Reid: I have rounds to make.
Luke: Yeah, yeah. I heard that that guy in the next room has this wicked case of athlete’s foot. I’m sure he’d be thrilled to have a world-class neurosurgeon come in and help take that burning itch away.

— Reid and Luke

Episode LiveBlog | 30 August 2010

11.57pm GMT/6.57pm EDT

Now available to watch in full HD from smuchshypush (ahhhh….):

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7.52pm GMT/2.52pm EDT

Kim and Lisa arrive to giggle over Chris and Katie’s likely reason for calling the family meeting. Casey and Ali decide they can’t steal the thunder and that they need to postpone and tell just Nancy (foreshadowing, much)?

John says he’s putting Chris on the transplant list STAT. “You know how long these things take.”

Chris and Katie arrive to meet Lisa, Kim, Casey and Ali. Kim wondering why Bob is taking so long. Bob arrives looking sad. He breaks the news to everyone there (didn’t bother waiting for Tom and Margo) that “Mom’s gone.”

Previews – everyone celebrating Nancy. A nice final image of Lisa, Susan (Stewart) and Barbara, toasting “To Nancy.” *sniffle* No LuRe in previews (not surprising).

7.42pm GMT/2.42pm EDT

Bob and Kim talking to Lisa and agreeing, “Whenever John Dixon walks in the door, trouble is right behind. Chris calls Bob and asks them and grandma to meet them at Tom and Margo’s house. Kim and Lisa jump to the conclusion that Chris must have proposed.

Lisa says Barbara’s bouquet must have been really lucky for Katie so she probably should catch one herself. Kim tells her to go girl and gives her a big hug. Thank you – nice to see Kim and Lisa together.

Casey confirms dinner is burned. Ali offers to get pizza. Casey gets down on one knee to propose and his cell phone rings. Does this count as a cockblock? Of course it’s Chris calling to say that they’re coming to have a family pow-wow.

Chris apologizes for underestimating Katie and John tosses them out to go tell their family. Chris and Katie leave. Reid turns to John, “Now tell me what you really think.”

Commercial break.

7.33pm GMT/2.33pm GMT

Where’s Luke?!?!? Things aren’t looking good for LuRe today….Damn, Chris.

Reid: “Beat me up all you like – just watch the hands.” He apologizes and says he can’t help it when there’s someone he cares about. I think Katie notes he doesn’t care about Chris.

Reid: “I’m talking about you, you bonnehead. and that drool machine of a kid of yours. I care about you.”

Katie realizes, “So this is what you’ve been fighting about. I thought it was the COS position.”

Reid: “It’s hard to tear into a guy with a heart condition.” He explains the medical mumbo jumbo and says he and Luke had plans unless Katie needs him to watch Jacob. Katie says she’ll call a sitter, and Reid says “Thank god.” (PERFECT!)

But then Katie begs Reid to go to the hospital with her. “Please help me save Chris, you have to.” And she trusts HIM to tell her the truth (so why are you with Chris again, Katie?).

Meanwhile, Ali says yes and has no problem moving to southern Illinois so Casey can go to law school. Ali wants to go to medical school (aw….how perfect…they’re so redeemed it’s not fair….) So optimistic. And they’re actually cute. So bittersweet. Casey goes to propose and slip the ring on when they smell smoke. Uh oh. Casey is burning dinner.

Lisa comes up – am I having a nightmare or did John just check into my hotel?!?

John lecturing Chris. THANK YOU. Chris mumbling about thinking it would just go away. John being disdainful and patronizing. Perfect: “if you’d actually taken care of you you wouldn’t be in the lousy shape you’re in.” Katie and Reid arrive. Katie gives John a hug (forgot he’s like her uncle). MRI results arrive – John looks grim.

Commercial break.

7.22pm GMT/2.22pm EDT

Casey and Ali talking about trust. Even though she slept with Mick, she still put on the dress, walked down the aisle and said her vows. She said she slept with Mick b/c they were both damaged. She admits “I was a porn star, meth addict, burnt down Emma’s barn and let Will take the credit for it, slept with my sister’s ex” (was it just one, and only an ex?). More acknowledgement of the past and the ridiculousness. Interesting how they’re acknowledging everyone’s past in this last month.

Okay, I may be in the minority – but I actually like Casey and Ali. They’re cute together and equally effed up, so they balance each other. Casey says one more thing – a dealbreaker. Ali asks “You’re not still married to my sister or something, are you?”

Kim is suspicious about John and Reid. Bob says he’ll swing by the hospital to see what’s on. John catching up with the nurses and asking if they miss the snark. Reid pops up and asks why the nurse isn’t at her station and if he’s the only one working today. John and nurse share a laugh.

Reid hands John a set of lame-looking handwritten notes and gives a brief case history. John asks “About Mr what did you say his name?” Reid says “I didn’t.” John asks who prescibed the meds, why is a neurosurgeon doing this, where’s the MRI blah blah blah. Reid looking like he desperately wants to crawl into a hole says it’s off the record and the patient was resistant.

Chris shows up, and Reid hastily escapes leaving the two of them to figure things out. John marvels that Chris is grown up, in the family business and says he was called in for a cardiac consult – does Chris know who the patient is? Chris says it’s him.

