Don’t even think about moving out. You’re not gonna be able to find a cheap place anywhere in this town. Even your big, bad doctor couldn’t find a place. He’s living with Katie.

— Maddie (to Noah)

Episode LiveBlog | 1 September 2010

9.01pm GMT/4.01pm EDT

Part 1 of today’s episode, thanks to ADL:

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And Part 2 is back. Here it is:

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7.58pm GMT/2.58pm EDT

This feels really late! Preview: They’re on tomorrow!!!!

OMG we could get the big scene – FINALLY!

Luke clapping his hands over his face and saying “I can’t believe I just told Noah I’m in love with you.” Luke is incredibly freakin’ adorable in this scene!

Reid looking stunned: “Hold the phone!”

Oh yeah, and Bob reaming out Reid for not telling him, and Katie, and I don’t recall what else. Luke and Reid were the first clip and my mind went blank.  Many other interpretations of what Luke said ranging from “I can’t believe you don’t know I’m in love with you” to what I originally heard which was “I can’t believe I told you I’m in love with you.”

7.54pm GMT/2.54pm EDT

Katie: I’m not ready for this – will lyou stay with me?

Luke: Absolutely

John comes out: Chris would like to talk with you.

All the Hugheses go in.

Katie: Do they know?

Reid: Chris is telling them right now.

Reid encourages her to go in: You’re one of the family. Awww, he’s awfully sweet there.

Katie freaks out a bit so Reid does an about face and says then don’t go in – Chris has enough stress as it is worrying about everyone but himself. Luke tries to encourage Katie.

Reid: Go home and come back when you can deal with this.

Katie leaves.

Luke: Why would you do something like that?….She should be with the people who love him.

Reid’s like “Why not?” She couldn’t handle it, so this is better. Luke argues that she needs to be there with the people who love him and he needs her there, too.

Reid: Not if she’s gonna make it worse.

Luke: Reid, I just spent an hour convincing her she could do this and you just blew that apart.

Reid: They’re not gonna need me for awihle. I’m going to get some coffee.

Luke: So now you’re walking away? This dynamic is really weird!

Reid: It’s called pacing oneself.  Huh???

Reid leaves. Luke does his patented exasperated look and goes after him.

Katie starts to leave and turns back and looks in the window at Chris (in bed, on oxygen) surrounded by his family. Sad music plays.

7.45pm GMT/2.45pm EDT

John arrives at Memorial with Tom and Margo in tow. They bump into Bob and Kim. John asks where Chris is and Margo says that John says that Chris has something to tell them (and is being very secretive about it)….ah, so that’s John’s Plan B.

Bob and Kim say Chris is playing golf and they encouraged it.

John – I doubt it. He’s not playing golf.

Kim says they encouraged hi,m and Reid has joined them.

John: Dr Oliver has joined in the mix. That doesn’t make any sense at all.

Kim: It’s just golf.

Tom and Margo: What’s the big mystery. Don’t say you can’t say.

John manages to get out: It’s Chris.

…before Reid comes in, propping up Chris. Clearly something’s very wrong and the anvil falls in the middle of the hospital hallway in front of all the Hugheses.


Luke: You’re both strong and you’re good for each other….You’re tough. I know that you’re scared but Chris is in the best possible hands. Once he tells his family, he can get the proper treatment….You can’t let your fear pull you away from the person you love the most.

Awwww….Luke is being so sweet, and such a good friend. I hope Katie returns the favor if he ever needs it….

Luke: How about I drive you to Memorial – I think you guys should be together right now.  Man, Luke looks gorgeous in this scene.

Katie says yes. Off they go.


Bob asks what happened.

Dr Denial: Nothing, I’m fine.

John orders Chris into a room and moves to go examine him. Bob goes all alpha and insists John explain what’s going on. John tries a couple of times to tell him to back off and he’ll explain later.

Bob: Dammit, he’s my son.

John: He’s your son but he’s also my patient….let me do my job.

John goes in to take over from Reid.

Perhaps you can keep them occupied. Reid walks out as Kim is asking why no one is telling them what’s going on. Reid has the “oh shit” look on his face and dodges.

Bob: This is why you called in John Dixon without running it by me.

Bob and Kim hug as Luke and Katie walk in to see it.

Katie looking worried: “It’s really happening.”

Crap – no I love you today and it’s 7.50pm.

Commercial break. 

7.30pm GMT/2.30pm EDT

OMG – This is a GREAT episode.

Leland: What’s your handicap.

