Bob: He can practice with me at the hospital under my guidance until his trial.
Reid: Can I still choose jail? Or how about a firing squad?

— Bob (to Reid and Judge)

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Daytime Emmy Nominations are out! Slim pickin’s for ATWT :(

Okay, I guess a pilot pick-up AND an Emmy nomination in 24 hours would have been just too good to be true. 🙁 Contrary to pre-announcement buzz, Eric Sheffer Stevens did not end up picking up a nomination for Best Supporting Actor. Nor did ATWT get a nod for best drama. In fact, ATWT only […]

FanVid | What If I’m Wrong (Ehren Ebbage)

A Luke and Reid fan music video featuring the song “What If I’m Wrong” by Ehren Ebbage. Featuring the LuRe/Ruke pairing from As the World Turns (ATWT).