So, what’s the verdict? Is he just another boring blind guy who’s not worthy of your talents?

— Luke (to Reid)

I HATE MY TEENAGE DAUGHTER Episode 3 ‘Teenage Cotillion’ airs tonight, plus three previews, a promo, and a couple of behind-the-scenes pic for an Eric-centered episode!

Tonight’s Episode

Episode 3 of Eric Sheffer Stevens’s I HATE MY TEENAGE DAUGHTER airs tonight 9.30pm/8.30pm C – to be repeated again between midnight and 12:30 a.m. early Sunday morning. The episode to be aired is called ‘Teenage Cotillion.’

Streaming links, as before, are:

Personally, I’m looking forward to watching the episode live on a real TV – only the second chance I’ll have had to see Eric on a real TV (as opposed to a streaming clip or YouTube).

The previews for tonight’s episode are interesting. The episode, ‘Teenage Cotillion’ is about a daddy-daughter dance. Not surprisingly, it’s a good episode for Eric’s character, Matt, but what does surprise me is that the focus of the previews, at least, is all on Eric, not on both dads, especially given the teaser a the end of FOX’s press release for this episode (courtesy of Futon Critic):


As the girls prepare for a father-daughter dance, Annie and Jack suspect Matt will bail on Sophie, as usual. So Jack is on stand-by with his tuxedo. Meanwhile, Mackenzie doesn’t want Nikki to attend the dance and embarrass her. But it’s Gary who ends up being the center of attention in the "Teenage Cotillion" episode of I HATE MY TEENAGE DAUGHTER airing Saturday, December 17 (Midnight-12:30 AM ET/PT) on FOX. (TD-105) (TV-14 D, L)

Cast: Jaime Pressly as Annie; Katie Finneran as Nikki; Aisha Dee as MacKenzie; Kristi Lauren as Sophie; Eric Sheffer Stevens as Matt; Chad L. Coleman as Gary; Kevin Rahm as Jack

Three previews

‘Preview #1: Lots of Eric! Prepare to swoon!

[tubepress video=bJ8gA1Cx08g title=false description=false]

[spoiler]Okay, this to me is a little like “Reid turns in his stethoscope.” Lavender? Really? Her favorite flower is lavender? Maybe her favorite scent is lavender, but who actually wants a corsage that looks a little like a weed? Am I way off base here? Just for fun, I Googled “lavender corsage” (yeah, I know, I’m procrastinating BIG TIME right now) and a bunch of lavender-colored corsages come up, but they’re all made of other flowers – like roses! So whoever put in this line about him remembering her favorite flower – the concept is adorable, but the research could use a bit of assistance.

Meanwhile, the delivery on, “Yeah, it’s ‘cause you were dancing with me.”? ***melt*** Just scrape me up, I’m a puddle of goo. I just wish I felt that goo-potential more between Annie and Matt.[/spoiler]

Plus Reid fans note, he’s still bouncing as he walks. I think that must be an Eric-ism.

Preview #2: Less Eric, but guess who the girls are talking about here?

[tubepress video=6qZ-eX4Qbdo title=false description=false]

[spoiler]I loved Jaime conveniently dropping her rag as she tries to casually mention that they watched a movie together, and Katie’s response to Matt and Annie having a bottle of wine together was priceless.

But overall, the punchline about Annie being in “love with two brothers”. Jaime’s making all the right motions, but I’m still feeling “teenage crush” on Jack, and I’m not feeling the mutual chemistry/heat for either pairing yet.

I adore the camaraderie I’ve seen in Jaime/Katie interviews – the actresses have great chemistry, and I’m starting to see that come across on the screen, too. I’ve also liked the chemistry between the guys, both Eric/Kevin and Eric/Chad, and that’s starting to come across as well. But I wonder if (in addition to the name problem) FOX has made another marketing blunder here in keeping the promos focused on either the moms, the daughters, OR the guys? I definitely sense a friendly group, but I don’t think the chemistry between the the couples is convincing…yet.[/spoiler]

Preview #3: Another clip with no Eric (though the photos give away more), but again, he is clearly the focus of the on-screen conversations.

[tubepress video=ae86oPS4moU title-false description=false]

Plus, thanks to the ladies at, two behind the scenes pictures from this episode, and the “dress-shopping” promo that’s been out for about a week…both, after the jump…

Behind the Scenes photos

Courtesy of

Promo clip

[tubepress video=j0AxbT6hATI title=false description=false]

5 Responses to “I HATE MY TEENAGE DAUGHTER Episode 3 ‘Teenage Cotillion’ airs tonight, plus three previews, a promo, and a couple of behind-the-scenes pic for an Eric-centered episode!”

  1. mmc says:

    It was posted in so many places that it was cancelled.And one of my FB friends said that Jamie Pressley of IHMTD tweeted that it was cancelled.So sad to see it go when it wasn’t given a fighting chance.I miss seeing Eric and Van on a steady basis and hope both will go on to wonderful things.

  2. mmc says:

    it did come back for a couple of episodes, but unfortunately it id gone for good.i don’t think it was ever given a fair chance.It was taken off for many months after only a few episodes and then brought back recentlyonly to be taken off again.we were promised more episodes in the summer, but now that’s not to did need tweaking, but it was moved around and just not given enought time to see what it could become.i hope we get to see Eric in something soon, as well as wonderful van.These are two of the best actors around, but no matter how talented or how good looking they are, an actors life has no guarantees,i’m just looking forward to the day we can see both of these talented men on a steady basis.There’s too much talent to waste!♥…..Lewis, hope all is well with you.Remember the “good old days?”

    • Lewis says:

      I sure do mmc! How did you come by your information? IHMTD never really got off the ground. Last week’s episode featured more of ESS but there was a disjointed and forced quality to the whole series. Eric looked much better and less scruffy in the RV. That’s probably the way he should have looked all along. By presenting JP the way they did and ESS the way they did, the “powers that be” gave no hint of compatibility and made one wonder why they ever got married in the first place. Chemistry was lacking throughout the show and the inclusion of ESS’s brother was a needless waste. Too many characters for that type of half hour sitcom. I hope to see “Silent House” this Thursday. Take care. Lewis

  3. Lewis says:

    It looks as though I HATE MY TEENAGE DAUGHTER has gone to the elephant’s graveyard. No listing for it in any recent TV Guide, including the most recent one. I must admit that I did not find it that funny and felt that ESS’s part was practically a “throw away”. The actor playing his lawyer brother (who is/was on DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES) was a total miscast. Their mutual appearance, attitudes, and characteristics were so different and far apart it was preposterous. Then to have ESS’s former wife now “falling” for his brother was pure soap opera silliness. ESS deserves better – and so do we.

    • lovelure says:

      I’m not sure I’m ready to give up on it yet. There were several reports that remaining filmed episodes (10 total, I think, less how ever many have already aired) would be shown after X-Factor once it dropped to a shorter length (in March?). Sources that confirmed this include Jamie Pressly via twitter, and one of the big Fox executives who said it would be back in one of the press junkets. *fingers crossed*

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