Reid: Well, I figured since I’m gonna be working here in Oakdale, I should make more of an effort to be part of the community.
Kim: [sarcastically] Why?

— Reid and Kim

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Congratulations (?!) to Luke Snyder for his Sudzie Award | Plus ESS Birthday tribute, best gay kisses, updates from Michael Fairman

Okay, hard to tell if any congratulations are due, but Luke Snyder won’s 2010 Sudzie for “Unluckiest in Love” (like you didn’t know that). If you have any doubt, take a quick scan through the “Luke Snyder, This is Your (Love) Life” summary and YouTube playlist I put together. Plus add to that in […]

TWO new amusing new soaps polls: vote for LuRe!

Many people, like myself, have been waxing nostalgic these last few weeks. Between the Dallas kiss and Black Monday (which, thankfully, I forgot to observe), were among the most delicious days to have been a LuRe fan – hopeful, anticipating, occasionally even giddy. Those were also the peak days of campaigning – lobbying TPTB (obviously […]

News and Updates | 23 December 2010

A few more year-end bests: Best character: Reid Oliver, Worst Storyline: duh. Greg in Hollywood: Soap Star of the Year: ESS. Final Power Rankings: #5 Reid, #6 Luke; #6 best show: ATWT Read more…