Reid arrives home to Katie bawling on the couch. Katie says go away, and Reid responds, “You don’t have to ask me twice.” But of course, he can’t watch her cry and asks if there’s anything he can do. I think she says something about hearing bad news. Reid tells her he knows about Chris at which point Katie goes off on him railing about how could Chris trust Reid and not her. “Damn you!”

Commercial break.

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7.08pm GMT/2.08pm EDT

Katie asking Chris if this could kill him. Chris saying he doesn’t want to lie to her but he’s not sure. Chris saying options get worse as the disease progresses. Katie saying, no problem, you just found out. Chris admitting he’s known for awhile – starting in Africa with a bug that attacked his heart. The cabin was just a recurrence.

He thought he beat it, and came home to recuperate. Katie bewildered that he never told her he was sick. Chris saying “I tried to tell you so many times but I couldn’t bring myself to do it.” Barf. Katie asks “Why not. I thought you loved me.” Chris justifying “After everything you’ve been through.” Katie says, “I want you to fight it, beat it, and I want to do it together.”

Reid says hi to John and doesn’t bother to introduce himself. Reid tries to haul John off and John wants to brush his teeth. Reid’s basically babbling his head off to avoid explaining why he brought John in for a consult without telling Bob (especially given John was a former member of staff and they have a “history). Reid says “Sorry. Anything else.” Uh oh, he’s gonna get it….

Kim squelches any hope Reid had of getting out of it by saying SHE will walk John up to his room, not Reid so they can catch up about Andy. Reid looks confused and they explain that they were once married and share a son. I can’t even imagine what Reid is thinking, as Kim says, “Whatever you’re thinking, don’t say it!” LOL! Another self-recognizing nod to the ridiculous incestuousness that is ATWT.  These references have been hysterical.

Casey waxes eloquent and Ali can’t get herself to admit to Casey that he is the man of her dreams. Casey wants the whole enchilada and Ali says “thank you” but she’s happy with things the way they are. Ali expressing guilt about sleeping with Mick.

Bob asking Reid flat out, Reid first trying to play dumb “oh I don’t learn their names” and then trying to be all arrogant by saying “since when do you question my medical judgment.” Failing. Luckily John shows up and Reid is able to escape. John watching Reid deal with Bob and saying he could grow to like this guy. John admires Reid’s ability to manage “Dr Bob” and wondering who the patient is as well. Reid says it’s a “need to know” situation and “he’ll find out soon enough.” John wondering who the Chief of Staff doesn’t need to know about.

Katie reading Chris the riot act for NOT giving his family the chance to be with him for every minute they have. THANK YOU, Katie. Hearts breaking left and right (including mine).

Reid calls Chris to let him know he’s called in a kickass cardiologist. Chris asks who and Reid says he rocks, just get your butt over here. “Don’t be the stubborn nitwit that I know you are.”

When Chris agrees, Reid knows he’s told Katie. Chris leaves, and Katie lets him go. As soon as Chris goes out the door, Katie breaks down – “Please God, tell me this is not happening to me. This must be the first of the week-long, draining crying scenes Terri Columbino mentioned in her interviews.

Commercial break.

7.00pm GMT/2.00pm EDT

Ali and Casey – Casey doing a lousy job of cooking for Ali. Ali goes up to Casey’s room to look for a recipe and finds her old engagement ring. Apparently Casey tried to give it back but Nancy turned it down and told him to “save it for the woman of your dreams” and he admits, “I already found her.”

Note: Casey’s room is remarkably neat for a bachelor’s – not at all what I’d expect for Casey. Like Luke’s room, only smaller and with a more reddish/less gray color scheme.  BTW – more eww…. These boys need to grow up, get a life and get their own apartments!

Kim and Bob at the Lakeview. Kim marvelling how Bob and John can just pick up snarking after upteen years. John has apparently been at Johns Hopkins. Bob says he’s had practice snarking with another doctor – a brilliant neurosurgeon. John asks “Reid Oliver”? And Bob says yes in surprise, “you know him?” And John says he only knows him from the phone as Reid was the one who called him in for a cardiac consult. Bob asks “Who’s the patient” just as Reid walks up – shirt untucked, looking stressed.

Chris at Katie’s ‘fessing up. Finally. At the end of the last episode he said he might not get better. Now he’s admitting it’s his heart and it’s been damaged by an infection. Katie rationalizing – “hearts are fixed every day.” Chris saying that the surgeries and technological devices might not help and she could lose him.

Opening logo.

6.55pm GMT/1.55pm EDT

OMG – so nervous! It’s almost time….Katie and Brad Carlton, whatever his name is on B&B in a doctor’s office, of course…..

Here we go!

1.48pm GMT/8.48am EDT

Only three weeks left of ATWT – enjoy your LuresDays while you still can. Interestingly enough, both the Y&R and B&B sneak peeks for today are up on the CBS site, but not ATWT’s. Not sure if that’s meaningful, or if they just ran out of budget to post them (ha-ha…nothing like gallows humor).

In the meantime, the LuRe portion of this week’s preview, courtesy of smuchshypush:

[tubepress video=We8YkT5PeMg title=false description=false]

P.S. If you’re thinking of calling ATWT to give them a piece of your mind, remember, polls open at 9am, and be nice to the reps – it’s all out of their control!

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