Reid: Don’t you know that term’s out of date. We prefer the term physically challenged.

They figure out Reid has never played golf before. I think he says something like how hard can it be and flips the club and almost drops it. Can’t remember it all but it was hysterical.

OMG – HILARITY on top of all this. 

Reid: What am I aiming for?

Reid steps up to the tee and swings the club like a batter in the on-deck circle. Nice swing. (Yowza. Schwing!)


Bob and Kim talking about going home. A nurse comes by and says all the nurses are hoping Chris is a better golfer than Dr Oliver. Bob and Kim look confused.


Katie: What if I lose him?

Luke: You’re not gonna lose him.

This is so painful….

Luke: Do you want to walk away?

Katie: No, I love him. She’s surprised that it’s the first time she’s said it.

Luke: Don’t you want to be able to tell him that.

Katie: I told him I would be there for him, but not sure I can be….I’m not not the best thing for him right now…he’s worried about me, instead of getting better.

Luke: He will, because Reid’s on the case. You know how self-confident Reid is – he’s not gonna let anything happen to Chris….Right now he’s standing at Chris’s bed side questioning everything Dr Dixon is saying and driving all the nurses nuts.

 Awwwwww…..While Luke’s talking about Reid he’s got that “my boyfriend is awesome” sparkle in his eyes!


Reid checks Chris’s pulse, it’s racing: If you tell me one more time that you’re fine I’m gonna smack you.

Chris being a putz and refusing to call it a day. Reid says he’s been left with no choice: Reid accuses the Trustee of cheating.

Leland: You have some gall – you hone in on our game, you accuse me of cheating and you’re not even a member!" Hate this guy. What a prick!

Reid: Like I’d want to be (woot woot!)…bunch of men in pastel polyester pants chasing around little balls…don’t even get started on the impact on the environment…. Epic line – missed half of it!

The trustee leaves – I’ve been insulted enough for one day – and offers to pick it up again another day….without Reid.

Reid to departing trustee: You da man. OMG – SOOOO funny!

Chris: You know you just blew your chance for COS.

Reid: Eh, that’s okay. I like an even playing field – you’re not much competition if you’re dead!

Reid hauls Chris’s sorry butt off to the hospital.

Commercial break.

7.20pm GMT/2.20pm EDT

OMG = so much LuRe today I can’t keep up. They’re back again after commercial break!

Noah: Are you really ready to say goodbye for good?

Luke: Noah, I love you and I will always love you. (Definitely the “it’s not you, it’s me look, not waffling!”)

Noah: But, say it. You’re not in love with me any more you’re in love with Reid.

Luke can’t say anything. I think he doesn’t want to kill Noah.

Noah: Are you?

Luke still not saying anything.

Noah: Do you know?

Luke: Yeah, I know. Yes, yes, I’m in love with Reid, I am.

Luke was firm but not aggressive like Rooftop Luke. And the miserable look on his face is clearly because he doesn’t want to hurt Noah. YAYYYYYYYY!

Noah: He’s not right for you. He’s selfish. He’s gonna hurt you….

Luke: That’s not true….You don’t really know what anyone’s gonna do.

Noah: Yeah I deserve that – I blamed you. It was easier than blaming myself.  About freakin’ time, Noah!

Luke: It was an accident.

Noah: I pushed you away.

Luke: Mission accomplished. I wanted to be there for you.

Noah: So this with Reid is all payback.

Luke: No, this is me realizing that although yes, we loved each other. We’re not right for each other.


Noah: But you and Reid are?

Luke: Yes.


Noah: I didn’t think this distance between us would last.

Luke: What did you think

Noah: That we’d come out stronger…together.

*clonk* Really, Noah? Really?

Luke: We will always be connected otherwise we wouldn’t be standing here having this conversation.

Noah: It’s not the same

Luke: We can still be friends, good friends. (Tears in his eyes)

Noah: No, I can’t.

He goes off leaving Luke looking very sad.


John shows up at Tom and Margo’s looking for Chris. They demand to know what’s up with Katie and Chris.

John: Why did I come back here? Everything in this town is so complicated. (Reid would say that!)

Tom/Margo: We have a right to know!

John: You do.

John struggles with not being able to tell them and finally says, maybe there’s another way. Come with me.


Luke urgently banging on Katie/Reid’s door. Katie says Reid’s not home. Luke says he figured that out. Katie lets him in, Luke expresses condolences.

Luke: I thought Reid would be at the hospital but he wasn’t….How’re you holding up? I’m sorry. This is really unfair.

