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Henry: Like — what, like me? Well, I am sorry, Katie, but I will not apologize for being human. It comes in handy when you need a friend.

— Katie and Henry

ESS News: Lefty Loosey Righty Tighty updates, Reid Oliver comes to Holland, and John Hancock includes ESS ad on its website

Eric’s indie film, Lefty Loosey Righty Tighty is finally done, and was screened this past weekend for Eric Sheffer Stevens fans in New York City as part of the itinerary for the Trip of Epicness (TOE).

In the meantime, the Reid Oliver auction to benefit Vermont Shakespeare Company comes to a conclusion, and that Harvard Diploma makes its appearance on televisions across Holland this week.

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Lefty Loosey screened at TOE

Last week, the makers of LLRT tweeted:

  • Sunday we will be screening the (99.9%) finished film!
    22 Jun
  • We will be 100% finished with the film this week! Wow! We can’t wait to share Lefty Loosey with you! THANK YOU!!!! bit.ly/99rysW
    18 Jun

The “Sunday” they were referring to was a private screening of the movie for Eric Sheffer Stevens fans gathered in New York City this past weekend for the Trip of Epicness. Based on social media and fan forum posts I recognize, I believe there were guests from coast to coast, and at least one from Europe, so another great showing from dedicated ESS fans.

As I understand it, John Nagle and Jena Necrason of Vermont Shakespeare Company were on hand to thank everyone for their support and to announce the Reid Oliver diploma and final script auction winners. Several representatives/artists from LLRT were at the screening as well including Jenny Sheffer Stevens who makes an appearance in the movie.

Early feedback from the lucky TOE’ers is that the film was good, but I haven’t seen a recap of the jam-packed LuRe/ATWT-event filled weekend yet. I’ll post as soon as I find one!

In the meantime, the movie’s screenwriter, Patrick McNamara, has posted a scene from the script on his blog. The scene features Franklin (played by ESS) and appears to be a follow-up to the sneak peek clip of Franklin running in the park. WARNING: It definitely contains spoilers, so don’t read it if you don’t want to be spoiled!

Here’s the clip that precedes the scene from the script, in case you’d like to see it again:

[tubepress video=1JRtsAmZZcM title=false description=false]

Welkom, Reid Oliver!

In the meantime, it’s likely that fans all over Holland will be asking themselves, “Wie de heck is dit snarky doc?” Based on episode synopses posted on RTL, the Dutch network that airs As the World Turns, Reid Oliver will make his debut tomorrow, Wednesday June 29th. As RTL says:

Woensdag 29 juni
Damian krijgt van Sharkey te horen dat Meg veilig zit weggestopt en dat hij voorlopig geen last van haar zal hebben. Holden en Molly hebben zo hun twijfels bij Sharkey en ontdekken dat hij contact heeft met Damian. Luke krijgt te horen dat de Callifornische arts Noahs geval niet interessant genoeg vindt om voor naar Oakdale te komen. Damian adviseert Luke om vasthoudend te zijn en de man te dwingen om Noah te helpen. Lily is het hier niet mee eens.

In case your Dutch is just a little too rusty to make that out (natch!), it’s this episode:

Wednesday, June 29 (originally aired January 19, 2010)
Damian learns from Sharkey that Meg is safely tucked away and that he will have no problems with her for the time being. Holden and Molly have their doubts about Sharkey and discover that he has been in touch with Damian. Luke learns that the Californian (?) doctor thinks Noah’s case is not interesting enough to come to town. Damian advises Luke to be persistent and to force him to help Noah. Lily disagrees with him.

And so it begins….

A few isolated posts have already started to appear on the RTL ATWT forum, but these fans have no idea what their in for! Our Dutch friends are in for a treat!

Plus two little tidbits

The Crew at ESS.com report that ESS was named the MVP of Game 8 in the Jersey Boys 7-0 win over United Scenic Artists (how do they find these things?!?).

And John Hancock recently updated the ads page on their website to include Eric’s ad.

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  1. Jammi says:

    I wanted you to know i love your blog. i don’t get to comment often but i read it every post. i was at the screening, the movie is excellent, and i can’t wait until everyone has a chance to see it. thats great about eric and the softball game go eric. Ah the dutch fans are in for a treat. hope they come to love REid and Lure as much as we do!

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