Bob: He got annoyed with Henry Coleman, and he diagnosed him with T.B.
Kim: You’re kidding?
Reid: He needed a time-out.

— Bob, Kim and Reid

TWO new amusing new soaps polls: vote for LuRe!

Many people, like myself, have been waxing nostalgic these last few weeks. Between the Dallas kiss and Black Monday (which, thankfully, I forgot to observe), were among the most delicious days to have been a LuRe fan – hopeful, anticipating, occasionally even giddy. Those were also the peak days of campaigning – lobbying TPTB (obviously futilely!) for a happy ending and voting in soap polls to show our support for “our boys.”

Well, those good old days came to an end, as did all meaningful polls. Now, nearly 9 months after the show’s last episode, it’s still surprising to see ATWT on soap polls, but a new one has two new ones have just come out featuring Luke and Reid.

First, on, their generic soap favorites poll doesn’t include Luke, Reid, or LuRe in most of the usual categories, and many LuRe fans my shy away because Eric Sheffer Stevens gets no mention.

But Luke makes two categories – one of which made my day, the other of which I am resigned to vote for. If that’s not enough to make you wander over to take a look, then the categories are listed below (not as much fun as scanning the list to find the categories)…


The one I voted for, reluctantly was “Unluckiest in Love.” Reluctant, obviously, because I wish Luke were luckier, not because I think he was unlucky.

The one that got a big chuckle from me is that Luke was the ATWT name on the ballot under “Worst Dressed.” So true, that. Most of the time, at least. Though he had his moments – the suit and tie in Dallas (April 15), the red zip-up during Near Kisses (April 28) and on the rooftop (May 13), the “I’m walking away from you”/Mona Cross tour (June 17) and “Maybe we can figure it out together” (June 30) episodes come to mind.


The second poll (thanks to joliepinkyswear at is a poll of the You Must Remember This: 21 Gay Kisses We’ll Never Forget, posted by snicks. Click here to see the LuRe listing; and here, to vote. Among the many options is the I Can’t kiss. Here is smuchshypush’s version in glorious HD and her always-perfect commentary, which in this case, read: “OMFGOMFGOMFG.”

[tubepress video=wQuzENLW6w8 title=false description=false]

Happy voting!


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