Katie says something sad.

Luke: We’re not just talking about Nancy.

Katie: You know.

Katie’s like – YOU know?!?

Luke says Reid and Chris didn’t want to tell her but Luke said she’s strong.

Katie: I’m not – I’m such a mess – I’m so scared I don’t know what to do.


Chris in polo shirt and shorts talking to trustee about Nancy, saying Bob didn’t feel up for coming.

Leland (Trustee): You did, despite your grief.

Chris: I thought we should get acquainted.

Chris is brown-nosing like his life depends on it, and then starts flailing. Reid shows up. What a coincidence.  The board member assumes Reid is trying to angle in.

Chris and Reid: What the hell are you doing here?

*headdesk* (ouch! I just hit my head way too hard at Chris’s stupidity)

Commercial break

7.10pm GMT/2.10pm EDT

Chris surprised to see Bob and Kim there. Kim notices Chris looks like crap. Chris makes excuses, “I ran from Old Town and it’s hot outside.” Chris can barely stand. Bob says he doesn’t feel like playing golf and Kim suggested Chris go.

Kim: “A great way for you to get to know Leland”

Chris says “Katie and I had plans.” Kim “Would she mind.” Chris “Wouldn’t not showing up be strange.” (How come Chris gets to make his sig other an excuse but not Reid?) Bob “Nothing would have pleased your mother more than seeing you become COS.” Chris “Just tell me when – but only 9 holes.”

Grr – hubby chooses the first part of the Noah/Reid/Luke scene to come to ask if his iPod is charged. Argh!

Noah stomps off in a huff.

Luke: “What did you say to him?”

Reid: “Nothing. I gave him a colleague and he went all emotional.”

Luke: “I have to go after him…Don’t be mad.” (Did not hate this line as much as I would have assumed).

Reid: “I’m not. Noah needs to learn to stand on his own. You can’t keep coddling him.”

Luke: “He’s leaving…I don’t want it to end like this” (or something like that)

Reid: “Do what you have to do – I have to get to the hospital.”

Luke: “Thanks for understanding. I’ll meet you there.” Nice smile. Like he really gets it.

Reid: Little smile as well.

Pretty good so far! No complaints about how it was played by Luke or Reid.


Margo and Katie. Margo tells Katie she assumes they were going to announce their engagement and Katie says, “WHAT?"!”

Margo: “If it wasn’t your engagement, what was it?”

Katie: “NO!”

Margo: “I’m hearing no, but I’m seeing something else.”


John looking for Chris. A nurse says

Reid: “John, what’s wrong.”

John says Chris has disappeared. Reid says he’ll try Chris’s cell. Bob and Kim pop out.

Reid; “I’m very sorry for your loss. She seemed like a really great lady. 91 years that’s a pretty impressive run.” In response to Bob’s comment about it being hard, Reid says, “That’s the downside about caring about people. There’s upside, too, I hear.’” (PEOPLE SKILLS!  Yay!) …BTW, “Have you seen Chris?”

Bob explains “He’s playing golf.”

Reid has the – is he out of his frickin’ mind? look on his face.

Kim says (I think), “Guess you’re not so happy about it” and Reid responds, “You have no idea.”


OMG MORE Luke and Reid and it’s not even the 2nd commercial break yet!

Luke: Noah, I don’t want you to leave like this.

Noah: How?

Luke: Angry, bitter….Don’t we deserve a nice goodbye?

Noah: Like we can stay in touch, be friends?

Luke: Yeah.

Noah: We were so much more….I’m hurting like hell- and you’re not hurting at all.

Luke: Yes I am.

Noah: It doesn’t look like it…I wish I could wish you and Reid a happy life together but I’m not that nice.

Luke: You’re one of the nicest people I know. If we end things like this down the road you’ll regret this as much as I will.  Let’s get everything out in the open –you’re angry at me.

Noah: I’m not….Going to LA and having this opportunity to break into the film business has been my dream for so long.

Luke: And now you’re living it.

Noah: No –because in my dreams you were always in it – now that I’m going out there on my own…

Luke": You’ll be great out there.

Noah talks about how he owes everything to Luke: “I would never have the guts to face my father or surgery – you believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself. I don’t know if I cand do this on my own.

Luke: Of course you can.

Noah: I don’t want to. Don’t you get that"? I’m still in love with you!

Luke looks like he feels really bad for Noah. OMG this is really good!  Luke is playing this totally as sympathy, not waffling!

Commercial break.

