almost two weeks ago! These two are having a discussion about having sex and Jack is talking about not getting into her bed before she’s ready. Okay, so I guess the straight folks (even the ones that have been married multiple times

"How bad do you want me" Jack asks. Imagine that in Reid’s voice and stew on that while waiting fo the next scene.

Carly: "Are you gonna kiss me on that walk?"

Yes, promises Jack.

Carly: "One kiss. No hands."

Jack: "It’s gonna be a VERY long kiss."

Why don’t the boys get this kind of flirting?

Chris says he’s been thinking about IT for awhile. He’s not going to Haiti. Talking to Katie, lotta important work to be done here.

2.24pm EDT – two minutes of perfection (maybe only 90 seconds, even)

OKAY. I have family all around me and I laughed OUT LOUD at the following scene (would have whooped but it would have attracted the neighbors!) And yes, Virginia, there is some equality in the world – VERY flirty and suggestive (though not nearly so explicit as CarJack – even their wordsex is watered down).  But hope this is a good sign of things to come:

Reid and Luke working on Reid’s people skills.

Reid (reluctantly): What do you want me to do?

Luke: I will be the nurse and you be your terrible self.

Luke pretends to ask Reid about a chart.

Reid: Can’t you read?

Luke asks if he can respond without being rude.

Reid: If you’re going to be a nurse, do you have to be a stupid nurse?

He tries again.

Luke makes the "EH!" three strikes and you’re out noise.

Reid: You know, you’re kinda hot. You wanna play doctor?

Luke (smiling enormously): You’re flirting with the nurse.

Reid: Better than yelling a t the nurse.

Luke: Don’t flirt with the nurse b/c they might flirt back.

OMG. They could not be more cute and flirty than in this scene. FINALLY.  And I just noticed – Reid’s shirt is untucked (what were they doing before this scene?!)

Chris and Katie. Faith begging Parker (ugh). Jack and Carly spying Faith and Parker from a distance as Parker comes to his senses and tells Faith to get dressed and both their parents are messed up in the romance department.

Commerical break

7.31pm EDT

CarJack make their presence known. Katie and Chris talking about Vienna and Henry. Katie: "I’ve lost Brad and Henry – everyone I care about."

Luke: "I’m an orderly." yadda yadda "It’s a nice day."

Reid responds poorly. Luke says he has 50 more examples.

Reid: "I’m not Noah."

Luke, like me thinks/says, "Huh?"

Reid: "I’m not gonna be warm and fuzzy. I’m always going to forget your birthday and work Christmases. My idea of sentiment is not taking the last donut." OMG – Reid is planning to be around long enough to forget birthdays! (And, pats self on back for pinning Reid as working Christmases in my fanfic!)

Luke: I don’t want you to be Noah.

Oh, for Chrissakes, Reid, just grab him and kiss the socks off him. UST so thick you could cut it with a spoon. A dull spoon.

Luke says something about playing nice to be COS.

Reid: What if I only wanna play nice with you?

Luke: (more or less) I don’t want you to be Noah, but if this is going to go anywhere, I need to know you.

Reid (smiles): Wanna work on that over dinner?

Luke: After you pass your final.

Reid frowns.

Parker and Jack. Faith trying to blame Carly for ruining her parents’ marriage due to Carly’s affair with Holden. Carly not biting.

Commerical break

2.42pm EDT

Carly giving Faith advice on sex and boys...and waiting. My response: "Pot, meet kettle." Faith’s response: "Your life is such a mess, why should I take advice from you." Carly saying she’s trying to work things out and true love is worth waiting for.

Parker and Jack. Katie and Chris (Katie saying she can’t sleep with him – what is this, something in the water today?)

Carly and Jack. No LuRe scenes this act.

Commercial break

2.49pm EDT

Luke with his arms around Reid, pushing him to make nice with the nurse he told off earlier. Reiddespit starts off…awkward (like being thrilled to meet Mona, or the little town that could) and then puts his big foot in his mouth. Luke says something about Reid being lucky he likes him despite himself and that they should talk about it over dinner. A date!

Katie and Jacob.

Chris finds Kim and Bob at Al’s. Chris throws down the gauntlet. Bob tells Chris he has already offered the job to Reid and can’t take back the offer but offers to submit them both and let the hospital board decide.

A nice CarJack kiss – no hands.

Preview for tomorrow: Lots of Barbara related stuff (Pem, Elia, Will and Gwen, Katie and Chris, and of course Henry), but no LuRe. Sigh.

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  1. kwbalan says:

    Hey Lovelure:

    Just got around to reading this. So busy getting ready for trip…

    I love reading your recaps. You are too funny.

    Cannot believe we only got one day this week again. Hopefully there will be more next week, however since I will be traveling with limited internet access probably won’t get to watch right away.

    Hope you continue to enjoy your vacation.

    See you soon,

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