Noah: Luke and I — I don’t know what we are right now, okay? All I know is that I can’t see, and you’re the one man who can change that.
Reid: You really think minimizing your relationship to me is going to change my mind about the surgery?

— Noah and Reid

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I HATE MY TEENAGE DAUGHTER returns to FOX in just over 2 weeks! | Episode 5, ‘Teenage Escuela’ promo photos and official press release, Katy Perry to guest star in lead-in

It’s been widely reported that I HATE MY TEENAGE DAUGHER, will be returning to screens as part of FOX’s spring schedule. The show will be shifting nights from Wednesday to Tuesday, but will continue to benefit from following X FACTOR (even without Paula Abdul), with the comedy RAISING HOPE thrown in the middle. The first […]

I HATE MY TEENAGE DAUGHTER Episode 3 ‘Teenage Cotillion’ airs tonight, plus three previews, a promo, and a couple of behind-the-scenes pic for an Eric-centered episode!

Tonight’s Episode Episode 3 of Eric Sheffer Stevens’s I HATE MY TEENAGE DAUGHTER airs tonight 9.30pm/8.30pm C – to be repeated again between midnight and 12:30 a.m. early Sunday morning. The episode to be aired is called ‘Teenage Cotillion.’ Streaming links, as before, are: Personally, I’m looking forward to watching the episode live […]

I HATE MY TEENAGE DAUGHTER Episode 3 and 4 ‘Teenage Cotillion’ and ‘Teenage Dating’ promo photos

SpoilerTV has posted the high-res versions of the seriously wub-worthy photos from this week’s IHMTD episode, ‘Teenage Cotillion.’ (Click on the images for even higher-res versions). SpoilerTV has also posted promo photos from Episode 4, which, sadly, don’t include Eric (it looks to be a big episode for Kevin Rahm, though). This may be one […]

I HATE MY TEENAGE DAUGHTER | Episode 3 ‘Teenage Cotillion’ Promo Clip

Okay, the episode naming still bugs the heck out of me, but I LOVE the fact that the moms score one in this clip. Could not parse XML from YouTube Eric’s not in this clip, but it’s a daddy-daughter dance themed show, so he apparently definitely has a decent-sized part (that factoid thanks to Pin, […]

Watch ‘I HATE MY TEENAGE DAUGHTER’ Episode 2: ‘Teenage Family Night’

For those of you (like me!) who were unable to see I HATE MY TEENAGE DAUGHTER last night, Miranda has again uploaded the complete episode to TwitVid for all to see. Thanks again, Miranda!