7.00pm GMT/2.00pm EDT

It’s the sneak peek clip with Noah and Reid. Reid asks Noah how he’s doing, Noah being snarky. Reid asks when Noah’s moving to LA and Noah says he’ll be out of Luke’s life by the end of the week. Reid says that’s not why he’s asking and recommends a doc in LA. More snark from Noah. “Don’t compromise your health just because you’re mad at me for….” And Noah saying, “What, stealing my boyfriend?” Just as Luke walks in and overhears.

John tells Chris “please tell me you’re buying books for your stay in the hospital.” Thank you, John. Chris worried about Katie. “Katie is not the one that needs medical help, you are.’ Chris, you dope! Tell your parents and get into the hospital. John being very urgent. Chris saying his family can’t handle more bad news. Chris saying one day won’t matter. John saying “One more hour” might matter. Chris being more of a dope. John trying to get Chris to the hospital. Chris has heart pains, John tries to get him to the hospital.

More Katie crying, now talking to Nancy’s belongings. I liked the Nancy/Katie flashback yesterday. Nancy gave Katie a strand of pearls (before she married Jack I think? ewwww…to that plotline, BTW). Katie asks something like, “Is this because every memory is like a pearl.” And Nancy (dignified, old Nancy) says something like – “No. It’s for when you have a fight – you can go to bed wearing those – and nothing else” (!).

Kim and Bob talking. Bob says he is supposed to play golf with the head of the Trustees and wants to cancel. Kim says, why don’t you just ask Chris to go instead….just in time for John to walk Chris into the hallway just outside Bob’s office….of course. Kim sees a chance for Chris to win points “how bad can that be.” Chris goes to lay down in a room and of COURSE it’s the one that Bob and Kim are in.

Opening logo.

6.56pm GMT/1.56pm EDT

Here! With a pint of Theakston’s Old Peculier ale ready and waiting (almost grabbed the stout out of the fridge by accident – ugh). Want to be prepared for the worst, but keeping fingers, toes, arms, legs, hair, and everything else crossed for LuRe happiness.  Here we go (refresh for updates)…..

5.57pm GMT/12.57pm EDT

So much anticipation in the LuRe fanbase today.  I think I can hear everybody’s heart thumping around the world….

7.32am GMT/2.32am EDT

Happy LuresDay – let’s hope it’s a good one! Everybody’s on…

Reid and Noah in the Sneak Peek, posted last night by AnthonyDLangford

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And Chris and Reid, and Luke and Noah, in the preview that aired at the end of yesterday’s episode, also from AnthonyDLangford]

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4 Responses to “Episode LiveBlog | 1 September 2010”

  1. Barb says:

    I loved today’s episode! Luke finally really telling Noah how he felt when Noah pushed him away. You go Luke!!! And Reid getting Chris off the golf course the way he did was hysterical!!! I am also confused when Reid said “it’s called pacing oneself”? Don’t quite get that one!!! And the previews for tomorrow…when Reid says “hold the phone”!!! Too good!!! Do you really think they will get to be together once before the end? I’m hoping against all hope that it happens for them. It will just about break my heart if they don’t get to be together…at least one time!!! Can’t wait to see tomorrow’s episode! Love LuRe days!!!!!!!!! On another note, you always refer to the “Babbling Kiss”…I think that’s what you call it. Which one is it? And can I watch it somewhere? Thanks for all of your hard work on this site. It truly is a labor of love on your part and you can tell in the way you write about them. And I thought that I was way too attached to Luke and Reid, but I’ve learned you can never be too attached to anything!!! Life’s too short to worry about what someone else might think of you. Am I obsessed with LuRe? You bet I am and will always be!!! Thanks again for all of your hard work, or rather, your labor of love, so that all of us can reap the rewards of your love for Luke and Reid…

    • lovelure says:

      Thanks for the kind words. Re: Babbling. It’s from the May 28th episode where Reid helps Luke look for Gabriel (it also happens to be the episode where he discharges Noah and Richard picks him up). Here’s the link to the complete episode clip in Full HD from smuchshypush on YouTube. You can see just the highlights with the wonky parts edited out here. Enjoy!

      • Barb says:

        OMG!!! Thank you so much for the link to “Babbling”! I totally loved that whole episode, I just didn’t know that it was referred to as “Babbling”. Duh!!! I’ve already watched it 5 times and yes, I saw Luke’s little pucker the first time I saw this episode. It’s just so wonderful to be able to watch all of these clips over and over and over again…Thanks again!

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